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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Increasing your EdgeRank score with Facebook comments

Some love Facebook comments and others would like to switch them off completely, but everybody needs them. It is quite crazy, what gets written in comments in the course of a day and what opinions surface in them. However, if trolls spread too much on a fan page, this is usually because the page is not being moderated sufficiently or there is no netiquette that can be relied on.

But the fact remains that comments are indispensable for marketing on Facebook, because they are one of the interactions that the Facebook algorithm (also known as EdgeRank) values most highly. Put simply, the more comments you receive for your Facebook marketing or posts the better, because they significantly increase your EdgeRank rating. So if you have not allowed comments yet, you should urgently consider whether this is compatible with your Facebook marketing. If you urgently need Facebook comments, or more of them, you can buy them. It is best to buy comments from country-specific profiles.

If you briefly but concisely formulate the rules of conduct that apply on your fan page or in your group and then rigorously enforce them, you should be able to avoid the sort of trouble we have mentioned above. Simply remove any followers or subscribers who flout your rules, repeatedly comment in a way that you do not like, or spam your page with comments. This should stop other users from getting unsettled or stopping following your fan page in disgust. If enforcing your house rules initially causes a significant drop in the comments you receive, you can buy Facebook comments until everyone has taken a deep breath and the community has come back to life.

Important information for companies and their subscribers

Fan pages usually receive a lot of comments, because they attract users who share a common interest and who want to exchange ideas with other users on particular topics. But in all your Facebook marketing, you will hardly ever find that all users take part in a discussion or comment on a topic. Many of them prefer to read it silently or to share a post and then discuss it in private with their friends.

But companies and freelancers who run fan pages are especially dependent on interactions like comments, because Facebook no longer gives them the same weight as private accounts. If you already feel this in your Facebook marketing because your followers are falling in number or are only make comments and give likes sporadically, you urgently need to counteract this. In such cases, we provide a form of first aid by enabling you to buy country-specific Facebook comments. But you will of course need to do more than this to keep your Facebook marketing productive. In particular, you should advise your followers to activate the "Subscribe" or "Follow" notifications and, if possible, to also click on "Show first". This is how they configure their settings in such a way that they will continue to see your posts in their news feeds.

You need to work on your page's content and your communication tirelessly to ensure that your users implement your advice and continue to follow your site. This does not require you to market on Facebook for 24 hours a day every day, but there should be regular times when you can always respond directly to comments, questions or suggestions.

Understanding how people communicate

Facebook is one of the social media that all age groups use heavily. It is notable that they comment in completely different ways, and you have to take account of this in your Facebook marketing. Summarising this in a somewhat clichéd way:

  • Young people usually comment briefly or mark friends so that they read a post, which they then discuss in a group chat.
  • Middle-aged people tend to give opinions, discuss, comment in detail, cite sources and suggest theses./li>
  • Older people are more likely to contribute their personal wealth of experience. Their posts are usually more formal and are often not really noticed in the comment columns.

There are variations in all age groups, of course; we are only talking about a cross-section that often emerges in the comments.

Every type of behaviour has advantages and disadvantages, and we are pointing this out to you so that you consider how you want to deal with it in your Facebook marketing. If you have not experienced this yet because comments on your page are rare, maybe this happens because you have not yet found the right way to address your audience. Fix this in the short term by buying Facebook comments and at the same time try to get to know your community better and experiment with different topics and presentations.

However, it is also important not to put on an act or for your content to seem too forced. You have to speak with your own voice – even that will not always sound the same, however, but will adapt to the situation. If you buy country-specific Facebook comments, you can also specify their content and therefore integrate them perfectly into your moderation. However, it is also important not to put on an act or for your content to seem too forced. You have to speak with your own voice – even that will not always sound the same, however, but will adapt to the situation. If you buy country-specific Facebook comments, you can also specify their content and therefore integrate them perfectly into your moderation.

Get away from moaners and listen to your critics

Eternal moaners are a fan page operator's biggest nightmare. But we can reassure you that they are more common where there are political issues, and especially the work of the federal government or a state government, to criticise. Freelancers and SMEs rarely come across moaners when they are marketing on Facebook. The situation is of course different with criticism and differing opinions. You have to accept these if you want to address a large number of followers with your Facebook marketing. After all, if you had a retail shop, you would admit everyone, not just those who agree with you on everything and find everything you do and offer superb.

So as long as criticism is expressed in an appropriate manner, you should see it as an opportunity to learn what you can improve. After all, you also use Facebook marketing to get in contact with your customers and fans. Turn the conversation around by asking what the person making the comment would like better or would like in the future, for example. And do not be afraid of emotions: even anger, annoyance and sadness will subside again. If this is not the case and your community does not help you either, it is a good idea to buy Facebook comments to de-escalate the situation.

But, as we said, the general rule is that people will subscribe to your page because they are interested in you or your topic. If you deal openly and communicatively with your followers and subscribers, Facebook marketing will generally give you pleasure.