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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Reward and visibility for the best followers in the world: Facebook comment likes

Facebook comments are sometimes better and sometimes worse than your reputation. In any case, they are indispensable when marketing on Facebook. Because it is only by interacting and commenting that your fan page's followers can get an audience for their own ideas, wishes, beliefs and expectations. And it is only through social interaction that you can get to know your followers and subscribers better. You should be happy if you have a lively community that comments and reviews a lot, even if you occasionally receive a few less friendly comments.

Instead of getting annoyed by such comments, you should consider how you want to deal with comments generally. As the administrator, you have full authority on your fan page and can simply delete unwanted comments. However, this may well be seen as censorship, so we recommend that you use deletion as a last resort. In any case, it is better not to encourage negative commentators by paying too much attention to their comments, and instead to reward and highlight positive comments.

A form of reward occurs in social media when someone receives a lot of likes. However, since you can yourself only give one like per comment and cannot influence how other followers react, you should add an optimal strategy to your existing procedures: buying Facebook comment likes. If it is about comments in a single language, you should be careful to buy country-specific Facebook comment likes. You can buy Facebook comment likes online directly from us in economical packages. If you let us know which comments you want us to apply these likes to, you will give a wonderful treat to your very friendly and loyal followers: they will feel that many other Facebook followers have appreciated their comments and therefore given them likes.

What are the benefits of comments for marketing on Facebook?

Do comments really have to be rewarded? Are there no ways apart from comments to get a good ranking and high reach in Facebook marketing? Yes, of course there are other ways. But comments are one of the most important, because they show much higher engagement than likes do. Receiving a comment means that:

  • the user considers the relevant topic to be important and thereby confirms that you select good topics, and
  • they are taking the trouble to respond to the topic because they want to add something or praise your courage for bringing it up, and so on.

And that is exactly the information you need, in addition to the comments' evaluation of your fan page, to enhance your Facebook marketing. If you reward such behaviour by buying country-specific Facebook comment likes, other followers will also see that a comment can receive a lot of likes. This usually leads to further reactions, in which followers for example:

  • also give a comment a like,
  • agree or disagree with the comment in a statement of their own, or
  • themselves comment on your next post.

The simple strategy of buying Facebook comment likes will enable you to experience a lot of interaction on your fan page. This will in turn have a positive effect on your reach and is likely to attract followers to your fan page. If any of the comments adds to your post, that is an opportunity for you to learn more about your followers or the topic that your post is about.

Growing in response to comments and your reaction to them

An often-heard piece of advice for Facebook marketing, which we agree with, is that you should put the interests of your target market at the forefront rather than the interests of your company or your business proposition. Ideally, you will find a way to combine both. Although you should keep a close eye on your target market, you should also give yourself a chance to grow with and in response to your Facebook marketing. And by "growing", we do not just mean quantitative growth. We specifically also mean your personal and professional or entrepreneurial progress.

Comments will help you interact with people you want to understand. How do you react to them? How do you handle praise and blame, or empathy and anger? Can you take advice or admit a mistake? Are you interested in your target market's stories, and do you listen to them closely?

You may think it is strange for us to associate this kind of personal growth with your Facebook. marketing. Since our roots as a social media marketing agency lie in the USA, however, we often note that many fan page administrators deserve praise for trying tirelessly to do everything that social media experts have recommended to them. And yet we get the impression that they are just doing what they know they have to rather than operate the page with passion in their heart. Facebook comment likes will not help you to discover this passion in yourself. But a thorough analysis of how you react to comments will lay the foundation for this. Just try it out one day and see what comments you find so helpful or instructive that you would like to give them a few dozen likes.

Reward good comments rather than bad ones to get more visibility

Although Facebook is full of disrespectful comments, you should pay due respect to followers who take the trouble to comment on your posts. Of course, you do not have to respond to insults or diatribes and can also delete them in accordance with your netiquette policy. However, when marketing on Facebook, always keep an eye out for those who comment constructively. You will not understand all of the comments immediately. Some people struggle to express themselves in writing, while others are so entangled in their own thought processes that they do not notice that others can no longer follow what they are saying. Then use a concept that is far too seldom applied on Facebook: sometimes just ask what or how something was meant.

If Facebook's comment columns quickly turn into battlefields, it is because everyone wants to express an opinion but nobody wants to understand and listen. Try to be the exception. Instead of trying to refute a follower's comment, try to help them express their idea better. It is only at this point that a conversation starts to become at all fruitful.

If you moderate the discussion in this way, you will certainly be able to encourage more of your followers to get involved. Reward their behaviour and comments by purchasing targeted Facebook comment likes. And rob negative and outrageous comments of their power by buying Facebook comment likes. Once such users see that they have no chance to get attention on your page by ranting, they will leave with their tail between their legs. And you and your very special way of marketing on Facebook will have achieved a complete victory.