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Spotify Playlist Plays: Creating or acquiring playlists and increasing plays

When it comes to Spotify marketing, the experts agree on one thing: anyone who wants to succeed on Spotify must get him- or herself on as many playlists as possible. There are two ways to do this. One is for someone to put your music on a playlist because they really like it, or because it suits the playlist thematically. This is done by listeners and influencers, and by editors employed by Spotify - which is why these lists are also called "editorial playlists" or "curated playlists". The other way is for the algorithm to decide, based on the popularity of a title, that it belongs on one or more playlists. These are called "algorithm playlists".

When one understands what data Spotify collects, and how this data influences the selection of titles, it becomes clear that two aspects need to be considered for Spotify marketing: The preferences of listeners and editors, and the data that the algorithm collects. That also applies to the Spotify Playlist Plays that you are aiming for. The number of plays depends first on your music becoming popular, and then your reach determines how many users the playlists are shown to.

A strategy for increasing one’s own reach, which is already used a lot by major Labels around the world, is to buy Spotify Playlist Plays. As an experienced multimedia marketing agency, we are now making this strategy available to all artists around the world by giving them the option to buy country targeted Spotify Playlist Plays. We offer Spotify Playlist Plays by registered accounts at favourable package prices to musicians, labels and agencies that are engaged in Spotify marketing.

Spotify marketing: keep yourself independent

Another frequently used alternative to the strategy of buying Spotify Playlist Plays is to pay directly for placement on playlists that are well-known and frequently played. For this, you need to know that influencers with umpteen thousand followers on Spotify have great power and reach, and that some of these know that they can use it by offering musicians to include their titles in playlists in return for payment. That will result in more plays, but is very expensive. You will also expose yourself to a sort of dependence, because what do you think would happen if the next day someone offered double for your place on the playlist?

In any case, there are not many of these influencers in other languages than english, and it is always better for you to carry out independent Spotify marketing and to limit yourself to buying country targeted Spotify Playlist Plays to give your marketing more impetus. That way you keep control of how many plays you buy and for which playlists. And you can tailor the strategy at any time, and independently of other influencers, to your current Spotify marketing and your actual need.

You will surely already appreciate that this sort of Spotify marketing needs to be done with expert knowledge and passion, in order to achieve the success you want on the platform. It begins with you setting up an artist profile, on which you can of course publish your own playlists. You must think very carefully which of your own, or possibly others’, music titles you should include on these playlists. On the one hand, you should include a couple of crowd-pulling hits which suit your genre. On the other hand, you should not solely include the usual well-known titles for a genre; otherwise the playlist is just like many others.

Producing and advertising playlists

Producing playlists for Spotify is not as simple as many people think. Especially not if you wish to reach a large number of followers and plays with your Spotify marketing. Spotify itself employs a team of experienced music editors, who produce their own playlists for each region. In addition to genres and moods, these take account of the situations in which users listen to music, for example while driving or on the beach, after work or when jogging. So how can you create playlists for Spotify, which will get a lot of plays for your songs as well?

The best way is to do the same thing as the editors. Don’t just think about your own music: think about what is currently needed in the genre. What mood does a song express? What situations is it suitable for? How can it be combined with other titles to form a harmonic whole? If you manage in this way to create playlists that meet high standards, and distinguish themselves from other lists, you will have laid an important foundation stone for your Spotify marketing.

Now go a step further and consider how you can achieve more plays. One possibility is to buy Spotify Playlist Plays. Another, which you should also not ignore, is to promote your playlists outside of Spotify, for example in other social media that you use.

Coming soon: submitting unpublished music titles for Spotify to consider

If you wish to extend your Spotify marketing using playlists, we recommend that you consider a new function which Spotify has recently introduced. Starting in 2019, it is possible to submit hitherto unpublished music titles to the Spotify editors, for them to consider whether they are suitable for inclusion in playlists, and if so, which. You should provide a comprehensive description of these titles to help the editors classify them more rapidly. Spotify provides a form for this, which you can access via your artist or label profile (provided that the beta version is already available to you). The more information you give the editors the better. This includes, for example:

  • The genre and mood of the piece of music,
  • The language of the lyrics and any regional details, 
  • Instrumentation and so forth.

Please note that Spotify will not just consider whether the music title is suitable for inclusion in a playlist: it will also examine your whole manner as an artist and the Spotify marketing you have carried out so far. This includes, of course, your statistics and the way you interact with your followers. Artists who submit their titles punctually (seven days before publication) can also be included in personalised recommendations, although only for followers who already follow the artists.

If you succeed in getting onto a curated playlist with a hitherto unpublished title, this will be a great honour and will significantly promote you, your music and your whole Spotify marketing. However, if you are still not getting plays, because subscribers to the playlist are skipping over your title, or the number of your followers is not enough to increase your reach on a long-term basis, you can buy country targeted Spotify Playlist Plays and let us classify the relevant music titles.