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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Instagram comments – so that the community grows

Along with likes and saves, Instagram comments are important social interactions for your Instagram marketing. If you have been active on Instagram for a while you probably already know that it is not easy to get a lot of comments. The positive thing about that is that there is less griping and grumbling on Instagram than there is on other social networks. If you are not advertising for a political party or reporting on contentious issues, incoming comments should therefore be overwhelmingly positive.

Unfortunately, a lack of comments on Instagram also means: there is no more enthusiasm, or the motivation to express it. You must create new incentives so that your followers or interested users express their feelings on your post through a written statement. One way to create these incentives is through your caption, for example by asking your followers a question. Another way is to buy Instagram comments. If your Instagram marketing is entirely or largely geared towards the English-speaking world, make sure that you buy targeted Instagram comments.

Appropriate questions for attracting comments are directed right towards the viewers of your post. Typical formulations are:

  • How does that work for you?
  • Have you had similar experiences? Write about them in the comments!
  • Which do you like best?
  • Would you have reacted the same way?

Such questions also have the advantage of showing your community that you are interested in their opinions. Your followers will also find other people who share their opinions or views and will feel supported, meaning that your followers will grow together as a group through your Instagram marketing with comments.

Creating incentives for followers through comments

When you buy Instagram comments you also create strong incentives for your followers to get involved with their own posts. Because we are all familiar with the phenomenon: rarely do we wake up in the morning and think, oh, today I'd like to talk about topic X or Y. Instead we are inspired by (social) media posts to think about certain issues. And the more people have already shared their opinions, the more important it seems. That is the reason why seemingly insignificant peripheral topics sometimes seem to take up so much space in public discourse. By buying Instagram comments you give the signal that your posts are worth reading or seeing. That it is worth looking at them and expressing your thoughts. And once the comment section is no longer entirely empty, it is more likely that other followers will join in.

Of course the language in which you are operating your Instagram marketing plays an important role. It does not exactly increase your trustworthiness if you only post in English but the comments mainly come from India, the Philippines or Arab nations. We, as an experienced social media agency, are not the only providers of the service of buying targeted Instagram comments. Yet many of our customers who have supposedly purchased country-specific targeted comments from other mediating agencies state that the term "targeted" had a rather broader definition there. The comments that they ultimately received were indeed in English, yet one click on the Instas' profiles usually showed that they were not based in English-speaking countries. But why would an Indian Insta comment on a New York florist's profile?

Quality for your Instagram marketing

Buying Instagram comments to boost your community and induce discourse is a legitimate strategy. Yet you should pursue this strategy as discretely as possible, and buy suitable comments. Many users do not know how hard Instagram marketing can be sometimes, especially time-wise, and may lose the interest in commenting if they feel that they are forcing it. So pay attention not only to how many comments you buy, but also their quality. If you order targeted Instagram comments from us, that is what we deliver, and exclusively from real Instagram accounts from the English-speaking world. Of course you can also buy international comments, followers and likes from us for your Instagram marketing.

Buying Instagram comments can also be useful beyond the reasons already listed, namely for keeping the subversive trolls in these networks in check. On Instagram these are like and follower hunters in particular. Usually they are bots who leave some meaningless message under your posts, with the request that you follow the profile that it was posted from. Is the first comment under your posts frequently: "Hi, awesome post, cool profile, check mine out and leave a few likes"? Or: "Hey! I like your content, check out mine"? Then there is the risk that other users feel scared off and no longer want to comment. Counteract this by buying country-specific Instagram comments that do not beg for your attention for their own profiles.

Network partners and the algorithm: comments pave the way upwards

The question remains of what you can still do to inspire your followers and visitors to leave more comments. We have already listed some possibilities. Of course, these will essentially only have a positive impact if you consider as part of your Instagram marketing that Instas are very demanding when it comes to putting posts together.

But because everyone engaged in Instagram marketing knows what it comes down to, you should not only look for followers who belong to your target audience as customers or fans. Use Instagram to network with others in your industry who may be interested in your posts, just like you are in theirs. And act the same way you would like others to: stay attentive, like and comment on your network partners' and followers' posts. If you take this approach, you will become generally more popular and well-known on Instagram. And you can expect to receive such interactions as well. If it takes a while for other Instas to join your Instagram marketing, you can buy more Instagram comments in the meantime.

The overarching goal of your strategy of buying Instagram comments lies in achieving greater reach and a higher ranking on Instagram. Because each comment that you receive is one more chip on your Bingo board. If you get a series of comments you will be rewarded by joining the Instagram ranking, which means that your posts will be recommended to more followers. By buying Instagram comments you are not guaranteed a jackpot yet, but you do improve your chances of winning one. You can order your desired number of targeted Instagram comments from us online.