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Our Twitter services


Increase your awareness and reach in long term by buying targeted Twitter followers for your profile.


Our Twitter likes improve the ranking of your tweets and make more people aware of it.


Make sure that your tweet is shared and reach more people with our Twitter retweet services.


Buy Twitter comments to show more activity on your tweets.

Auto Likes

The automatic like service will give you the desired quantity of likes on your next 30 tweets in future.

Auto Retweets

The automatic retweet service will deliver the desired quantity of retweets on your next 30 tweets in future. 

Video Views

To get the maximize of reach for your videos, we offer you Twitter video views.

Profile Views

The profile views help your Twitter profile to have more reach and visibility.


Determine the final result of a Twitter poll vote by purchasing the desired votes.

Live Video

Increase the number of viewers on your next Twitter Live video stream.


Impressions allow you to improve the statistics of your Twitter profile systematically.

The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the relevant target group in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy can you win new customers so purposefully.

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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world.
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Instagram inspires its users with photos, stories and more.
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Send a message to the world with a maximum of 280 characters.
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Is the most popular and largest video platform in the world.
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Offers musicians a platform to reach people.
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Spotify is one of the largest music streaming services in the world.
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Connects companies and individuals worldwide.
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Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform.
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The app TikTok is well known and popular among teenagers.
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A music platform that connects musicians and fans.
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Music, podcasts and radio plays are provided by Deezer.
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Positive reviews create trust on the Internet!
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Social media

A still relatively unknown strategy in online marketing is to build up relevant target groups through the targeted purchase of fitting fans, followers and "Like" on appropriate platforms. Our company, LikeService24, is one of the leading companies in this market segment. We already offer our customers more than one hundred social media services on more than 30+ different platforms.

By purchasing Instagram Follower, you are sending out clear signals and incentives that other Instagramer will follow you. Post in English for international targetgroups, therefore be sure to buy targeted Instagram Follower. If the Instagram community thinks you're already worthy of the consequences, it's all about focusing on Instagram marketing, because in long term, you're sure to want to attract more Instagram followers who can be transformed into customers, business partners, or fans.

Find the right solution

Twitter Follower

Quick-wittedness, wordplay and the ability to touch followers emotionally characterize the successful Twitter, unless he is a public figure who already has hundreds of thousands or millions of fans because of his fame.

Most tweeters would be satisfied with a few hundred or a thousand followers. Unfortunately, it's no longer easy to separate the wheat from the chaff on Twitter. If you patiently concentrate on tweeting and retweeting, you'll find yourself slightly lost or ignored.

A simple solution to attract more users to your account is to buy Twitter followers. Especially for small companies and freelancers, it is important that the followers match their account, i.e. that they buy targeted Twitter followers.

If the number of followers increases visibly, many followers do what they already own by name: they also follow. Of course, they prefer accounts where they are regularly provided with exciting or entertaining news. You can buy a suitable package of targeted Twitter followers online through our agency.

Twitter Likes

Twitter Likes are no guarantee for success. But they are a sign that your tweets are perceived, that people are interested in them and interact with them.

But especially on Twitter there seems to be something like a sound barrier that you must break first to find the ears of many important followers. The breakthrough begins with the first tweet, which brings you more than the usual Likes. But be careful! Once you realize how powerful Twitter can be as a tool, how good it feels to reach a huge group of people with a tweet, you must be careful!

Haven't you managed to break the sound barrier yet, or are you just experiencing a dry spell with no new followers coming along? Then just try something new by buying Twitter Likes - and get close to your goals.

As a professional marketing agency, we can provide you with the right package for your Twitter account. You can buy targeted Twitter Likes from us, with which you can accelerate your success from zero to one hundred.

Twitter Auto Likes

One of the laws of the market is that money can only multiply where money is already available. The same can be said of Likes, which represent a kind of currency in social media. Likes, comments and retweets are what make a Twitter account successful.

But what do you do to free yourself from this dilemma? How do you manage to generate a lot of likes if you don't have enough to get the reach you need? Buying Twitter Auto Likes is a solution with which numerous accounts have already had good experiences. By the way, accounts with high numbers of followers, which stagnated at some point.

You can buy Twitter Auto Likes from us in low-cost packages. The abbreviation "Auto" indicates that you don't have to take care of the distribution of the likes yourself. So, you have more time to concentrate on your main task, the writing of appealing tweets, while we discreetly ensure in the background that they get enough likes.

Twitter Retweets

One of the most important functions of social media is that it enables people to share their posts with their own community. This is also possible on Twitter, where shared posts are referred to as retweets. Sharing can be done without comment or by adding your own comment.

If your tweets are actively shared, there is a chance to generate new followers. Because it is only through sharing that you find attention in other groups and circles. In addition, the number of retweets is displayed below the post. For Twitter users, a high number of Twitter retweets is therefore an important indication that this is a noteworthy post.

However, Twitter retweets are not easy to obtain. It can therefore be advantageous to buy Twitter retweets at the outset in order to gain a certain degree of recognition. You can buy Twitter Retweets from us online at a favorable package price. The retweets are then initiated by us directly in the desired number.

