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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

How to successfully use Instagram TV without being curated

Along with stories and the associated live videos, Instagram has also offered the format Instagram TV (IGTV) since 2018. Users can upload their own productions that last for a total of 15 (private, unverified accounts) to 60 minutes, and are recorded in a 9:16 format. This provides an incredible Instagram marketing tool for producing special videos for smartphone users. It is a worthwhile investment if you are able to get a high number of IGTV views. If this goal is not yet in sight, consider whether it may be helpful to buy IGTV views.

Like other TV broadcasters, IGTV is divided into channels, but they belong to certain accounts. Followers are shown what is being played on a subscribed channel once they pull up the Instagram app. But the question is what happens when someone has subscribed to multiple channels. Which videos are they shown first? Can you get by without buying IGTV views? The answer to these and other questions, as always, lies in the algorithm. One thing it considers is personal user behaviour. Another thing it considers are the statistics, namely the number of followers and views that a channel has.

This also means that anyone who wants to use Instagram TV for Instagram marketing largely relies on optimising their number of views. One way to do this lies in buying Instagram TV views. Because one thing is certain: the more channels pop up in the coming years, the more difficult it will be to organically gain followers' attention. By buying Instagram TV views you take the first determined step to fight for and earn a spot in the community.

Instagram IGTV marketing: recognising obstacles in order to overcome them

As exciting as IGTV is for Instagram marketing, there are many hurdles that make it difficult to get likes and followers for your videos. This is partially because the app starts immediately once it is opened. It then shows videos from channels

  • that a user already follows.
  • that Instagram provides as a personal recommendation.
  • that are especially popular on Instagram.

You have no influence over a user's personal preferences. However, you can influence how many users interact with, i.e. like or comment, your videos. But to even have a chance of a user watching your video over the many recommendations that they receive, you have to have "popularity". Buying Instagram TV likes takes you a big step in this direction.

But is it even worth the effort of producing Instagram videos in this special format, uploading them, and then buying IGTV likes? That largely depends on how your Instagram marketing is built up and what industry you are active in. For example, it is not recommended that YouTubers move to IGTV if they already have a big community on YouTube. But many people use IGTV and Instagram marketing as a supplement to generate more traffic for their other channels.

As an experienced social media marketing agency, we recommend incorporating IGTV for everyone who uses Instagram as a focal point of their social media marketing. These are mainly people from the creative industry for whom making videos is not a challenging task.

Portrait mode is supposed to serve viewers, but is also limiting

Yet even for experienced video producers, the best places on Instagram are already occupied because naturally every user will only subscribe to a limited number of channels and watch their videos. But in order to be able to keep up, it is required that you increase your own visibility through large-scale productions and also make every adjustment you can to gain popularity. The option of buying Instagram TV views and/or Instagram TV likes can be a big help.

Another difficulty faced by even experienced video producers in Instagram marketing is the required portrait mode for IGTV videos. Portrait mode is great for presenting individual people or telling a story. But portrait mode also significantly restricts panorama recordings or videos of a sports arena or concert stage. The result: new users looking for exciting video channels and who may be potential followers are confused by the type of recordings.

If this leads to a lack of interactions, this is easy to make up for. After all, along with likes and views you can also buy Instagram TV comments from us that at least mimic the number of such engagement. Another positive effect that the strategy of buying Instagram comments provides: IGTV videos are not deleted by Instagram, unlike stories, but can actually be pulled up at any time. This means the number of likes and comments remains, and is therefore visible in the long term as a sign of your Instagram marketing success, regardless of whether the comments came from your followers or were bought.

To be mentioned – strategies that make Instagram marketing easier

According to Instagram, by 2021 around 80% of data traffic will come from mobile devices. This also applies to videos. At the top of the popularity scale, especially for young people, are videos recorded not by pros but by amateurs. So everyone who uses Instagram marketing has the chance to get in on this trend with IGTV. But because IGTV is curated, as mentioned above, it is difficult for unknown or new Instas to hold out against existing channels. It can help to buy IGTV likes, comments and views, provided the content is consistent and the videos hit home with the target audience.

A still somewhat unknown, and therefore more useful, strategy lies in integrating Instagram mentions in your own Instagram marketing. This method is especially useful when you tag profiles that have a lot of followers who may become interested in your channel. But not every competitor will be happy if you use mentions to "snap up" their followers. That is why you should first opt for another approach and buy Instagram TV mentions. As an experienced social media marketing agency, we then activate the desired number of profiles to draw attention to your videos through IGTV mentions. Buying IGTV mentions therefore means that you have the chance to increase your reach. A large number of mentions also proves that users think your content is so relevant that they want to make others aware of it.

For the strategy to pay off, you can buy a package of IGTV mentions that is proportional in number to your followers and IGTV views.