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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Reaching the people who matter: Facebook followers and Facebook subscribers

A Facebook fan page can become a fantastic marketing tool that can help you get to know your customers, business partners or clients better, and get them excited about your business proposition. You probably already know that you will need high-quality content to post regularly and to discuss with your subscribers. But your fan page's success will not only depend on your Facebook marketing and on your posts. The followers and subscribers that you win should also make important contributions to its success. Unfortunately, a frequent mistake in Facebook marketing is that pages still look too stiff and are arranged too much like business cards. You therefore need to understand a basic principle of online marketing: a fan page is not like a card index in which to store pictures and texts. It is a platform on which lively dialogues and conversations develop in small groups and on which a community forms that shares one or more interests.

A fan page must obtain a certain numbers of followers before users will recognise that it has the potential to support such a community. Most fan pages are started by inviting friends, relatives, or colleagues to subscribe to them or to follow them. However, once this circle of people is exhausted, it will get more difficult to win followers. Buying Facebook subscribers may then provide a strong stimulus to follow your page. If your business proposition is aimed at a target market in your own country, you should buy targeted Facebook subscribers.

What is better for Facebook marketing: a lot of followers or a lot of subscribers?

Before you use our service and buy either Facebook followers or subscribers, please make sure that you understand the difference between the two groups. Facebook followers are people who follow your page by clicking the fan page like button. If you look at your statistics, you can see who these people are. Depending on your account settings, you can also give followers more rights to interact with your page. Every Facebook follower is at the same time a subscriber to your page, but can theoretically unsubscribe from your posts.

Facebook subscribers keep a lower profile. They subscribe to your page's content, but only become visible as a person when they interact with it, for example when they like a post. However, they do appear in the statistics; and it is important to know this, because subscribers are very likely to become followers one day. Many operators send their subscribers invitations to mark "I like it" on the page. This way you can win new followers for your marketing on Facebook, because a lot of users do not really know the difference.

Buy Facebook followers may at first seem to offer more advantages. But, as our followers obey the instruction not to take any further part in your marketing on Facebook, there is little point in you looking at the followers you have bought when checking who is following your page after the purchase.

Buying followers and subscribers methodically

By getting followers on Facebook, you are basically increasing the number of people you know, and they will help you, through sheer weight of numbers, to increase your reach and to expand your community. However, you are not buying people who are interested in your business proposition. (Exceptions prove the rule, and it could happen that we assign you followers who develop great interest in your page and its content. But we cannot promise this.)

If you buy Facebook subscribers, you are doing it to increase your number and thereby improve your chance of attaining a high reach. It is possible to have more subscribers than followers, but not more followers than subscribers. It is not a good strategy simply to buy followers or to buy far too many for a fan page which has had little reach up to now. It can be wise to buy Facebook subscribers first and then, after a while, seemingly turning them into followers by buying a similarly sized package of Facebook followers.

No matter how you finally decide on your Facebook marketing, whether you buy Facebook subscribers or followers, you should not lose sight of your goal of creating an incentive for your real followers. After all, it is your real followers who will bring your fan page to life and make all your Facebook marketing much easier. The majority of followers of a Facebook fan page would also buy or book a service from the company that runs the fan page, or have already done so. It is also important for your Facebook marketing that you turn your followers into ambassadors for your brand.

Turning your followers into ambassadors for your brand

As mentioned at the beginning, a fan page is not like a business card and it does not just serve to make your followers see and like your contributions. It should instead actively engage with your target market. If you have enough free capacity, you can also extend your customer service via Facebook. You can get valuable information about your Facebook fans and subscribers from your statistics. But it is equally important that you turn your followers into fellow campaigners who will help you attract more followers and subscribers. After all, Facebook works according to the snowball principle. Each follower has a certain number of friends and they may notice that a particular person is following your page – and may then also become followers. But this will only happen if the person behaves actively on your fan page.

A mistake which many page operators make in their Facebook marketing is that they want too much control over what happens on their page. Of course, everyone has to follow certain basic rules in order to build a community. But sometimes it is better simply to leave it to your followers to get things done. Encourage them to post their own contributions, such as pictures showing them wearing your brand of clothing or using one of your products. You can usually generate a lot of interest by appealing to them to post photos on certain topics, even if it is today's sunset at location X, since every user now has a smartphone or a digital camera at hand.

Surveys, contests and discussions are further ways to actively engage your followers. And nothing will increase your reach more than such interactions. Whether you still lack a sufficient number of subscribers or you want to compensate for current fluctuations in the number of your followers, you now know where you can buy targeted Facebook followers.

How to get/increase followers on Facebook?

Do you want to get followers on Facebook? Facebook is a great platform for reaching your target audience and get more traffic. If you take a look at these Social Media Marketing statistics. You can increase Facebook followers by using Facebook engagements ads.