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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

How to be a successful streamer with Twitch viewers

Twitch has been bringing together enthusiastic gamers since 2011. More than 15 million active users worldwide are counted on a daily basis. Those who want to be successful streamers themselves already have a target group with enormous potential at their disposal. But in light of the fierce competition, it can initially be difficult to become popular.

Since the earnings on the live streaming platform are directly dependent on the attention generated, targeted Twitch marketing can help with overcoming the first difficult phase. Buying Twitch viewers offers the opportunity to boost the growth of the channel early on in order to build a mainstay on the site. If you have only managed to reach merely a handful of viewers so far despite the produced content, expanding your reach as a streamer will mark an important turning point.

Tapping into social approval

Success is bestowed on those streamers who are already enjoying popularity on Twitch. Before a stream is opened, the number of active viewers is immediately visible. A three-digit number elicits positive expectations, which in turn will lead to more people opening the window. This informative value is solely ascribed to viewership. Those who want to buy Twitch viewers can make this principle of social proof their own.

The purchased viewers suggest to new users how attractive the stream is. They expect to be entertained and to receive special insights into the game. First clicks therefore become an important asset, which can be crucial for the ongoing success on the site. Buying Twitch viewers is therefore a long-term investment that can pay for itself through the growth of the community and the associated earning opportunities.

Make use of the algorithm

Twitch has been backed by US-based parent company Amazon since 2014 and has been continuously developed ever since. The actual heart of the site is its algorithm, which is intended to draw users' attention from all over the world to the hottest streams that match their interests. The way to being listed in the popular live channels of each game is to adapt to the system.

Buying Twitch viewers secures the path to success on Twitch. After signing up, each new streamer must put effort into winning viewers, which is very time-consuming. The purchase offers the possibility to reset the algorithm’s perception of your channel. If searches come up with relevant results and recommendations are looked at, the users of the platform will be more likely to become aware of a livestream. The more convincing the quality of the content is, the more likely it is that they will stay on the site and become part of the community.

For Twitch marketing to be fruitful, not only the first clicks of the viewers are important. The aim is also to motivate them to continue their activities on the site. This includes clicking on older videos, liking videos, and subscribing to channels, which can all have a positive influence on your development as a streamer. The stronger this user activity of a young channel is, the easier it will be to increase the presence on the platform in the long term, thus gaining an advantage over the competition.

Getting the first chats started

One important form of confirmation Twitch users receive is through the chats. They signal that other users are also showing an interest in the content and are in the process of forming a community. But during the initial sign-up period, when only a few live viewers can be attracted, the much-needed comments often fail to appear.

For this reason, Twitch chatters can be bought, who do more than just passively follow a game. Instead, they post first remarks, encouraging new viewers to do the same. As viewers can increasingly identify with the content with every comment, it is easier to win new followers. Targeted Twitch marketing, which includes buying chatters, is therefore able to set in motion a virtuous cycle.

Amortisation as an affiliate

A special feature of Twitch is the opportunity to be perceived as an affiliate at a very early stage. The hurdle for starting to monetise streams was set low so that as many streamers as possible can earn a livelihood this way. On the one hand, they have to produce 500 minutes of new content per month in order to regularly keep their followers interested with new content. What’s more, the streamer must be able to show at least seven broadcast days within the last 30 days.

Targeted Twitch marketing makes it very easy to overcome the other hurdles of the affiliate programme. This includes having an average of at least 3 viewers within the last 30 days and at least 50 followers interested in the channel. These criteria are enough to start generating the first revenue streams soon.

Purchased Twitch viewers are automatically put to work and become active parallel to the livestream. Depending on whether only a certain stream or a longer work phase is to be advertised, they can be active for over 12 hours or become followers for over a month. Through the increased traffic, it is possible to make real users aware of the offer in the meantime in order to steadily increase the average number of viewers afterwards.

Creating new qualities

The failure of young streamers who were unable to build a significant community on Twitch for months is not only attributable to the quality of the content. The social intelligence of the users and the algorithm of the platform are jointly responsible for posing many hurdles in the beginning. Twitch marketing, which focuses on buying viewers and chatters, can be a preventive measure and bring more continuity into the streamer’s work.

The produced Twitch content can only be evaluated by users if they are made aware of it in larger numbers. Those who are already going to great lengths to present attractive content and use it to bind the first viewers can eventually achieve the desired traffic of the platform. This in turn provides the opportunity to turn your passion into an attractive source of income, which justifies the initial investment after only a short time. There is a lot to be said for seizing this marketing opportunity.