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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

How to make popular Twitter videos

Video content is still in limited supply on Twitter. Perhaps that is what gives it the particular appeal that it can have to users. Before a clip can spread sustainably on the site, a base of views is required, which will increase its popularity.

If a published profile still does not have many followers, Twitter marketing will help to get over these important hurdles. If you want to buy Twitter video views, you can advertise their content in a natural way, in order to improve their perception on the platform permanently. That has other advantages, for example in building up the desired community.

Why Twitter video views are so important

Videos do not represent the most important source of content on Twitter. While the focus is on other types of information, it is all the more important to convince with an attractive clip. If you want to buy Twitter views, you can thereby use the effect of collective intelligence. Since every view is indicated directly underneath the video, and can hardly be overlooked by the viewer, this has become an indicator of popularity. If other users notice the video, they will automatically ascribe a certain quality to it because of its high number of clicks. This increases the probability that their own curiosity will stir and prompt them to click.

But the number of views does not only appear on the tweet itself. It is also visible under Tweets & Views on the individual user's profile. In that way, all of his followers become potential viewers. Through this system, audio-visual content on Twitter again and again succeeds in crossing the boundary with virality and in gaining enormous visibility for itself.

Use the algorithm supportively

The number of views that a video could obtain is a clear indicator of its popularity for the algorithm. The key objective remains to present attractive and new content to Twitter users in their newsfeed at all times. For this reason, it is difficult for new profiles to get onto the algorithm's radar, despite all their hard work.

Since buying Twitter views has already provided organic support for a video, its importance to the algorithm is steadily increasing. Real views will soon follow, which will further strengthen the upturn. The higher the quality of the video, the easier it will be to move users to other activities.

Using unique content to convince

Buying Twitter views does not by itself entitle you to approach users with irrelevant and trivial content. Disseminating material inspired by the first views will prompt many more users to take a look at the video. If the content now convinces and moves them, they are more likely to become part of the community.

Videos that prove very successful on Twitter are typically characterised by a tight schedule. As viewers have access to a lot of other content in their timeline, it is a matter of winning them over in the first few seconds. Only through a high-quality video is it possible to make contact with users, in order to integrate them into one's own community on a long-term basis.

Video content moves users

Despite their precise formulations, the well-considered sentences of a tweet are not able to provoke the same emotions as are associated with a video production. The audio-visual format therefore reaches users quicker and can captivate them in a completely different way. The more successful this is, the sooner viewers will decide upon further actions. Successful videos are distinguished by having especially many comments, which will in turn positively influence their dissemination.

And a review of successful content on the platform shows that videos are very often the object of a retweet. This involves a very important characteristic of Twitter marketing. Because each retweet makes the clip visible to a new group of followers on their home page timelines. This can set an almost endless process in motion, whereby the video is constantly retweeted and therefore loses hardly any relevance.

Likewise, Twitter's technical basics ensure that dissemination of a video is particularly encouraged. Clips which are less than 60 seconds long have always been played on a continuous loop. So even users, who are not paying full attention to their smartphones, can have their attention drawn to them. Further, the auto play function remains active in many profiles, as it was embedded in the default settings. For this reason, and unlike other platforms, it is not really necessary to make the user curious by means of a special thumbnail. Instead, they will automatically experience the first few seconds of a clip, as they slowly move down their timeline and the video is embedded in a prominent position there.

Your expense will be recovered

Targeted Twitter marketing offers the opportunity to win new target groups for a video. If you are able to regularly present high quality and unique content to users, it is more likely that a single view will turn into a follower. This follower will then support your development on the platform permanently.

Anyone who has a financial interest, for example to advertise their own firm or to act as an influencer for co-operation partners, will especially profit from this process. A single high value, promoted video offers an opportunity to significantly enlarge the community. The initial investment will be recouped, because the economic value of tweets is directly measured by reference to their reach.

It is therefore not just as advertising clips that the platform's videos exercise an especially strong influence. It is about finding a way to captivate users and to convince them about your own concerns. Buying Twitter views offers any users who have an influencer's ambitions the opportunity to avoid initial failures and to extend the limits of their fame much more quickly. Because even the first content that they produce is worth being seen by a large number of users, and stimulating their activities. It will in turn not lack a positive effect on extending the community and generally increasing visibility.