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Instagram verification: how to get the blue check mark without being a celebrity

A little white check mark on a blue field (usually just called a "blue check mark") can be crucial for your Instagram marketing. Because all Instas know: the check mark shows that this is a verified account. And being verified on Instagram means playing in the big leagues. The check mark is like Barack Obama among other politicians: everyone knows him, likes him, respects him, even if they are not entirely aligned politically. Getting verified, however, is often difficult enough for celebrities – even more so for accounts who only have limited reach. But as a proven Instagram marketing agency, we feel that what has long been routine in the USA should also be available in Europe, and so we offer this service in English-speaking regions. This means: you can buy Instagram verification from us. Right away, online, and without any other check mark other than the blue one that you simply order online.

And if you are still wondering why it is so crucial for your Instagram marketing that you buy a blue check mark, let us clear this up: Instagram only verifies profiles that are proven to be authentic. They must also meet a range of criteria that all prove one thing: it must be an incredibly important account. So important, in fact, that other users also try to join Instagram under your name or the name of your company. So buying the blue check mark not only means making yourself interesting, but also protects you from abuse of your good reputation.

Who can apply for verification on Instagram?

If we summarise the criteria for getting verified on Instagram, we learn the following. You must

  • be a well-known person whose name others would like to use to get famous. This may be a personal or brand name.
  • verify that this risk exists, or wait until Instagram offers to verify.

Officially every Insta now has the opportunity to apply for verification. But Instagram makes it unmistakably clear that there is no claim to this, and that if you make the effort and apply for a blue check mark there is no guarantee that you will receive one for your Instagram marketing.

But if you still want to try, log on to your profile and scroll in the settings to the "Account" section, then to "Verification". You will then be asked for your name, among other things, and you must answer this question after "known as". You must also attach personal identification with a photograph. However, we recommend not starting this process alone, as the risk of the application being rejected or you not receiving a response is great. Instead, we would be happy to take care of the application for you, because we have already performed numerous verifications and know which legal tricks help lead to success. Simply select our service "Buy blue Instagram check mark" or "Buy Instagram verification" and we take care of it. In the meantime, of course, you can use other means to show that your profile is authentic, such as by connecting the profile with another platform or your website.

Instagram verification: a little check mark with a lot of value

The significance of a little white check mark on a blue field was apparent when, after verification was introduced, there were some brutal scandals about selling the blue check mark. Of course this was not because of agencies like us, who file an application, but rather Instagram employees themselves. The prices were accordingly high – these were allegedly four-digit amounts that owners of certain profiles were ready to pay out to have the blue check mark integrated into their Instagram marketing.

But Instagram has already closed this gap and now only provides verification on the basis of extremely strict criteria. Not all of these are known to the public, and especially in Europe there are some bold assumptions in this regard. But because we have a subsidiary in the USA and also hire employees who are highly familiar with Instagram marketing in all countries where the network is represented, we know how to obtain Instagram verification without any prominent status. It is beneficial if you have not already applied for verification in the past. But in difficult cases we will also do our best to achieve verification at your request. If we are not able to do this, which rarely happens, simply use your right to a money-back guarantee. Do not hesitate, and take the decisive step into a new era of Instagram marketing now by buying Instagram verification from us.

Beware of false promises and exaggerated expectations

A few formal criteria must be fulfilled for Instagram to verify your account. Specifically,

  • your profile may only be managed under one name.
  • your privacy settings must be set to public.
  • you have completely filled out your biography info.
  • a photo and proof of identification are submitted.

But all of that is not enough to get verified. Those black-sheep agencies that always try to hack Instagram accounts by making the false promise of issuing verification immediately and without verification to get important information such as the Instagram password also know this. That is why we, especially because we ourselves treat verification in a serious manner, urgently advise against relying on such practices. The following should be clear to that end: verification is performed neither by us nor any other agency, but exclusively by Instagram. We simply spare you from filing the application without support so that you can reach your goal faster and more safely.

So if you get offers for such verification that do not seem right to you, it is best to stay away. You can come to us at any time and delegate the verification to us by letting us buy the blue Instagram check mark as ordered by you. But please also consider that verification alone does not make good Instagram marketing. Instas expect especially high-quality content and a high level of engagement from accounts with a blue check mark.