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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Increasing video hits for Instagram marketing

There are over 50 million posts on Instagram under the hashtag #video. And of course that does not nearly cover all of the videos uploaded on Instagram day after day. The most popular videos, based on the number of hits, are placed at the top and get between 200 and 100,000 views within just a few hours of being uploaded. All other videos are listed chronologically and by number of hits. It may happen that a video with 50 hits that has already been circulating in the newsfeed for a few days is placed ahead of a video that was uploaded just 10 minutes ago.

If you want to use videos for your Instagram marketing, it is important to think hard about these and other factors. Because sadly, high-quality videos often do not break 10 or 15 views. If you have already had to experience this, we have a serious tool for you that will balance out this lack of views. Because as a professional agency for social media marketing, you can buy Instagram views from us. If you are active on the English-speaking market you can also buy real country-specific Instagram views. That way the effort you put into producing your videos was not in vain. And with a little luck and the right target audience, you will be listed in the category "most popular videos" or will at least stay in the upper ranks of "latest videos". We sell you Instagram views from registered accounts. Once your order has come in we allocate the desired number of views to the specified videos.

Top themes and top videos: how to prepare your Instagram video marketing

If you do not yet know how you can use videos for your Instagram marketing, simply take an hour or so and look at how other Instas do it and what they get a lot of views for. Popular topics for videos include fashion or graphic design, as well as nature, animals, love or marketing tips. And because Instas like to eat, tasty foods and the visual presentation thereof is one of the most popular topics for Instagram marketing. For example, in March 2019 an instructional video for a Japanese dish received over 80,000 views within two hours.

Your topics are not listed there and you're afraid your posts might go missing under the hashtag? No problem, because it is always better to select specific hashtags for your own Instagram marketing instead of opting for the strongest and most popular key terms. After all, you are not using Instagram marketing to be popular, but rather to engage in dialogue with your target audience and make them excited for your content. So definitely also work with other hashtags that match your Instagram marketing. Figure out which topics you want to post regularly. Is your target audience more interested in professionally made videos, or do they like spontaneous live feeds? How long should your videos be? The more precisely you plan out your video marketing for Instagram, the better. And if you are still a few or a lot of views away from your goal, do not hesitate to buy targeted Instagram views.

Between strategy and spontaneity: experiment with a net and a false bottom

Determination is a virtue that should guide all online marketing. Every agency and marketing expert will therefore advise you to set revisable goals for your Instagram marketing. What do you want to achieve in what amount of time? If you are still looking for a way to optimise your Instagram marketing, we recommend using methods like those put forth by the SMART formula. Yet for video marketing on Instagram we want to highlight another important aspect: be spontaneous every now and then. In moderation, show an emotional side of yourself or a part of you that deviates from the routine. Because that is what Instas like. And a video that foreshadows an exciting, funny, interesting story with an unusual perspective gets more attention anyway, and brings more views than the thousandth marketing video in a suit.

Acting spontaneous and emotional does not mean nonchalantly putting your good reputation at risk. Figure out where the boundaries are for your Instagram marketing. By buying Instagram hits you cover yourself against falling behind. By buying targeted Instagram hits you also keep the door to your target audience open. Because you should also know this: on the hashtag pages two users who are online at the same time will not necessarily see the same content, as the user's interests also help determine what is shown to them.

When putting your own hashtags under your videos, consider trying out different combinations to get lots of Instagram views. These include #video, #instavid or #instavideo, and more. It can also be exciting to perform an A/B test by reposting a video with different hashtags, buying the same number of Instagram views for each, and then comparing which one achieves the best results on Instagram.

Success on Instagram through determination, variety and premium content

Videos have become one of the most important instruments in Instagram marketing, and the number of users who watch videos on Instagram is constantly growing. Yet do not focus solely on the production of videos, but also on the followers who prefer to see pictures, view statistics or read short texts. And in all of the fun with likes, views and growing follower counts, do not lose sight of what you actually aim to achieve with Instagram marketing, such as generating leads, bringing more traffic to your website or getting customers' attention. Round out your profile by adding meaningful information and focus on a diverse, premium content strategy.

If you still want to buy Instagram views, you have created an optimal combination of content and incentive that also shows the Instagram algorithm that this account has earned greater reach. Take advantage of the increase in attention by preparing content before purchase that you show right at the moment when the number of your views is increasing. But you cannot assume that the owners of the accounts whose views you have purchased will also become industrious followers. But as we explained earlier, a high reach always means greater chances of getting more followers, and with them Instagram views. And this goes both ways of course, because someone who is convinced of the quality and benefit of your videos will happily become a follower.