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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Successful on Twitch through channel views

Twitch has been offering the opportunity to reach a large target group as a streamer and generate a respectable income this way since 2011. Many newcomers have come to learn, however, that the road to the top is hard work. Much time is spent producing hours of content, only to get a handful of channel views.

Sluggish audience reactions make it difficult to start a new project and build momentum. Buying Twitch channel views offers the opportunity of achieving immediate results that can become the starting point for your career on the platform. This gives the streamer the needed push to create advantages over the established competition.

Why are Twitch channel views so important?

These days, successful Twitch marketing includes channel views. The social and technical advantages for the streamer are crucial. On the one hand, it is possible to convince new users who stumble across the channel. In the different versions, Twitch always focuses on the number of views and the number of followers. Even before the actual stream goes live, every visitor can get an impression of the popularity of the content.

This initial assessment often fails to take into account that the quality of a young channel does not have to be reflected in the number of views. This results in a negative subconscious assessment of the content. Buying Twitch channel views offers the opportunity to shift this subconscious evaluation in the streamer’s favour. The first channel views, which influence the automatic opening of the stream, indicate higher popularity. This attracts new users in turn, who further strengthen the upward trend once it has been set in motion.

So as to quickly establish yourself on the platform, experts recommend focusing on a single game. The produced content should be built around this topic alone. This way, the first views create access to a target group with commonalities who can more easily be inspired to be more active. Each additional action that the viewer takes beyond clicking on the stream improves the ranking on the site, which leads directly to the second important advantage of buying Twitch views.

Success through the algorithm

Indeed, the road to being listed in the popular channels or at the top of a particular category is a particularly long one. The streamers that rank that highly usually reach a viewership of several thousand on a constant basis. Nevertheless, the leap into these unchartered waters is an important step for expanding the target group. The algorithm selects those channels that already have numerous views and have generated subscribers and followers.

Those who want to buy Twitch channel views instantly improve the algorithm’s perception of their channel. From now on, the probability of being discovered by users whose interests match the channel’s content will increase. The initial investment therefore creates a basis on which to build in the long term thanks to the orientation of the site.

Attracting and using real views

In the context of Twitch marketing, it does not take long until more channel views can be attracted. At that point it becomes important to satisfy the visitors with the quality of the streams. This entails both the professional technical aspect as well as the entertainment value of what is shown. Yet it is also possible to stand out with graphics that turn views into subscribers and supporters.

Twitch offers the opportunity to customise the design of the channel to leave a lasting impression. The offline image and the personal avatar are important ways of establishing your own brand. Important information can be displayed to the visitors through banners. The entertainment factor provided by the emotes encourages an ongoing chat conversation, which in turn stimulates the ranking of the algorithm. An attractive and regularly adapted design can thus be used to your advantage.

Raking in first earnings

A large part of streamers who start working on Twitch do not manage to generate a significant income. Buying Twitch channel views gives you the chance to make the all-important leap in that direction. Within a short time, the requirements for participating in the affiliate programme can be met. These include:

  • a broadcast time of more than 500 minutes in 30 days
  • at least seven unique broadcast days per month
  • an average of at least 3 viewers
  • 50 or more followers

Affiliates can then also use bits to generate earnings. For each bit used for so-called "cheering", streamers and partners receive one cent each. This insignificant amount can quickly accumulate into considerable earnings. That paves the way to a further increase in income by selling merchandise such as games.

The way onto other platforms

The community formed by Twitch marketing can lead to great financial added value on more platforms than just Twitch alone. For this reason, it is recommended that the streamer set up other social media profiles early on. YouTube, Instagram or Twitter can be integrated into the profile so as to direct at least some of the followers to other pages. Regular posts across these platforms are necessary for building up a media presence.

Many streamers have already managed to decouple their income from their livestream online presence. Through the community they have built up, they become relevant for various companies as influencers and can therefore generate an additional passive income. This shows how quickly the initial costs can be amortised.

If the inactivity of the early months is stifling and you want to come out on top more quickly, it is worthwhile to buy Twitch channel views. Individually or in combination with other marketing tools, the users’ perception of the channel and the algorithm of the platform will improve. In light of the strong competition, which can be found in practically every genre, this shortcut signifies an enormously important advantage in terms of time, which has an effect on your channel.