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Our Youtube services


Increase the reach and ranking of your video by buying targeted YouTube views.


Our YouTube likes improve the ranking and make more people aware of your videos.


A video without dislikes quickly loses credibility. Buying YouTube dislikes also improves the ranking of your videos.


Use our share service for your Youtube videos to reach more people on the platform.


Increase your awareness and reach in long term by buying targeted YouTube subscribers for your channel.


Buy targeted YouTube comments to show activity under your videos to push your ranking.

Comment Likes

So that your comment can be read by a lot of people, you can buy YouTube comment likes.


YouTube favorites are unfortunately not visible, but improve the ranking of your videos.

Comment Dislikes

With Comment dislikes you make an unwanted comment less visible for vierwers.

Premiere Views

With Premiere views you can increase the excitement of your latest video releases. 

Live Stream

Increase the reach of your Youtube live streams by choosing this service.

The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the relevant target group in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy can you win new customers so purposefully.

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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world.
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Instagram inspires its users with photos, stories and more.
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Send a message to the world with a maximum of 280 characters.
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Is the most popular and largest video platform in the world.
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Offers musicians a platform to reach people.
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Spotify is one of the largest music streaming services in the world.
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Connects companies and individuals worldwide.
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Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform.
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The app TikTok is well known and popular among teenagers.
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A music platform that connects musicians and fans.
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Music, podcasts and radio plays are provided by Deezer.
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Positive reviews create trust on the Internet!
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Social media

A still relatively unknown strategy in online marketing is to build up relevant target groups through the targeted purchase of fitting fans, followers and "Like" on appropriate platforms. Our company, LikeService24, is one of the leading companies in this market segment. We already offer our customers more than one hundred social media services on more than 30+ different platforms.

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YouTube Views

Each YouTube video shows the viewer some key metrics - including the number of views the video has reached. The reason why this key figure is so important is based on a simple consideration: If you have a choice between two videos that deal with the same topic and see that one of them has achieved 100,000 views and the other only 100, you are very likely to decide to watch the video that is more popular.

YouTube provides only limited information on how the measured value is calculated in detail. YouTube leaves no doubt that views from bots are to be excluded from the count.

What does this mean for you and your marketing strategy on YouTube? Since the number of views is an important figure, it may be worth buying YouTube views. However, it is important to buy targeted YouTube views from real users. Online you can order YouTube views from English, German, France, Spain and much more accounts who watch your videos.

YouTube Likes

Besides the views, the number of likes your videos get on YouTube is important for your reach and your success. How many Likes (thumbs up) a video received is shown directly below. Since Likes can only be assigned by users who have logged into their Google account, they are a credible indicator of your popularity or lack of interest in your posts.

It's exactly this that makes buying YouTube Likes so useful. Because every Like is given consciously. In contrast to YouTube video views, which are also made multiple times from one account or anonymously, a Like can only be assigned once. Likes are therefore the safer proof of how many users have viewed your video and rated it positively.

YouTube Likes you buy from us at low package prices and from real users who log in to assign the Likes. If you have reached a certain number, your video will increase in the ranking and the success can multiply further and become independent.

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YouTube Dislikes

To anticipate: Please do not buy YouTube Dislikes from us to harm anyone. As a social media agency, it is important to us to help people build a successful online presence, not to destroy it. Furthermore, we only deliver likes, dislikes, comments and other products to the owners of the respective accounts.

But what else does one do with YouTube Dislikes (thumbs down)? Very simple: Negative advertising is advertising too. Those who are rejected by some are loved by others. Because the one account that everyone likes or the one taste that everyone shares doesn't exist.

And it's exactly this circumstance that indicates that YouTube is buying dislikes that produces another desired effect than just increasing the number of interactions: Dislikes increase the credibility of the received likes.

Finally, it is the YouTube algorithm itself that makes it recommendable to also buy YouTube Dislikes. Only those who provide credible data for the complicated calculations will be recognized as relevant and listed high up in the list. YouTube Dislikes for your account can be ordered directly online from us.

YouTube Shares

The number of YouTube shares indicates how often a video was shared by viewers. You can view the statistics on the YouTube Analytics section, which is made available to YouTube channel administrators. There you can also find out in which another network the video was shared.

Getting many YouTube shares is important for your channel, because this way you become known to new user groups beyond YouTube. The number of shares is also included in the calculation of your ranking on YouTube. Finally, the fact that users eagerly share your video indicates that it is highly relevant and receives a lot of attention, even if the direct interactions fail to materialize.

However, it is not interesting for the ranking who shared the video, which is why the purchase of YouTube shares has proven to be a marketing strategy. But be aware of the quality of the offer when you buy YouTube shares. Apropos - of course you can also do this right here with us, because buying YouTube shares online is one of many useful offers that we as an experienced social media marketing agency make possible for you.

YouTube subscribers

When we, as an agency, read through comments on the subject of "Buying YouTube subscribers", we notice that most of them claim a contradiction that does not exist in the reality of many YouTubers. It's better to create high quality content than to buy YouTube subscribers.