Twitter Auto Retweets

What is social about social media? Especially this: That they enable people to get together, to exchange news and trends and thus to participate actively in shaping public opinion. This included commenting and retweeting on Twitter.

The opposite of "social" in the public networks are therefore accounts on which someone talks to himself, in which nobody is interested. But the truth is: Only those who are already in conversation and know how to use the functions of Twitter and Co very well have the chance to assert themselves at all.

Today, this knowledge includes knowing that and how to buy Twitter Auto Retweets. Because the calculation is as simple as it is successful: Many retweets attract a lot of attention and distribute the posts across the boundaries of your account.

So, by buying Twitter Auto Retweets, you make sure that your account and posts are actually "social" - often shared and much discussed. We'll be happy to put together the right package of Twitter Auto Retweets that can be used on a regular basis.

Twitter Video Views

With Twitter, you don't have to limit yourself to text messages, but have the option of uploading videos or presenting yourself and your company in live videos. For your followers to join as soon as you go online with a new video, it is important that they receive a push message that they have previously activated themselves. You can reliably increase your views by buying Twitter video views.

The number of views your video has received is displayed directly below the video post. So, anyone who sees the still of your video will know how many people have seen it before. And this knowledge is the key to your success: the more views there are, the more followers will be interested in your video.

To get the ball rolling, it is therefore helpful to buy Twitter video views. The strategy doesn't harm anyone either, as it only serves to increase user interest. And that's exactly what we all want to achieve in social media. You can find the right packages for buying Twitter video Views here.

Twitter Profil Views

An important indication that many people are interested in your posts is the number of profile views on Twitter. Because whoever is directed from your post to your profile wants to know exactly who is behind it. He or she wants to know more about you.

You can view the number of times your profile is called up in your Twitter dashboard or using various tools. Statistics and analysis tools will help you evaluate how successful you are on Twitter.

If your profile is visited frequently, but the number of followers is limited, this is an indication that you need to change something fundamental about your social media strategy. If you notice that your profile is rarely or not at all called up, you must also act quickly: Having many profile views has a positive effect on your ranking on Twitter. A loss has the opposite effect, your ranking drops. You could react very confidently by buying Twitter profile views.

Buying Twitter Profile Views does not directly bring you new followers, but indirectly increases your reach. Try it out - we'll be happy to provide you with the right packages.

Twitter Comments

An important indicator of whether a conversation on Twitter is popular is the number of comments and people participating. Getting many Twitter comments is therefore important for your social media strategy.

However, not only does Twitter evaluate the popularity of conversations, but the users themselves have their "algorithms" to sort the multitude of messages and information that are shared in the network every second. This includes first looking at the statistics that appear directly below a post, i.e. the number of interactions, comments and retweets.

If you achieve few interactions for important tweets, respond appropriately by increasing the number of interactions. Buying Twitter comments is such an appropriate response that you increase interest in your tweets. The more targeted Twitter comments you buy, the better for your reach. We will be happy to help you purchase and distribute your Twitter comments in English, German, France, Spain and many other languages.

Twitter Votes

Surveys and polls on Twitter can be cleverly used to find out more about your target group. Exciting questions can also be used to present one's own expertise to the outside world, so that more followers with precisely these areas of interest can be targeted.

If you want to find out something about trends and opinions through a survey and the number of people who usually participate is not enough to achieve a good data basis, you can buy participants for Twitter votes.

The same is true of the many market research companies. After all, you only buy the participation, not the voting results - a distinction that is important for us as a serious social media agency! Another advantage, which results from the fact that you buy participants for Twitter votes, is that you can refer to a particularly high participation rate in the evaluation, which speaks for the relevance of your votes and brings new followers. We will be happy to help you buy participants for your Twitter votes.

Twitter Live viewers

Twitter is known for the fact that its users like to report live when something exciting happens somewhere in the world. The Twitter live videos are realized via the App Periscope. You will be registered as a Twitter user with your Twitter account. Your activities are therefore visible on Twitter, even if you use the app.

And that's good and important, because you're sure to use the live switch to win new followers as well. You achieve this by inviting many existing followers to your programs. The more viewers you already have, the more your video will be shared and commented so that people who are not yet connected to your account will become aware of it.

Many views are also achieved by buying Twitter Live viewers. Online we provide many Twitter Live viewers for you to buy. The effect: Both during the broadcast and afterwards, you can see how many people have watched your video. Buying Twitter Live viewers is therefore an excellent marketing tool to increase your popularity.

Twitter impressions

The number of followers on Twitter tells you how many accounts your posts have subscribed to. The Twitter impressions show how often one of your posts has been seen by Twitter users. You can read both information when you log in to your Twitter dashboard.

The numbers can also be interpreted as follows: followers show what you have already achieved. Impressions indicate the current potential of your account. The more impressions a post has achieved, the more relevant it is. And you can work with it, because impressions also stand for reach and relevance.

If your account currently lacks relevance or you want to increase your number of followers and your reach, you can buy Twitter impressions. Because every social media expert knows that an increased interest in an account can also be seen in a sudden increase in impressions. The Twitter algorithm is such an expert - convince him that your posts are still relevant and will be displayed to many users by buying real Twitter impressions from us.