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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Getting more engagement with your fan page: buying Facebook fan page likes

Everything looks easy at first sight. A company or freelancer creates a Facebook fan page, fills it with content, offers a few services and thereby increases its awareness level enormously. After all, millions of fans can be won in the USA alone with the right marketing on Facebook. However, the truth seems to be different for most newcomers to Facebook marketing. You have created your fan page and have generated a couple of followers from your circle of acquaintances, and they have subscribed to your page by giving it likes. But then nothing else happens. Where are they now, the millions of fans you were promised?

Probably with your competitors – assuming that they are at all interested in your line of business or your business proposition. Because the most important thing to understand at the beginning is that only a small part of the large Facebook community has been waiting for your fan page. And an even smaller part will notice that you have created a new fan page. Launching or relaunching your fan page will be a very special moment for you, but it can get lost in the big news feed if you do not use strategies to make it visible to a very large number of potential fans. One strategy that can help increase your reach on Facebook is to buy Facebook fan page likes. If your strategy for marketing is to focus on attracting followers from targeted countries, the best way to implement it is to buy Facebook fan page likes from your own country.

Develop and use clear strategies for Facebook marketing

It is in the nature of things that your Facebook fan page cannot be particularly successful, even if you upload the world's best content, if you do not adopt certain marketing strategies. After all, social media operators live from bringing followers and advertisers into contact with each other. Users interact with posts, for example by giving them likes and thereby subscribing to the relevant pages, and operators rely on this to learn about the users' interests and to be able to place targeted advertising. And they need fan pages with high reach, whose content will in turn attract more followers. By buying targeted Facebook likes, you signal to the algorithm that your fan page deserves such reach because it generates a lot of likes.

What is more, likes are naturally always a signal that a page can reach more fans, who will see that this page, which they did not know about before, is gaining a high number of followers. So there is a good chance that the sheer number of your fan page likes will make users see yours as an interesting alternative or addition to other fan pages, and will make them also engage with your content. If you align your content perfectly with your marketing on Facebook, the strategy of buying targeted Facebook likes will soon begin to pay off.

Then use the visibility that comes with buying Facebook likes to make more of it. For example, a frequently chosen method is to include contests in Facebook marketing. You can raffle your own products or you can select other things that are must-haves for your target market. Note, however, that Facebook has established strict rules for contests. One rule is that participation and the prospect of winning must not be linked to your followers taking any actions which are related to Facebook. Or you can of course also buy Facebook fan pages likes while advertising your contest to make it take off.

Content is king, but it is not an end in itself

Contests are highlights in Facebook marketing. But, like buying Facebook likes, they are not enough by themselves. If you have already studied the basics of social media marketing, you will probably know the phrase "Content is king", which means that content is at least as important as the form in which it is presented. However, in online marketing and especially in Facebook marketing, content is not an end in itself: it is a means to achieve an overarching objective, such as generating more customers or getting more orders.

The same is true of the interactions and the number of followers you obtain through Facebook marketing. Likes can be addictive, and it is not only your followers who know that. Try to enjoy what you have achieved, but always view it with a certain detachment. If you approach Facebook marketing too emotionally, you may well destroy yourself – or at least reach a deep point of despair that can be triggered when, after a period of success, everything suddenly seems to come to a standstill. So do not make yourself emotionally dependent on whether you get likes and, if so, what types of likes. Respond cleverly and strategically by buying targeted Facebook fan page likes to increase your engagement rate again.

At the same time, use all the means at your disposal to find out why a lull has suddenly occurred. Perhaps you are posting too frequently or too seldom, or perhaps you are doing it at the wrong time of day. The statistics for your fan page will tell you a lot about your followers and their level of engagement. Until you find the cause and fix it, you should make up for the lack of Facebook likes by buying them.

Do not be afraid of quiet patches – this is how to bring new drive to your fan page

It is worth remembering that it is not necessarily the fault of your Facebook marketing or diminishing interest in your content if the number of your followers, subscribers and likes is not increasing as much as you would like. Remember that you not only want something from Facebook, Facebook also wants something from you. That is why they seem to set the hurdles a little higher from time to time in order to drive page operators to perform even better. So do not limit yourself to buying Facebook fan page likes: every now and then examine what you can do to improve your fan page and your communication with your subscribers.

As always, you should first look at your content. Many page operators think it would be good to present as much and as different content as possible, but the opposite is true. You should instead try to make your content consistent and to give it a direction. This may cause some of your subscribers to leave, but will have a positive impact on the target market which you want to reach. You can compensate for small losses by buying targeted Facebook likes from users in your country.

You should also engage with your followers. Who are the top players on your fan page? How can you involve your subscribers more in building up your community? Do you react quickly and reliably to comments, questions and suggestions? Do you sometimes give away likes and hearts yourself? If you align your Facebook marketing with the wishes of your target market without letting yourself drift, you will soon have a lot of fun with it and will achieve your goals.