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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Commercial success thanks to Twitter likes

Many ambitious firms have set themselves the goal of founding their marketing on Twitter. Once you have established an appropriate base on it, you can form a close relationship with your target group in a cost-effective way. But the way to that point is often plagued with stagnation and failures.

Many users have to learn that high quality tweets are not enough by themselves to quickly win over large numbers of users in the newsfeed. Twitter marketing has to use other ways to influence, in order to improve the ranking and overtake other profiles. Buying twitter likes is a very popular way to overcome initial obstacles.

Guiding the algorithm

Since 2018, Twitter has offered its users a choice between a chronological and an algorithmically ranked timeline in their newsfeed. However, this option hardly diminishes the importance of this intelligent system. If a user presents enough reasons why the algorithm should elevate him above the rest of the users, his visibility on the platform will rapidly increase. The following factors will be significant:

  • likes,
  • retweets,
  • followers, and
  • his own interactions.

The algorithm will hardly notice a young firm when it first becomes active on Twitter for commercial reasons. Regular posts will be enough to win a handful of users at most on the site. In this situation, even the prospect that an increase in popularity is always an exponential process is hardly satisfying.

Twitter marketing enables you to give the algorithm initial arguments. If you consider buying Twitter likes, you will give the impression of an ambitious and inspiring profile, whose contents deserve to be presented in the news feed to people who might be interested. This improves your own contents' visibility in the long run. Provided that your tweets do not look crude and are of high quality, you will soon experience the desired growth phase.

Achieving social proof

For a long time, it has not just been the platform's technical background which judges the level of approval in the form of likes. On the other hand, this fact does have a big influence on users. Twitter's profile pages are designed so that you can easily identify the number of likes and followers. Consciously or unconsciously, users who come across a profile judge the quality of its contributions by their popularity. So even very attractive contents are often not enough to win over newcomers.

By buying Twitter favourites, you can exploit a psychological phenomenon generally known as "social proof". A profile now signals the interest other users have in its content. Since new users suppose that other users have weighed up their decisions carefully beforehand, they will ascribe a higher quality to the profile from the beginning, and will view it less critically. Buying Twitter favourites is therefore one way to give users new affirmation. It increases the probability that they can soon be counted amongst the followers.

In addition to the effects that buying Twitter likes can bring, personal engagement can enhance positive development. That includes, besides the production of unforgettable contents, your own contributions to chats and discussions and following other users. One's visibility on the site will improve, and new followers can be won, with each of these little contributions. Rigorous twitter marketing, which is aimed at long-term success, should not be limited to a single tool. There are many ways to make your position on Twitter more visible.

Linguistic and geographic similarities

An aspiring influencer who would like to work in the German language and a young firm that sees its target group in the home market; both face the same task. They value users and potential followers who come from Germany, or who at least share the language spoken here. Buying German Twitter likes in a targeted way signals this aspiration to the site's algorithm. It rates the content as especially relevant to people in the home market. Consequently, while especially many users in Germany will notice it in the newsfeed, less important users who speak other languages will rarely come into contact with it.

Buying German Twitter favourites will enable you to set a geographic course for developing your profile further. Influencers expect that this sort of homogeneous target group will have greater advertising value and that all contributions will be more effective. Firms can use their profiles to deliberately approach a group of users, where they expect an affinity for their own products and services. Buying German likes will enable you to adjust your profile, without having to do painstaking hard work.

A worthwhile investment

If commercial interests are connected with your appearance on Twitter, you will see how Twitter marketing can add value in various places. First, there will soon be another advertising channel. Both young and established firms benefit from the possibility of engaging on this favourable basis with their target group, unlike in any other area of marketing. In addition to addressing consumers in a targeted way, the interaction gives a firm a chance to collect important and authentic impressions about its products and services.

It also has an opportunity to use the presence that it has already achieved to help other firms, and to cast itself in the role of an advertising partner or influencer. The value of each sponsored post is now measured according to the reach it achieves. The first bought likes also support the rapid growth process and will be reflected in revenues going forward. This added value need not be limited to Twitter, but with some skill can be transferred to other platforms.

So use the opportunity to give your project this important edge over other users of the platform. Given the high competition from 325 million active users per day, this support could be decisive. Reaching new users, improved visibility thanks to the algorithm, and a way into trends represent clear advantages.