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Buy the first YouTube video likes.

Don't you feel sad when the YouTube video you made with lots of hard work doesn't get many likes or views? Don't you feel jealous when videos that are not as good as yours get more likes? Here's news for you: not all of those likes are organic.

So what do you need to do in such cases? Buy YouTube likes. It will ensure that your interaction with the YouTube platform is not stagnated. Reaching a huge range of subscribers is just a click away when you choose the services of LikeService24. Start earning by grabbing the first likes!

The important social proof

When you thrive on being successful on social media platforms like YouTube, you have to give social proof a thought. You may find it awkward to follow others and act similarly, but that is how you get a hold of the trend. From there, you can attract more viewers to your page or channel.

But what if you don't have to go by the principle of social proof? Sounds exciting? We suggest you buy YouTube views and likes instead of asking for others' favors. Whenever you post something, netizens can find the number of views and like glaring at them. They will give your content a look.

If you buy YouTube likes from LikeService24, you can skip the social proof and be on your own enjoying the responses that start pouring in.

Influence the algorithm

Social media runs on only one thing- a prior structured algorithm. What does it look for? It looks for the number of subscribers, comments, likes on your channel, and posts. More subscribers and likes amount to a higher ranking. So when you buy 50 YouTube likes, your content shows 50 (or more) likes below the thumbnail. So what will the algorithm function do? Take it into consideration and place it in the list of results when similar keywords are searched for.

Durch die erworbenen Likes bietet sich im YouTube Marketing die Gelegenheit, diese Einstufung neu zu ordnen. Auf organische Weise wird das Video besser bewertet, weshalb die Skepsis auf Seiten des Publikums abnimmt. Nach kurzer Zeit kann sich dadurch die Zahl der Aufrufe steigern, um schließlich in einen positiven Kreislauf einzutreten, welcher die Bekanntheit des Kanals dauerhaft steigert.

Attract and convince new users: The Magic Of Likes

Humans love herd mentality. They watch those videos that are already liked by many. With Likeservice24, you can buy Youtube comment likes and video likes. So when the users see that your video is already liked by many - they will also click to watch. After that, it will be your video content that will do the magic.

As a newcomer, it is quite obvious you will face challenges. But the effort you put in for acquiring a target group of viewers will surely pay. If you buy YouTube comment likes, it will only make that process easier.

Likes and other activities

The number of viewers and their reactions also contribute to the content's rating. The more subscribers, the higher the scope of social proof. And once it starts, the influence graph will always head upwards.

You will find influencers or YouTubers ask you to comment whether you liked the content or ask your opinions about the content topic. The more comments pile up, the higher reach you receive. You can try delivering controversial content too for getting easy and quick responses within days.




1. Can I buy YouTube likes?

Yes, you can buy Youtube likes from reputed social media marketing agencies. Make sure that the agencies provide genuine likes from real accounts. Only genuine likes bought from trusted agencies like LikeService24 will benefit your Youtube channel.

2. How do buying likes and views help?

The YouTube algorithm takes into account the number of likes, views, and subscribers while ranking a channel and its posts. But new channels have a low view count. It makes it hard for these new channels to rank high. Buying likes and views give these channels the necessary headstart.