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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Key to your success: Spotify Plays

Spotify is a music streaming platform with over 200 million active members. About half of these have already taken out a fee-paying subscription, while the other half uses a cost-free version in return for which they accept advertising insertions. It is therefore financially advantageous for both firms and artists, whose music can be streamed on Spotify, to market intensively using Spotify. However, for artists this only applies if they get a lot of Spotify Plays, because only a few cents are paid each time a title is played, and these will have to be shared between the label and the musician.

What’s more, Spotify now has 35 million titles, and the number is growing every day. It is therefore very hard to market successfully with Spotify, using traditional methods. Novel strategies are required to make all your hard work and investment pay off. Spotify Plays for example, as is done by major Labels. If you adopt this strategy for your own, you should be sure to buy country targeted Spotify Plays.

Spotify Plays are counted, as soon as a subscriber listens to a title for at least 30 seconds. If a lot of subscribers listen to your title to the end, or even in a loop, that is a gold star which Spotify’s algorithm will register and react to by giving your account more reach. The more plays you get, the better your chances are of being included in a lot of playlists, and of being recommended to subscribers who are interested in your genre. That is why it is especially important for english-speaking bands to implement a strategy of buying Spotify Plays, using country targeted Spotify accounts.

Algorithms and geo-targeting: How to use the data which Spotify collects

Spotify is not just interested in knowing what users listen to, and when and how often they listen to it. It also uses so-called geo-targeting to find out where users are accessing Spotify from. It makes no secret of this information, or about the other data it collects and how it provides this for artists and firms to use in their Spotify marketing.

You can upgrade your Spotify marketing significantly by using the knowledge which Spotify provides about your listeners and followers. Without plays there are no playlists, without playlists there are no followers, and without followers there are no plays, no data and no geo-targeting. That is the loop you must escape from on Spotify. If plays do not materialise organically, try using the strategy of buying country targeted plays and then carefully observe the effect this has on the algorithm and on other users’ behaviour. You can buy country targeted Spotify Plays from us, a multi-media marketing agency, at reasonable package prices and entirely from registered accounts.

We cannot promise how, if at all, buying Spotify Plays will influence the royalties you are aiming for, because this will depend on the particular contractual conditions. But you should not miss the opportunity to increase your ranking by buying Spotify Plays, without giving it a try. Especially because all plays will be summarised and published as the total of your monthly listeners - and right in your profile. If other users follow you, and you at the same time use Spotify to market carefully, you could even get a place on the list of musicians with the most plays in the month.

Our advice is not to buy Spotify Plays, unless you are sure that you could also succeed without buying them.

When you first learn that you can buy Spotify Plays, you will surely wonder why this method is still so little known in in other countries. The reason is that the other countries market is quite different from the English-speaking market. Many artists and labels are convinced that they will get to the top, even if they don’t buy Spotify Plays. We don’t dispute this, but you need to be aware that it will take much longer and be much harder for you. So, if you are sure that your music will be very popular, why don’t you make it easier for yourself by buying Spotify Plays, like other bands?

Buying plays won’t achieve anything, if you don’t continue working on your career - and if you don’t use all of art’s resources and all of the tools available for full Spotify marketing. The first thing you should do on Spotify is to create an artist profile, so that you can interact with your fans and followers. Because, although plays are important for your ranking and therefore your Spotify marketing, you will also need places on the key playlists, as well as followers, monthly listeners, and so-called Spotify Saves, if you want to make it in your genre. On the other hand, using paid advertising is just one option for firms which sponsor playlists or airtime in this way.

How to use Spotify Plays for your marketing

Buying Spotify Plays is in any case a better option for your Spotify marketing than advertising with videos and online banners. But please don’t get the idea of copying the user who set up premium accounts in four figure numbers and got them to play his songs on a loop. The platform will not put up with that sort of “Spotify marketing”. What you need is real accounts belonging to real, registered users. We guarantee these, if you buy country targeted Spotify Plays through us.

If you register as an artist with Spotify, you will receive statistics which will show you the effect all your activities are having on the market. Don’t only look at the figures. Be sure you also look more closely at the people, i.e. your target audience. Try to think of them as a persona: Who is actually listening to your music? Which pieces get you most plays? The place in which, and the time at which, your target audience prefers to listen to music will tell you a lot about who you are dealing with and how you can get closer to this group in the future.

You should bear in mind, with your Spotify marketing, that on the internet, like everywhere else, social relationships and interactions are always based on reciprocity. Create an exciting and expressive profile and use the strength of colours, the power of words and the magic of an attractive photo. Network with other artists and show your followers that you are interested in them. You should, of course, also publish your own playlists on Spotify. Arrange activities in your community. And if you also use the opportunity to buy US or UK Spotify Plays, you may at last achieve success.