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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Spotify Saves – so that your listeners will always keep you in mind

Spotify is now one of the most important music-streaming services, for listeners as much as for musicians. To maintain its dominant position, the service is constantly experimenting with new functions, which are not immediately understandable to everyone. It is important for your Spotify marketing that you keep on top of news and trends concerning Spotify. People often ask, for example, what the difference is between Spotify Saves and Spotify playlists. Simply put, the answer is that, with Spotify Saves, users download music and add it to their libraries. However, only music titles which suit users’ criteria will get onto a playlist.

Spotify Saves help to ensure that playlists do not get too complex and that music which is not already part of an existing playlist gets saved. For this reason, Spotify Saves are especially helpful for artists and bands which offer cross-genre music, or which are not yet well enough known to be readily classified.

But, because many users do not understand that Spotify playlists and Spotify Saves have completely different functions, it remains difficult to obtain Spotify Saves. Your Spotify marketing will then lack an essential component for the Spotify algorithm’s overall evaluation of your account. One way to compensate for this is to buy Spotify Saves. As an experienced multimedia marketing agency, we now offer this service on the US market, so that you can buy specifically US/UK Spotify Saves from us. You can buy Spotify Saves from us online in pre-defined package sizes, to best suit your account.

The significance of Spotify Saves for your marketing

Playlists are among the most important marketing instruments on Spotify, but one should also not underestimate the importance of Spotify Saves. That is apparent from another function which Spotify has introduced, namely Spotify pre-saves. These enable a new album to be promoted, even before its release.

Pre-saves are like pre-orders. Spotify Saves complete the order process. Both functions will help you to promote your music cleverly using Spotify marketing and thereby win many new followers, get onto playlists and increase your reach on Spotify. Spotify’s streaming intelligence software counts and evaluates both pre-saves and saves. So it is not just fans who benefit from this function. It is all about ranking and statistics and with these the chance to be seen and heard on Spotify. The strategy of buying US/UK Spotify Saves will help with this, even if it does not by itself achieve the goal of converting quantity into quality.

With Spotify marketing, "quality" does not just refer to your music. Your complete Spotify marketing must be of high quality, if the option of buying US/UK Spotify Saves is to achieve the expected benefits. Here, an essential question is who you buy Spotify Saves from and what kind of saves they are. Our advice is to avoid offers when you are not sure where the Spotify Saves come from.

Small budget, big impact: Spotify marketing with saves

Digital natives take it for granted that they can access millions of music titles, and their willingness to become a follower or fan, without appropriate incentives, is correspondingly limited. But what applies to city marketing also applies to Spotify marketing. The more a city grows, the smaller the offering that one actually uses. You should apply these insights to your Spotify marketing. Provide sufficient incentives, so that you can win more saves, plays and followers. And through your interactions with them, help to make your followers see themselves as a growing community. The more there are, the better.

Begin with the number of your Spotify Saves. By buying Spotify Saves, you will increase the density of your “inhabitants”. That will make it all the more appealing for others to join the community.

It is not just the number of music titles that are available on Spotify that represents a considerable barrier for newcomers and bands with a small budget. They simply lack the seed capital which international stars use to pay for Spotify marketing by agencies, in order to continue to top the charts. You will have to conduct excellent Spotify marketing, if you want to succeed in spite of this. That will require measures like buying Spotify Saves. But above all, it will require high engagement on your part in promoting your pieces. This will begin with how you present yourself on Spotify. So don't just work on the quality of your music. Also work on the quality of your pictures, videos and texts. A general rule for Spotify marketing is that you should emotionalise, rather than inform.

Simple, reasonable, fair: promote your profile by using saves

The number of Spotify Saves is limited to 10,000 titles. That sounds like a lot, but means in practice that listeners can save a maximum of 1,000 albums, which each contain no more than nine titles, because the album itself is also counted. This number is therefore less impressive for millennials, who are used to having all the music in the world available to them through a premium subscription. However, precisely these millennials seldom use random playback. They know exactly what they have saved and why, and therefore tend to listen to music that they have previously chosen in repeat mode. If your music is to be part of this, it will have to obtain a lot of Spotify Saves.

Buying Spotify Saves does not achieve the same effect. We have no influence over how often buyers listen to and play your music. The number of saves just affects your reach and the so-called engagement rate which the algorithm uses as a basis to rank your profile and your albums.

Understanding this difference can make all the difference to your Spotify marketing. We know through our experience that there are two types of agencies that advertise that they can increase your popularity on Spotify. In the English-speaking world, there are a lot of playlist-plugging firms, which charge a lot to get titles onto important playlists. Famous musicians also often instruct these firms to improve their Spotify marketing. However, such a step can go wrong, if bots or fake accounts are used instead of real accounts held by real Spotify users. If a fake like this comes to light, there is a risk that your profile will be closed or that an album will cease to be promoted.

As an experienced agency for marketing music, we therefore only offer you worldwide Spotify Saves belonging to registered users. That is what we stand for with our good name - and for this it is worth making a small investment in your Spotify marketing.