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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Instagram video marketing: gaining live viewers as new followers

Sending out a live broadcast without much equipment is no problem now for Instas. Anyone with a registered account can use the Live Video function for their Instagram marketing. All that is needed is a smartphone with good video quality. Spontaneous or planned live videos can last for up to an hour because of that. And the best part: the followers are shown that an account is live, and some even get an extra notification once the live feed begins. Those without enough followers to have a high reach can also buy Instagram live viewers easily, online and shortly before the beginning of the feed.

Instagram live videos are an incredible addition for your Instagram marketing because the videos are shown in the same part of the profile as the stories. They are clearly highlighted and are deliberately promoted by Instagram. For us as a professional social media marketing agency, that is a clear sign of how important Instagram live videos are for your overall marketing on Instagram. Because whatever is highlighted is usually specially included in an account's ranking.

Of course, for this ranking to be positive it is not enough to frequently post live videos, because there also have to be live viewers. So it is best to plan the first live videos in such a way that you notify your followers in time and can invite them. Ideally, also consider the time at which as many followers will be online as possible. If this is not possible because you are recording an event that you have no influence over, increase the number of your viewers by buying Instagram live viewers.

There is a first time for everything: overcoming nervousness

If your profile on Instagram is public, which is unavoidable for Instagram marketing anyway, users who are not yet followers can also see the broadcast. Anyone who wants to get as many live viewers as possible should know the proven "a lot helps a lot" rule of social media. In other words: users who are looking for exciting live videos will be more likely to watch your video if a large number of other viewers have already found it. This is where the importance of good planning and the benefits of the strategy of buying Instagram live viewers can be recognised. However, Instagram makes it possible for you to rule out certain users as well. You can also use this option if you have had experiences with hecklers or trolls in past live feeds. If this is decreasing viewer counts, you can balance this out by buying Instagram live viewers.

Along with viewer counts, the content and feed quality are of course also important. There are many helpful guides online for preparing for your first live video so that you do not end up stuttering out of nervousness. For example, experienced Instas advise practising "posing" beforehand. This does not mean playfully glancing over your shoulder. Instead assume a pose that allows you to feel and radiate confidence. This entails a secure stance, a natural posture and a fresh, straight look into the camera, which is also healthy for your inner attitude. While you are broadcasting, your viewers have the opportunity to interact with your post and you yourself can also leave comments, for example. Keep this in mind, but do not get too distracted by the little hearts and the increasing viewer count. First and foremost, Instagram marketing with live videos is about communicating as directly as possible.

Presenting topics in an exciting and dynamic way

The topics you select for your live videos should match with the areas your Instagram focuses on. As applies to Instagram marketing as a whole: focus on a few topics that you will post about regularly instead of being active in a different area every day. You bring variety to your live videos by using another feature offered by Instagram: invite a second account to your live feed.

If you are not especially familiar with the Instagram live video function, you should discuss this first and consider it during the planning process. How should the interaction between both accounts, whose pictures will be displayed next to each other, go? Later you can spontaneously use the function and find "studio guests" from among your viewers. Of course, they have to consent before you can add them to your video. The chance of this consent being provided is also greatest when you already have a lot of viewers. You increase this number by buying Instagram live viewers. But you should only invite people who you personally know or with whom you have been actively interacting for a long time through your Instagram.

The parallel activation of two accounts for your Instagram live videos is also a good idea if you are attending a large, extensive event together. That way you can show your live viewers different perspectives and views. Also consider that you can use both the front and back camera. After all, you should of course be very familiar with the various functions of your smartphone camera before you use live videos for your Instagram marketing.

Mistakes allowed – humour desired: that is how you win viewers' hearts as an amateur

Live videos are activated on Instagram through the story feature and can no longer be seen once the broadcast is over. They are not automatically stored and showed again in the newsfeed. But for you as the publisher it is possible to save the video. This offers two benefits for Instagram marketing: you can subsequently analyse the video, participation and view counts, and use this evaluation to further optimise your live videos. And you have the opportunity to upload the video into your stories again so that it will be shown for another 24 hours. This allows followers who were not online during the original posting to watch the video belatedly.

You do not have to be a professional film producer to get optimal success for your Instagram marketing from your live videos. So take it in your stride when small mistakes happen. The attraction of live feeds stems from the impossibility of planning every detail. This also applies to companies or freelancers who use live videos for their Instagram marketing. Show that you have a sense of humour and are on top of things when something goes wrong. You should familiarise yourself with the technical tools available to you, however, so that your viewers enjoy watching your videos. If there is no enthusiasm because your last live video fell apart, you can balance this out by buying Instagram live viewers and letting the audience count rise.