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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Why Twitter impressions are so important

In the world of social media, impressions are a very important statistic by which to measure the success of posts. While it is often clear what these values amount to and what they mean, users rarely use them to improve their results.

As an important part of social media marketing, impressions are especially important for influencers and advertisers. Unpleasant delays can occur while you are building up the desired reach and a diversified community. The growth of your own influence may not proceed exponentially, as you originally intended. By buying Twitter impressions, you can quickly overcome these difficulties in order to compete on the platform.

What are Twitter impressions anyway?

Many users are pleased by the high number of impressions their tweets have achieved. But this pleasure is often based on a misconception. Because impressions do not indicate how many people have already seen a tweet. Instead, it is a number that indicates how many times the tweet has been viewed. For this reason, multiple views by one and the same person will lead to more impressions. If you want to examine a tweet's range, you need to establish how many different users have seen the tweet. As a result, reach is always smaller than the number of impressions.

You can then optimise performance by using the tweet activity dashboard. The statistics and values shown there have a much greater significance, if you have already been able to help your profile grow rapidly. It provides an appropriate overview, so that you can steer the growth of your followers in the desired direction and can publicise particularly promising actions.

Using Twitter impressions correctly

You can also use your own behaviour on Twitter to influence the number of impressions. This is done by answering a personal tweet with another tweet, which makes many followers notice it again. In theory, you can use this to double the number of impressions. If your followers then start to chat about the tweet, it may collect more impressions over many hours and thereby gain in importance.

But not every view by a user is necessarily recorded in these statistics. This applies in particular to any accesses made by third parties to the tweet embedded there. In many cases, the actual number of views is somewhat higher than the statistics suggest.

Impressions for the algorithm

The Twitter algorithm's main goal is to continually present users with appealing and new content that is likely to match their interests. Those who want to establish themselves on the site for the first time often stumble because of this. Their first tweets are regarded as hardly relevant, due to low activity, and do not enter users' timelines. Many new users find it hard to break out of this negative cycle.

Buying Twitter impressions offers a way to avoid these droughts at an early stage. It enables you to use the algorithm to directly increase the algorithm's perception. Through this relationship, you can raise contributions' visibility for the long term and give them a new presence. In the long term, it is a way to get a head start over the competition and to increase visibility on the platform.

This step is of enormous value for the construction of digital capital in the form of followers. Whereas, previously, hardly any users without a direct connection to the profile would have noticed it, now its contributions in the newsfeed will gain greater prominence. In combination with high-quality, relevant and unique tweets, passing users can be stimulated to further interactions, which will also benefit the algorithm's perception. These include above all:

  • likes,
  • comments, and
  • retweets

If new users consider the tweet and are convinced by it, they are more likely to make another click and become a follower. In this situation, they can be linked to the profile indefinitely and thereby support it for months or even years.

Social proof as a positive consequence

The fact that, thanks to the algorithm, more users are now aware of the tweets in turn benefits a concept known as "social proof". This psychological principle explains how the popularity of a contribution guides a user's qualitative assessment of it. New users therefore often fail to disseminate their content, even if they spend a lot of time increasing the quality of their tweets.

Since buying Twitter impressions makes the algorithm rate tweets better, the key metrics will quickly and dramatically increase. It is hardly possible to look at content, even in the timeline, without at least taking a quick look at the likes etc. If a user notices some content by chance and does this, the probability that his curiosity will be stirred and that he will devote himself to the content will increase with each existing like and comment.

How your commitment will pay off

Increasing each tweet's impressions initially requires a great deal of visibility. A user, who does not take advantage of the possibilities and potential that Twitter marketing offers, may think that it is impossible to achieve the numbers that well-known influencers do. An initial commitment to improve reach will pay off above all, if using these small tools results in rapid growth.

A profile's reach on Twitter directly marks its advertising value. If strong impressions can be generated early on, it is more likely that the community will ultimately enter a phase of exponential growth. Firms which are in this position have an opportunity to maintain nearly free and direct access to their target group, which (unlike other advertising channels) enables an exchange between both parties. Users, who did not register on Twitter through a firm, can gain more economic benefit from collaborations and affiliate partnerships through their initial efforts. Their return on investment is secured in these circumstances.