But this misses the real problem. First, you can create high-quality videos and buy YouTube subscribers. And secondly, there are enough video producers on YouTube who can do a lot and still reach fewer subscribers than competitors with unbelievably banal content.

So now our tip as an experienced agency for social media marketing: Keep to the principle of posting content that is of high quality and created with a feel for your target group. Then success will come. And help us a little by buying targeted YouTube subscribers.

If the limits are set in this way, we will be happy to provide you with the appropriate packages so that you can buy the required number of targeted YouTube subscribers today.

YouTube Comments

If commenting is enabled, your subscribers and viewers can interact directly with you by leaving a comment below the video. In this way, you can find out what your target group thinks and receive helpful tips on which topics are particularly in demand. Many comments also ensure a positive ranking of your YouTube channel.

The only problem is that users often have a hard time getting started. If the comment column is still free, you sometimes feel as if you are speaking into an empty room. Help your subscribers overcome that little uncertainty by buying YouTube comments.

The positive effect of buying YouTube comments in english, german, france or many other languages can be further enhanced. You can enter the texts yourself to have them posted by real users. And it gives you the opportunity to counter spammers or offensive commentators by buying likes for your comments as needed. Cheap packages are available in our shop.

YouTube Comment Likes

Comments animate a YouTube account and are important interactions that you should evaluate carefully. Remember: Positive feedback helps you to improve as well as negative feedback - provided it is appropriate and productive.

Unfortunately, you can't always choose the type of comments a post receives. The more successful you are on YouTube, the more you will have to deal with the fact that bots or haters are also involved in discussing your videos.

Meet these challenges easily by purchasing YouTube Comment Likes. This will "reward" you on the one hand with loyal subscribers who give you beneficial feedback or are committed to the common cause. Because they notice that they are not speaking into emptiness but are experiencing resonance.

And you send comments, which are not helpful or even offensive, into the desert, because also the users are indicated, how many Likes a comment received and it takes place an appropriate weighting. Targted YouTube Comment Likes we expired immediately after your order.

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YouTube Comment Dislikes

The number of discs a video receives on YouTube is displayed directly below the post. Also, the likes for comments are counted and presented openly and visibly. You would think that it is the same for dislikes for comments. But for some reason YouTube decided against it. So, you can rate a comment negative without affecting its visible statistics.

However, dislikes are so important for your marketing on YouTube that it may be wise to buy YouTube commentary dislikes. Because the order in which comments are placed on YouTube depends on their overall rating. A Like pushes the comment further up, a Dislike lets it slide down.

YouTube Comment Dislikes you should always buy when spammers or Hater give you a hard time. You can easily calculate how many dislikes you need by looking at the difference to the likes of other, positive comments. If this is too complicated for you, just buy as many Dislikes as the comment has Likes to neutralize it.

YouTube Premiere Views

Will you soon be uploading a new video to YouTube? Then simply plan a YouTube premiere. The function offers you various possibilities to make it exciting, and as with a real preview you can invite your subscribers and other guests.

One of the special features of YouTube Premiere is that you can chat live with your guests during the first playback of your new video. You can also see how many people are watching your video at the same time. If you reach many YouTube Premiere views, this is already an excellent marketing opportunity for your new video.

Are you still finding it hard to get high viewing figures or are you starting a video premiere for the first time? Then buying YouTube Premiere views is a complementary option. This ensures that all invited guests can see how many more people are watching the video - a welcome effect that contributes to sharing and recommending. Simply buy YouTube Premiere views online from us. Even at short notice and, of course, always with the necessary discretion.

YouTube Live Viewer

YouTube live gives you the opportunity to present yourself to the Viewers with a live stream. This is a great opportunity to reach new viewers and future subscribers. This is because the associated website shows which live videos are currently on air and which are about to start, independently of the viewer statistics, but subdivided into categories. If your topic is relevant for a certain target group and you have chosen an attractive preview image, it can happen that interested users switch over to you quickly.

YouTube Live is also used a lot by people who are taking a break, waiting for something or need to bridge time for other reasons. These YouTube Live viewers will be delighted if you present them with exciting, informative or entertaining content that will pleasantly shorten their waiting time.

To make your livestream more interesting, it is helpful to boost the statistics a bit. When you buy YouTube Live viewers and they tune in, it happens automatically. But make sure you only buy highquality YouTube Live viewers, which we, as an experienced social media marketing agency, are happy to make available to you.

YouTube Favorites

YouTube users can save videos that they particularly like or want to reserve for later on personal playlists. The Favorites list can be publicly visible or private.

YouTube collects the number of favorites and positive ratings in a statistic and makes it available to you as the owner of a video channel for evaluation. And because YouTube of course has a legitimate interest in your uploaded videos being accessed primarily internally, frequent saving of your videos is accompanied by an improvement in your ranking.

You can further improve this ranking by purchasing YouTube Favorites. Although it is not publicly visible how many users favor your videos in total, you can assume that the algorithm will register every time you save your videos. In addition, this is automatically counted as Like - and vice versa.

Buying YouTube Favorites therefore contributes reliably to improving your ranking and reach. Would you like to try it out for yourself? Then buy YouTube Favorites from us now and have your videos saved by users on the playlist!