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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Instagram basics: gain and retain Instagram followers

Ariana Grande has around 140 million followers on Instagram, and the platform's own profile has 275 million. Gaining so many followers is nearly impossible for any mere mortal's account. With sophisticated Instagram marketing and a clear orientation towards the target audience, the right amount of patience and consistency can bring follower numbers in the three- to five-digit range for freelancers, artists and companies who are not international celebrities. It has become commonplace to buy Instagram followers to even become visible in the first place. This is because Instas are heavily geared towards trends and trendsetters – those who have no or only a few followers for a long period of time may receive the occasional like, but also risk losing those who came by to look early on. Yet if you are able to quickly build a community, many other Instas will follow.

By buying Instagram followers you give clear indications and incentive for other Instas to follow you. If you are posting for a regionally limited target audience, make sure to buy Instagram followers in your country. If this makes you worth following in the eyes of the Instagram community, it is important to focus entirely on Instagram marketing, because in the long term your objective is certainly to earn real Instagram followers who in turn become customers, business partners or fans. In this article we will show you how you can buy Instagram followers, and we illustrate the basics of successful Instagram marketing.

Excite your target audience's expectations

One of the basics of Instagram marketing is appearing as natural and authentic as possible. Do not use any imaginary names, and do not try to impress with too much "marketing talk". It is better to fill your profile with real information, include a URL for your website or your blog, and briefly yet concisely let visitors to your profile know what the main purpose of your Instagram account is. Formulate your goals as benefits from the visitors' perspective.

In order for this to be possible you must have intensively planned your Instagram marketing in advance, ideally before you start up and/or buy Instagram followers. Try to focus on a few topics. If you are a photographer or artist: what will be the main focus of your account? Animals, nature or architecture? If you are an author, will you post excerpts from your new novel or provide insight into your work? If you are a marketing agency, what are you working on, or do you have tips for newcomers to the field?

If it is hard to pin down, try working with Instagram hashtags. What important hashtags can you use? And which ones are especially significant for your business? Beginners often receive the Instagram marketing tip of selecting appropriate hashtags for their posts. We suggest taking the opposite approach: first look for the hashtags that are important for your account. Then create content that suits them. It is then usually easier to resist the temptation to use Instagram for absolutely everything except reaching your own target audience. If this does not work out too well and the follower count keeps sinking, you still have the choice to buy more Instagram followers.

Correctly using hashtags for Instagram marketing

When selecting the hashtags that are appropriate for your Instagram marketing, you must consider which language you want to use them in. Most Instas post bilingually, namely in their own language and – if it differs – English. This is only a must if gaining international followers provides any benefit to you. If your target audience speak your language, you should concentrate on followers and hashtags in that language. If you do not have an online business, if you are only regionally active, try to give your account a regional connection as often as possible.

A third consideration concerns the number of posts that a hashtag already has or receives daily. Here you have to know that around 60 million posts are uploaded to Instagram every day. This means that many hashtags already exist in different variants, such as #berlin #berlincity #berlinlove, and so on. The more posts a hashtag receives, the more quickly the new ones outshine the older ones. Unless the algorithm keeps them open for a long time, mainly because they are getting many Instagram "likes".

It is therefore essential for your Instagram marketing that you select hashtags that give you the highest possible chance of being seen for as long as possible. At the same time you want to be seen by many users, of course, so that you can gain new followers. At first it is therefore beneficial to use hashtags with little competition. If you already have a high number of active followers behind your account, expand your Instagram marketing to the particularly competitive spots. In order to keep your account attractive to new likes and followers you can also revert your Instagram marketing to the strategy of buying Instagram followers in your country.

Differentiating between active and passive followers

Instagram followers you buy from us are rarely active, which means that they stay in the background when it comes to likes, comments or other interactions with your account. They are the passive crowd that helps draw active followers for your Instagram marketing. Surely you are already familiar with this from other social media: the chance of all of your followers or fans actively interacting with a post is generally extremely low.

Your Instagram marketing should therefore involve posting premium content and networking with other Instas. Like posts that are relevant to your business, follow influencers or big names in the field, formulate comments that show your competitors' followers that you are also an expert on the respective topic. If you act social and communicative, you will also gain new followers for this marketing strategy. What you should not do – and unfortunately there are often confusing tips about this – is follow any number of Instas that have no connection to your topic and without consideration of their quality. An exchange solely based on the principle of "you follow me, I follow you" is also unproductive.

So always make sure that the number of accounts you follow is not higher than the number of your followers. If there is an imbalance here, even it out by buying selected Instagram followers. You can simply make the purchase online through our website. From us you only buy real, human Instas with registered accounts.