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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Twitter polls - More than just entertainment

When Twitter polls were launched some time ago, many users thought they were just another entertainment feature. The great added value of the votes and statistics only became clear after some time, and they have long formed part of comprehensive Twitter marketing.

If properly handled, polls become an important tool for encouraging existing followers to be more active and for expanding the community. At first sight, this is a procedure that is only available for already successful and highly visible profiles. But buying Twitter voting offers even beginners the opportunity to profit from poll votes.

Significant added value from Twitter polls

Polls offer you a simple way to interact with the public via Twitter, to become creative yourself, and to understand the community's opinions. The special connection between the possibilities to gain new information about your followers and to improve your profile immediately makes surveys an important tool of Twitter marketing.

Profiles with smaller target groups tend to reach for the simple tool of Twitter surveys. But, without targeted support, there is a risk of obtaining only a handful of opinions which ultimately cannot be considered representative. Buying Twitter poll votes gives you an opportunity to stimulate this process organically in order to get more votes from the community.

How do votes support a poll?

For many, the benefits of buying Twitter votes are not immediately obvious. After all, the result of the survey no longer reflects solely the community's opinion. But hesitant and slow voting is often due to the fact that the post is viewed in a critical light. If few other votes have already been cast, users may be deterred from casting their own vote, since its relative weight will appear very large.

The acquired votes will now help to make the post's social proof stronger and stronger. They suggest to new users that it is a relevant and attractive contribution, which it is worth casting their own votes for. In this way, the results quickly take shape even in a smaller community and allow conclusions to be drawn about the followers' opinions.

While the social impact of buying Twitter poll votes are clear, these additional user activities also exert an influence on the algorithm's perceptions. The new votes suggest to the system that this is a significant and popular poll, which it is worth drawing other users' attention to in the timeline. While the algorithm's support has so far played no role, the post's ranking will now rapidly improve. In this way, the individual benefits can continue to expand on Twitter, like ripples.

More visibility through polls

At first sight, it is difficult to understand why promoting a single survey can have a positive long-term impact on your own Twitter presence. After all, a vote is only visible for a limited period and some polls disappear after just five minutes. But the positive effects of a popular poll and the users' interaction extend beyond the days during which one can vote.

One reason is that the system arranges push notifications for users who have decided to vote. They are once again notified about the vote, and the profile behind it, when the results are announced. This offers you an opportunity to gain new followers and to gradually expand your own reach.

And if economic interests lie behind a presence on Twitter, another function can be considered. The vote can be used to help future decisions in a firm. This includes direct questions to the community, such as which contents came off badly and for which products they would like further additions. Buying Twitter votes will ensure that there are enough genuine participants in the vote in order to get a coherent overall picture.

How to create your Twitter poll

This feature is often unclear to new users, whose visibility is growing slowly and therefore did not think of creating a poll. But a few simple steps are enough to pave the way for your own poll and direct contact with the platform's users:

You first need the Tweet input field, which you can find at a central point in the timeline. By clicking the Tweet button in the upper navigation bar, you can find the Add survey icon. You can now put the question in the main input field, using 140 characters. The selection boxes allow answers with a length of up to 25 characters, and these will be available to users afterwards. Currently, you can offer up to four different choices.

Finally, you set the duration of the vote. When buying Twitter polls, it is advisable to choose a slightly longer period. This provides more opportunities to address new users and to increase the poll's popularity step by step.

The effort is worthwhile

It is somewhat time-consuming to plan a survey that will meets the target group's interests and encourage them to interact. In addition, there is a small financial commitment in the context of Twitter marketing, which is responsible for disseminating the post further. However, the social network offers many ways for influencers and firms that want to improve their own image to recoup this investment.

First, it provides an opportunity to make the now growing and active community usable for affiliate partners. Influencers are able to treat this reach as digital capital and to make it available to firms for a lot of money. If a firm has managed to take this step, it now has the option to advertise cost-effectively and to repeatedly obtain an uncompromised picture of how supporters on the platform are thinking.