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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Creating connections: using Facebook website likes to complement your Facebook fan page marketing

Facebook marketing is not something you can do on the side. If you are already investing a lot of time on Facebook marketing, creating high-quality content and communicating with your fans or followers, you will want to make the most of the results. In that case, you should really integrate your website into your Facebook marketing. Facebook facilitates this by providing various plug-ins and pixels. Among the best known are the like and share buttons, which you can easily integrate into websites and blogs. All you need is a code that is easily generated via Facebook. However, if you find the concept of a code challenging and you do not know how to embed HTML into your website, ask a programmer or agency to help. Integrating the plug-in then becomes a small investment which usually pays for itself in no time.

In addition to integrating the Facebook button on your website, you should also clearly refer to your website on Facebook. This way your Facebook marketing will really pay off, because on the one hand you can invite visitors to your website to follow you on Facebook, and on the other hand you can use Facebook to generate more traffic for your website. You will need two things if your visitors and followers are to accept this: very well-designed content, and a large number of existing likes. If you want to increase the number of your likes quickly, you can buy Facebook website likes directly from us.

Integrating and using Facebook like buttons

You can obtain Facebook website likes for your entire website or just for individual products. You can install the plug-in individually or as part of a Facebook box that includes additional components. You can even use them without doing any Facebook marketing yourself. It is more advisable to combine the two.

However, the way in which Facebook plug-ins are used shows once again how differently data protection concerns affect Facebook marketing. For example, some international groups have quite naturally installed Facebook plug-ins on their US pages, but are more cautious about using them on their websites. The reason is well-known. If a site visitor clicks on the Facebook button, their data and their further clicking behaviour will be transmitted to Facebook. The platform makes this data available to you in your statistics, but also uses it itself. You must therefore make absolutely sure that you inform your site visitors that this is the case.

Alternatives have already been developed and adjustments made to ensure that the like button can continue to be used for Facebook marketing. This includes a two-click solution in which the user must first agree to their data being transferred. You should also expressly point this out in your data protection information.

In general, however, it can already be seen that this discussion has also unsettled many web users, so that they now refrain from clicking the like button on websites. You can compensate for this by buying Facebook website likes from us.

Defining measurable goals and sound procedures

Once you have linked your website and your Facebook fan page, it is advisable to define measurable goals for your Facebook marketing and to use statistics to help you determine the right course of action. Simple tools such as WordPress statistics will now show you how many users Facebook has directed to your website.

More complex tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics expand on this to include additional information. This way you can find out not only how many site visitors came from Facebook, but also what they are most interested in, what they are searching for, what they are recommending to their friends, and so on. This gives you important clues for your Facebook marketing, such as which sites or products have been viewed frequently. Use this knowledge to determine what your next goals are. Do you want to win more followers or generate more customers? How many exactly and in what time period? Which product would be suitable for this? Is it worthwhile to start a discount campaign – for example, for everyone who re-subscribes to your fan page?

Of course, what you eventually take from the statistics and analyses and how you can best use the findings for your Facebook marketing or for your sales campaigns can only be said with precise knowledge of this data. However, you should always keep both of the following aspects in mind as a matter of principle: increasing your revenue and raising the numbers of your followers and your website traffic. Buying Facebook website likes will send a clearly visible message that your website already appeals to countless people. This will increase attention for your fan page, as well as for your products and your business proposition. Buying Facebook website likes will therefore fit exactly into the strategy you need.

The Facebook like button: is it dispensable?

If you have placed paid ads on Facebook to help with your marketing, you can use its statistics to measure their success. If it is only modest, we suggest that you look at alternatives to Facebook ads. We have plenty of great value packages to help you professionalise your Facebook marketing, and buying Facebook website likes is just one option.

If you want to do without the Facebook like button altogether, you can simply add a link to Facebook on your website. Or you can just display the number of your followers on Facebook. If you then buy more Facebook followers, the effect is similar to displaying the number of your likes. However, there is no easy way to share your website content directly on Facebook. How this will affect your reach on the platform and in search engines is difficult to say, as those involved are keeping a low profile. For example, search engine operators sometimes confirm and sometimes deny that they take social media interactions into account in order to rank sites. In principle, however, there are many ways to increase your reach and ranking for Facebook marketing. Take a good look at our website and you will find the most important ones.