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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Leaving a lasting impression: Instagram impressions

Although Instagram and Facebook are part of the same empire and there is an overlap of users, these are completely different networks that can be used to reach different target audiences. You can use the statistics to see who, how and with which posts people were reached for your Instagram marketing.

The impressions are one central value of the statistics. This value shows how often a post was seen. This only becomes significant when you know how high the reach of the post was. For example, the reach may show the value 500 (number of users who have seen your post), while the impressions are at 800. Then you know that your post had such a strong impact on some users that they viewed it twice or more. Instagram impressions therefore constitute a figure of the quality and relevance of your posts. And that is exactly why impressions are so important for the Instagram algorithm that, if you do not have them, you should consider buying Instagram impressions.

If you are active in the English-speaking market we recommend buying targeted Instagram impressions, as these achieve a better reach within the target audience that you want to address. You can easily buy Instagram impressions online from us, an experienced marketing agency. Select the desired number and let us know the posts you would like us to activate the impressions for. All Instagram impressions you buy from us come exclusively from real, registered Instas with active accounts.

Aligning posts with your target audience's behaviour and preferences

If you are improving your statistical values by buying Instagram impressions, this does not mean that you will receive the same high number on your next post. As mentioned, there are always multiple values of importance for your Instagram marketing and the achieved impressions. You need

  • a lot of followers
  • high reach and
  • outstanding content tailored exactly to your target audience so that the impressions increase.

You should take a closer look on Instagram at what the target audience is interested in and act accordingly. For example, Facebook users like it when an account covers a broad range of topics and is active in many areas. Instas, on the other hand, prefer accounts that focus on a clear topic in their Instagram marketing. Anyone who posts too diversely risks losing users who have a clear interest. This following and unfollowing on Instagram occurs in such quick succession that it can make you dizzy. These are usually bots, or accounts that only follow you so that you will follow them back. If you do not react immediately, these pseudo-followers move on. Instead of pining after bots and fake accounts, you should tend to your real followers. You already know that you can balance out temporary fluctuations in user counts by buying Instagram impressions. (This also applies to followers, likes, comments and views.)

Who follows you on Instagram? Who regularly comments or likes? Who talks about you? Find out who your 50 or 100 best followers are and try to make premium content for them. Then success for your Instagram marketing will set in sooner or later.

Courting interactions

Have you already become familiar with your target audience on Instagram? Then start developing an Instagram marketing strategy that brings you more interactions and more followers. Pay attention to the aforementioned differences between reach and impressions. Which past posts have been seen the most? And which were pulled up multiple times? On posts for which you have bought English Instagram impressions you must of course subtract the number of purchased impressions in order to determine the real results.

With a little luck you already know what your followers are most interested in, which filters they like, or which types of posts they respond strongly to. You can use this knowledge to further build up your Instagram marketing. If this has to happen quickly because your account is going through significant droughts, compensate for this by ordering Instagram impressions or Instagram followers.

On Facebook the admins of fan pages like to use the following trick to get a lot of interactions: they figure out which names are most common among their followers or in a country in general. They then make a post with this name as part of a picture, along with a small challenge or task and the prompt to tag someone they know. For example, one such task may be: "This person (name A) must make this person (name B) a delicious meal tonight. Tag your friends if your name is shown."

Games like this are less common on Instagram, but polls, raffles or mentions are all part of Instagram marketing. These increase the interactions, scope and impressions as well.

Setting and specifying goals

What exactly is your goal on Instagram? Why are you using Instagram marketing? If you do not know the answer or find the question absurd, we'll take this moment to tell you an open secret: only a few companies actually know what Instagram marketing is good for. Aside from general responses like, "because it is important to be part of it", "because that is where the trend is going", "because I want to meet my target audience there". But none of those are goals, and therefore not reasons for pumping money into marketing that your consultants or whoever believe in year after year. If it was just about getting a large number of followers to outwardly demonstrate that you have these followers, you could get them more easily by joining groups that trade likes and comments or mutually follow each other.

What nonsense. You are actually using Instagram marketing to get followers who will later become customers or fans. To sell more or to increase your brand awareness. This means getting lots and lots of impressions. For a time you can get by without them by buying Instagram impressions. Or followers, likes and comments. But during and well after your purchase you will have to deal with this if your Instagram marketing is going to strike gold or is preparing to. As a professional social media marketing agency, we are happy to till this ground for you. You yourself have to harvest it, but we are certain: if you have kicked your Instagram marketing into gear, this will turn into a passion that you will no longer want to do without.