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Short videos with TikTok: Gain followers with lip-sync videos

TikTok is the successor of the popular app Musical.ly. In China, the app is already a hit, and is installed on almost 14% of all phones. In Europe and the USA, popularity is still in its infancy. After the takeover of Musical.ly by Beijing Bytedance Technology, the provider is anticipating good chances on the European market, where Musical.ly has already managed to attain a certain fame. However, TikTok - or DouYou, as it’s called there – is not yet as popular as it is in China. Musical.ly users don’t notice any of that: despite the takeover, accounts and followers are retained if they’ve already been able to win fans in the old app. In addition, TikTok works in a similar way to the previous app, with a few small changes.

TikTok is about singing or dancing, accompanied by any background music you choose. Users record their performance using their mobile phone camera and put it on the Internet. There are many lip-sync videos from the time of Musical.ly – but an ever-increasing variety of other presentations have become available meanwhile. This is also due to the fact that the original strict 15-second time limit has been extended. Otherwise, users manage to cope very well with the familiar features in the new TikTok look if they were already active previously. Multiple information pages on the Internet explain how to use TikTok and provide helpful tips.

Musical.ly is receiving criticism, as there are increasing complaints that users, some of whom are very young, are spreading objectionable content and thus attracting undesirable clientele to the app. TikTok is counteracting this with a new algorithm designed to detect and block the questionable or erotic content, and is regaining acceptance as a result. Today, the app is already very popular among teens. TikTok is developing into one of the most popular apps, with more downloads than Facebook or WhatsApp – at least, in China. The trend is continuing and TikTok is gradually becoming well known in Europe and the rest of the world. In China, the app is already the most popular pastime among young Chinese.

The recording function implemented in TikTok completely suffices to produce unedited videos without special effects. If you’d like to enhance your videos, use third-party apps like Movie Maker for Android or ALIVE Movie Maker for iMovie on iPhones. You can use these apps to record the video and edit it with the desired effects. You can then upload the finished video to the TikTok Server via the UPLOAD button. This button is located right next to the Record button.

However, viewers are becoming increasingly discerning. Someone who offers good videos and wants to give the right impetus to their video career needn’t simply rely on being discovered, but can instead buy selected TikTok followers and get legitimately involved in the marketing opportunities offered by TikTok. The app provider is just starting to expand the app and to allow advertising. So, buying TikTok fans to quickly achieve a certain status can pay off. Or you can simply enjoy having lots of fans. Having a high level of popularity on the Internet already provided a basis for financial revenues in the past, even though TikTok still works a little differently to YouTube, Facebook or other social media apps.

To gain as many followers as possible, uniqueness is essential. This is getting more and more difficult on the Internet. According to the dynamics of social media, only those content offerers who are followed by many fans, or whose posts attract attention in other ways, really get noticed. This can be very strenuous in the beginning. To speed up the process, you can buy TikTok fans from a reputable service provider. Usually, from a certain level of popularity, it almost runs itself. Then it’s only a matter of keeping the momentum. Until you reach that point, here are a few tips:

First of all, take a calm and collected look at what kind of videos attract fans in large numbers and what kind perform less successfully. Think carefully about what topic or special feature you want to make your trademark. This can already be a good start. However, in the long term, it’s important for you to be able to identify with your TikTok videos. Even in 10 years’ time. After all, these videos can lay the foundation for a real Internet career and will still be visible on the Internet in many years.

As TikTok no longer only offers lip-sync videos, completely original presentation forms and content are now possible. It may take some time to break through – yet success is definitely possible, particularly as the app is still relatively new in Europe. Figures from China – TikTok’s homeland –already show the kind of potential the app can expect in our part of the world too. Anyone who gets on board now and wins approval with original contributions can soon start exploring the marketing possibilities of TikTok. To speed things up a bit, augment your organically grown fan base by buying TikTok fans.

Once gained, followers expect new posts to be regularly provided – otherwise, they’ll quickly lose interest and turn to other profiles. Anyone who wants to expand their position on TikTok should produce and upload new videos several times a week. It pays to proceed in a well-organised way here. If you think up a topic for each week or for each month, you can produce videos on stock. This means you can post several contributions in one day. Depending on how frequently you want to captivate your users with new videos, upload the videos to the server little by little. This will leave you enough time to still take care of other accounts and maintain your popularity. Incidentally, the same thing applies if you buy TikTok followers. These fans are just as interested in fresh content as friends and relatives.

Advertising the account is the next step on the path to success on TikTok. To do this, inform your followers on other platforms about your TikTok channel. Anyone who already has a lot of friends on Facebook and other social media platforms and plenty of followers on Instagram obviously has an advantage here. Right now, it’s well worth taking the trouble, as the provider itself is making enormous efforts to make the app known outside China. Anyone who gets on board now and strikes a chord with their followers can very soon rise to the top of the rankings. Well-known Youtubers like Pewdiepie or the model Kloe Kardashian are already using TikTok. Anyone can achieve a level of success comparable to theirs.