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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Figures of your success: post saves for your Instagram account

If a follower likes one of your posts, they may decide to save it. To do this they click on the bookmark beneath the post and click the option "Save". A post can be saved individually or added to a list. Post saves can be used well for Instagram marketing purposes if certain posts build on one another. The advantage of saves for your Instagram marketing lies in the fact that interested people who are not yet in your list of followers are continuously reminded of you.

However, you can only see how many saves you have received for a post if you have a business account. It is worth opening such an account if you want to permanently engage in serious Instagram marketing, as it provides you with a variety of statistics and tools that make marketing so much easier.

What you do not learn is who has saved your posts. Yet this is an important marketing instrument that you should use to increase your reach on Instagram. Because just as a "like" expresses enjoyment, interest or agreement, a save shows that this post is of particular value to the user. Are you not sure whether you have already received saves because you have only had a private account up until now? Or are the previously achieved saves not sufficient to influence the algorithm? Then you have the opportunity to buy Instagram saves from us.

Post saves for more reach on Instagram.

But what is the purpose of saves if nobody except you can see how many you have on Instagram? We have already mentioned two answers to this above. They affect the Instagram algorithm and the added value for the user. Before we delve deeper, however, we must correct the question a bit. Because someone always sees what you are doing on Instagram and who is interacting with your posts in what way. And this someone is the platform itself or, more specifically, its algorithm.

It is therefore important to keep the following in mind if you want to perfect your Instagram marketing: you are always working on two levels simultaneously. On one level your Instagram marketing must reach users, you want to gain followers who become leads who bring more traffic to your website, buy a product, and so on. On the other level you must provide the algorithm with values with which it can determine significance or relevance. Because only relevance leads to a good ranking, and a good ranking leads to more reach.

Your followers ultimately do not care if you have saves or not. Yet your Instagram marketing should always strive to deliver good content that users want to save. Or even better, they already do. The number of saves serves as a figure for how close you are to your goal. Understand, however, that even for profiles with large numbers of followers it is very difficult to get saves. It is therefore better to address the question of which types of posts are even suitable for getting saves in the first place. Experiment, monitor, and in the meantime use the option of buying Instagram saves.

Little gifts preserve a friendship – post saves as giveaways

Instagram marketing is diverse and every user configures their profile by their own areas of focus, preferences and topics. Yet what they all have in common is that Instagram is a medium that is chiefly suited to visually display information. Photographers have been at home here since day one, but also graphic artists, illustrators, filmmakers and podcasters use Instagram marketing. As well as everyone who sells or offers particularly beautiful items, such as flowers or jewellery.

If you do not just want likes for your posts but also saves, then the posts must have an element of value for your target audience. Instead of posting the new trousers, you could post their cut pattern, for example. Or you can show how to make and decorate your own Advent wreath, how to perform a certain task, how to properly perform a trendy dance. In all of these cases these are posts that your target audience cannot immediately imitate. The chance of them saving the post when it meets their interests is greater than when you simply upload a flower, a pretty crown or a dance video. This way you are essentially posting small giveaways for your followers to take on the go.

Think hard about what you can offer your Instagram followers that is worth saving. And do not hesitate to buy Instagram saves if you are only getting sparse numbers at first. It is one of the unwritten laws on Instagram that profiles that already have a high number of followers quickly draw more new followers and interactions. You mobilise this potential for your Instagram marketing by buying Instagram saves.

Instagram marketing as self-marketing

Short instructions, notes, informative podcasts – these are posts that can earn you Instagram saves. Influencers or models and everyone who wants to become one, and who rely on Instagram marketing to do that, also know: most saves go to pictures in which they are skilfully looking into the camera and wearing a great outfit. Such (presumed) selfies are still a highlight on Instagram for the younger generation. But selfies, or pictures in which only the person posting can be seen, are still a gamble – because nothing is as uncomfortable as posting a photo of yourself without getting a lot of likes and saves in return.

If you want to market yourself on Instagram, and are striving for a career as a marketing icon, you have to turn as many people into followers as you can very early on. Instensively study the poses and tricks of your competitors, and work as closely as possible with professional photographers. And do everything to share your photos and posts on Instagram and beyond. The connection to Facebook can be as simple and effective an Instagram marketing tool as the connection to WhatsApp.

Ranking and reach are the deciding elements for your success, because only once you are visible to the decision makers in certain industries does your career take off. Boost this process by buying Instagram saves. But please also consider: the ease suggested by pictures of influencers and models is just an illusion. It is an extremely difficult and exhaustive path that you are taking with Instagram marketing. Buying Instagram saves does not spare you this work. But it does help you indulge in a few peaceful moments in which you can take a deep breath.