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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Spotify followers for playlists and profiles

Streaming services like Spotify have radically changed the music industry. Musicians can now study their fans and their target audience far more intensively than they could ten years ago. Fans are called followers in the networks. Spotify collects very detailed data about them, so that it can analyse each individual’s listening habits. This intensive collection of data about listening habits, followers, likes and plays forms the basis of:

  • the personal recommendations which Spotify presents to its users in the form of playlists,
  • the opportunities to engage in intensive Spotify marketing, and
  • the allocation of reach and rankings to artist profiles.

You too can win more followers, once you know how to use the data and tools which Spotify provides you. Until then, you will have to try on your own to generate Spotify followers for your artist profile and your playlists. And enough of them, so that they appear at all relevant for the calculation. Because it is difficult for most users and for unknown bands to achieve this, there is the alternative of buying Spotify followers. For different bands, there is also the option of buying targeted Spotify followers.

As an experienced marketing agency with good contacts worldwide, we have tailored this strategy, which is already widespread in the USA, to every single country. You can now order as many Spotify followers as you want from us online, in order to boost your Spotify marketing.

Streaming intelligence about persona: 
The way to reach your target audience on Spotify

"Streaming intelligence" is what Spotify calls the software it uses to collect listeners' data. And there is no doubt that it collects not just formal data, but also very personal and intimate indicators, such as moods and individual preferences. Where should you begin with it in your Spotify marketing? How do you turn data streams into new followers?

In online marketing, it is common to establish a persona for one’s target market, i.e. an artificial figure that shows the essential characteristics of the target market. This is equally possible for your Spotify marketing. You can also visit your followers’ profiles and look at their playlists, or interact with users. You can share playlists, network with other artists, plan joint projects or create public playlists together.

In a nutshell, your followers’ world lies in front of you like an open book. Read it, sign in as a guest, and use it. But remember that you should offer your followers something in return. One thing is your music, which you should publish (or have published) with very high quality recordings. The other is motivation to follow your account, to listen to new titles, to play your playlists, and so on. This motivation does not just depend on someone sharing your taste in music. Spotify is too big and too complicated for that, which makes Spotify marketing all the more difficult. It depends on it being visible that your profile and/or your playlists have already succeeded in winning a large number of followers. And the strategy of buying Spotify followers is designed to create exactly this impression.

Tips and techniques for conducting Spotify marketing

The purpose of buying Spotify followers is first of all to improve your statistics and to increase your reach. Once you have achieved this goal, you must keep at it with active Spotify marketing. It is not enough to just create an artist profile, and to leave it there like a visiting card. Keep filling it with new life by posting short reports about your gigs, uploading new photos and events, and giving tips about concerts - always mentioning your own appearances first, of course.

And extend your Spotify marketing onto other social media. Are you on Instagram? If so, link your Spotify profile in the bio. Are you on Facebook? If so, create a fan page and link it with your Spotify activities. And don’t forget to ask your followers on social media straight out to visit you on Spotify. The important thing is not just to spread gossip, but also to reach your followers emotionally. Live recordings, touching moments, and small stories from a musician’s daily life often have much more effect in Spotify marketing than mentioning that you have reached some number or other.

However, you should always keep one number in mind, namely the number of your Spotify followers. When something special happens, mention it to your followers - for example, thanking them for the first 100, and the next 1,000 or even 10,000, followers.

Don’t be afraid of big numbers: Grow together with your Spotify marketing

Whether Spotify or iTunes, what excites people is following a profile that attracts new followers daily. Because the music inspires, the stories ring true, and they feel that they are participating in something important: your success. It is interesting that precisely this success frightens many musicians at first. Winning 10,000 followers using Spotify marketing sounds attractive. But will you be able to handle it?

In fact, 10,000 or more followers is not much on streaming services like Spotify. If you want to use these services, you must overcome your fear of big numbers, so that you can use the services as powerful tools. If you begin on a small scale by fighting for every follower, improve your chances by buying Spotify followers, and learn something new about your target audience every day, you will soon find it easy to conduct Spotify marketing.

Whether you want to push your playlists, or are represented on Spotify as a band or a label, you will have no chance of succeeding, unless you use intensive public relations. As an experienced marketing agency, we will make the required number of Spotify followers available to you. Choose a package by eye – so that it looks like a realistic increase compared to your current number of Spotify followers. You can delegate the choice of Spotify followers, and their allocation to your playlists or your profile, to us as a professional agency. And then devote yourself in a very relaxed way to your Spotify marketing, with which you will inspire real fans.