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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Offsetting fluctuations in Facebook marketing with Facebook auto likes

The fact that you can "like" something is now of course part of the everyday vocabulary for anyone who is familiar with social media. Most of the time we think of a thumb pointing upwards, just as the inventors of the Facebook like designed it. A like can have very different meanings, ranging from "Noted" to "Excellent".

There are two reasons why you should encourage your followers and subscribers to give Facebook likes from time to time, as they constitute an indispensable interaction with your Facebook marketing. On the one hand, likes or an absence of likes will give you feedback on how your posts are being received. On the other hand, likes increase your reach on Facebook. Friends will see what others are sharing or liking. And Facebook's algorithm (EdgeRank) values a page that receives many likes or post likes more highly than pages that do not.

If your (publicly visible) fan page or profile do not currently have many likes, it may be worth buying Facebook likes. You will not get feedback this way but you will increase awareness of your page, because a high amount of likes will be perceived as a positive signal. If you operate your Facebook marketing on a country-by-country basis, we also recommend that you buy targeted Facebook likes. You can buy country-specific Facebook likes from us as many times as you wish. If you want a more frequent or regular allocation of likes for your posts, we also offer you the option that you buy targeted Facebook auto likes, which we will then distribute in the number you want among your posts.

Securing and expanding your stock of Facebook likes

You should buy Facebook auto likes to ensure that you always have a basic stock of incoming likes for your Facebook marketing. This way, you can compensate for fluctuations in the number of likes that occur from time to time, e.g. because:

  • you posted at a bad time of day,
  • other topics are dominating the social media, making it hard to get any attention at all,
  • you work on niche topics which are never going to get many likes, or
  • your post is not up to its usual quality or in its usual form.

The strategy of buying Facebook likes will also help people who find themselves being confronted with so-called trolls, or even haters, when they use Facebook for their marketing. You can simply neutralise them by showing how many positive reactions your posts are receiving. However, if you frequently include surveys, opinion polls or other polls in your marketing on Facebook, you should ensure that buying Facebook auto likes does not distort them. So ask your users to vote by writing a Yes or No in their comments or by using one of the emojis that Facebook has put next to the like symbol.

By the way, Facebook polls are another excellent way to raise interest in your posts and your fan page. If you have a feel for the right questions, you can find out more about your followers and why some posts are very well received while others go unnoticed. This goes to show that it is not enough to just buy targeted Facebook likes, and that you should always enter into direct dialogue with your subscribers as part of your Facebook marketing.

The economic importance of Facebook likes

Marketing on Facebook is all about conveying your presence to your followers. Whether an artist, freelancer or company owner is personally present or delegates their marketing will, of course, depend on the number of their followers and on how well-known they are. Followers of big brands' fan pages of course know that it is not the CEO who is personally writing the posts. But that is not what marketing on Facebook is about. You should instead do the same as Facebook and other social media: they provide a platform on which followers can network with each other as a community.

Likes, which you receive from real followers in response to your posts, will ensure that your fan page has reach. They will also provide a precious means for you to get to know your fans and subscribers better. Studies have shown that a two-digit number of total likes is already enough to reveal a user’s personality. If users give between 100 and 200 likes, the algorithm will know them better than they know themselves. While you could be sceptical of such studies, the results of the algorithm's forecasts are highly informative, at least for Facebook marketing, as they will help you to understand your followers even better and to optimise your posts and activities accordingly.

If you buy Facebook auto likes, you must of course take this into account for your Facebook marketing, especially when evaluating user feedback through likes. Although these likes come from real, registered accounts, they do not contain any personal evaluation. But since you know how many Facebook likes you bought, you can clean your Facebook marketing statistics by simply subtracting the bought ones.

Increasing quantity, and working with quality

If you have already engaged in fairly intensive Facebook marketing, you will know that likes are part of the price you pay Facebook to use the platform for free. It is usually less important for you to achieve record numbers of likes in your personal Facebook marketing. What counts is the quality of your subscribers and what you make of them. So give the algorithm what it requires by buying country-specific Facebook auto likes, and at the same time focus on who your real fans are and how you can reach them best. Do not just concentrate on generating a lot of likes, e.g. by posting pictures of cats. Instead, try to refine your profile by designing it to suit your business, art or service.

However, there are also groups for which the numbers of followers and likes are very important. These include influencers, for example, who need high reach for their Facebook marketing. And the number of likes also plays a role if you want to win new subscribers, since on the internet a tendency can be observed for people to flock like sheep. In the long run, however, you must free yourself of all the additional options like buying country-specific Facebook auto likes. Because something is fundamentally wrong if you have spent years (and you should reckon on two to three years to build up your Facebook marketing) and your posts have not yet succeeded in exciting many subscribers. It may just be that you have bet on the wrong platform and that it would be much better for you to market your business proposition on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.