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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Twitter comments: success through communication

For many years, Twitter users have tried to attract attention through contributions to current topics. In fact, Twitter comments are an attractive way to give tweets more clout. But, due to the initially low presence of a young profile, there is usually no animated conversation.

If real users do not get involved in a debate at first, buying Twitter comments offers an opportunity to give it an important initial impetus. The inhibition threshold of other users to express themselves on the topic, or to describe their impressions, will decrease as a result of this organic support. The added value of this interaction is mostly long-term.

The value of interaction

To understand why buying Twitter comments can be an important step towards winning a large target group, one should first look at the principle of social proofing. If a user discovers a tweet, which has so far received few likes and hardly any retweets, they initially feel somewhat sceptical. Their resistance to making the first comment is particularly great, while the lack of response from other users makes it impossible capture the overall mood.

Twitter marketing offers the opportunity to provide the profile's first and subsequent tweets with first comments. These appear to the reader as a natural reaction from the community, which reduces their resistance to making a contribution. Within a short period of time, this simple feature makes it possible to significantly improve the perception of contributions and to earn points on the social level. The resulting social proof ensures that the response to your own tweets is raised in the long term.

Using the algorithm

Twitter users can hardly see the content of a tweet without glancing at the likes, comments and retweets, and these parameters are also relevant to the algorithm. The community's contributions are, of course, a clear signal for public perception of the content. Profiles therefore tend to succeed in trends that excite or polarise the platform's users, and thereby create a lively conversation.

The algorithm thinks that the acquired Twitter comments are absolutely genuine, and integrates them into the ranking. In this way, the profile's chances of being able to present itself to new users in their home page timelines will steadily increase. As soon as the algorithm interprets these signals, a new target group opens up. It is an effect that could also be achieved without Twitter marketing. But it takes registered users a very long time to reach this level of visibility only by means of high-quality and appealing contributions. The decision to buy Twitter comments provides a head-start over the competition, of which there is no lack on Twitter.

A target group with geographic preferences

The language in which comments are made is an important criterion. Every advertiser and influencer has an interest in attracting a homogeneous target group. The German language already represents a connecting element. If you buy German Twitter comments, you will exert exactly this influence on the algorithm, because it recognises linguistic affiliation as a superordinate feature of the interested users.

Through this effect, the tweets will be disseminated within a German-speaking target group. Buying German Twitter comments can therefore be excellent from an economic point of view. Advertisers are primarily interested in organising their social media marketing in a single language. A homogeneous Twitter community will therefore become the basis for especially cost-effective marketing, which does not fail to be effective.

The attempt to build a monolingual community initially will not stand in the way of later international plans. If popularity can initially be achieved in the German-speaking world, the doors will be wide open for the rest of the world. If your ambitions for using Twitter should extend at a later date to other countries, it will still be possible to pursue that goal. The initial geographic focus will then become important seed capital for expanding the digital sphere of influence.

Followers as long-term supporters

Even a single comment by a user will have a positive effect on your development on Twitter. You should note that a targeted user's activity is not limited to a single comment, through which he generates social proof and improves your perception by the algorithm. It will be possible to integrate some of the users who are commenting into their own community, especially in combination with appealing, controversial, but high-quality tweets.

It only takes two extra clicks to gain a new follower, when someone submits a comment. The visibility generated by buying Twitter comments can also be used to expand reach. Since followers will always be aware of new tweets in the future, they are likely to show renewed commitment and to thereby create even greater added value. If the connection to users can be maintained, nothing stands in the way of continued interaction. This will further enhance the advantages mentioned above.

How the investment pays off

An initial investment in successful Twitter marketing offers ample opportunities to profit from returns. First, they are created by the option to appear as an influencer. The social network is still one of the most important social media marketing platforms. The value of sponsored posts is directly related to a user's visibility and reach. Since these parameters can be influenced positively by buying Twitter comments, advertising value increases with all future engagements.

Firms can also try to gain direct access to roughly 325 million people who are active day in, day out on Twitter. Building your own profile, which would require a lot of time resources, benefits from financial investment in Twitter marketing. In the long term, this will create a platform on which it is possible to raise the firm's image in a cost-effective way and to enter into a direct exchange with the community. As a result, an exchange can be achieved that is hardly possible under other conditions in the world of marketing.