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Our Spotify services


Increase the range and ranking of your tracks with our targeted Spotify plays.

Playlist Plays

With our Spotify playlist plays you can promote all tracks on your playlist at the same time.


By buying targeted Spotify follower you improve your reach on Spotify in long term.

Monthly Listeners

Achieve more reach in long term with our monthly Spotify listeners.


With Spotify saves you can ensure that your tracks gain attention again and again.

The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the relevant target group in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy can you win new customers so purposefully.

Social media

A still relatively unknown strategy in online marketing is to build up relevant target groups through the targeted purchase of fitting fans, followers and "Like" on appropriate platforms. Our company, LikeService24, is one of the leading companies in this market segment. We already offer our customers more than one hundred social media services on more than 30+ different platforms.

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Spotify Plays

If Spotify users just wanted to listen to music, they could turn on the radio. But Spotify isn't just a music streaming service, it's a community where user engagement is as important as artist creativity. So, you have to try to reach as many users as possible as soon as you take any action on Spotify.

To get an account up and running quickly, it is helpful to buy Spotify Plays. This has two advantages: Users see that you are already successful with your tracks and are interested in them. And the plays are displayed to every follower in a music listener's friends list.

As a musician or band with a local account, it's best to start by buying targeted Spotify Plays. This way, the structure of your account follows the pattern of non-subsidized accounts. With the important difference, however, that everything goes significantly faster and your investment pays for itself more quickly, as you will be remunerated for Spotify Plays if there is a corresponding contractual agreement.

Spotify Playlist Plays

Playlists are the central elements on Spotify, around which everything revolves for artists and listeners alike. Spotify itself suggests different playlists to users, but you can also create personal lists and share them with friends and followers. The clou is that many playlist creators have more followers than lesser known artists. To end up on a playlist of such influencers is just as helpful as to appear on the Spotify playlists.

But it's not enough to create playlists or get included in them. Each playlist is only as good and helpful as the number of playlists it achieves. And since Spotify constantly adapts the recommendations to the listening habits of individual users, this means that an already recorded track can also be removed again if it does not meet with approval, i.e. plays.

Buying targeted Spotify Playlists Plays is therefore a good marketing tool to increase ranking and reach for artists and influencers from the USA, Canada, England, Germany, France, UK and many other countries. As a social media marketing agency, we offer this service to buy targeted Spotify Playlist Plays at low package prices.

Spotify Hörer

Wie lange hält sich ein Titel in den Charts? Wie viele Hörer folgen einer Playlist? Und wie viele monatliche Hörer hat ein Künstlerprofil? Auf Spotify dreht sich alles um Musik, Künstler, Follower. Aber eben auch um Zahlen, die sich in Erfolg übersetzen lassen. Erfolgreich ist, wem es gelingt, die anspruchsvolle und sprunghafte Spotify Community über einen Zeitraum von mindestens vier Wochen zu halten. Denn Spotify erfasst die Bedeutung eines Künstlers mit einem Wert, der den von Followern oder Charts deutlich überwiegt: die Zahl der monatlichen Hörer. Diese wird nicht nur im Profil eines Künstlers oder einer Band angezeigt, sie dient auch dazu, monatliche Top-Listen zu erstellen, die dann zum Jahresende noch einmal im Rückblick ausgewertet werden.

Ein fantastisches Instrument fürs Spotify Marketing also, sofern es Ihnen gelingt, tatsächlich eine hohe Zahl an monatlichen Spotify Hörern zu erreichen. Was zugegeben bei rund 35 Millionen Musiktiteln, die über Spotify gestreamt und gespeichert werden können, nicht ganz einfach ist. Als erfahrene Agentur für modernes Onlinemarketing sind wir Ihnen dabei mit zahlreichen Services behilflich – beispielsweise durch die Option, Spotify monatliche Hörer zu kaufen.

Spotify Follower

What do artist profiles and playlists on Spotify have in common? You need a lot of followers to be able to place yourself successfully. To inspire, generate and keep followers is therefore the top priority of every marketing success on Spotify.

But even users who are not active as musicians themselves love to inspire Spotify Follower with their own playlists. For artists, influencers and label owners it is equally important to know that every follower you gain acts like a multiplier. Because it is part of the laws of social media marketing that only followers who have already gathered a larger number can be found.

To achieve this effect, many artists and marketing professionals follow international models by buying targeted Spotify followers - a service that we also offer you. Once you have achieved good status on Spotify in this way, you will soon no longer need to buy targeted Spotify followers. Provided, of course, that you've used the time to focus on your music and quality recordings. Active targeted Spotify followers can be purchased online at great prices.

Spotify Saves

Spotify Saves allows users to build their own music library with up to 10,000 files. Both entire albums and individual songs can be saved. The Spotify Saves therefore differ from single playlists. But what they have in common with them is that saving them leads to artists who are included in the respective Spotify saves automatically getting a Like and winning new followers.

Saves should therefore be considered for a successful marketing strategy on Spotify, preferably in combination with the feature "Spotify for Artists", which gives you access to the gold and monetary data of your listeners and followers.

In order to gain access to as many libraries as possible, it is also advantageous to buy Spotify Saves. The information in how many libraries and on how many playlists your music pieces are stored is not publicly visible. However, saves are registered by the Spotify algorithm and thus improve your overall ranking and consequently your reach. You buy Spotify Saves from us exclusively from real and active accounts, in exactly the amount you need to start your promotion.