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Facebook is by far the largest social media platform in the world and is therefore also the most important platform to reach fans and customers. 

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Our Facebook Services

Page Likes

Increase your awareness and reach in long term by buying targeted Facebook page likes.

Post Likes

By buying targeted Facebook post likes for your posts, more people will become aware of you.


Get even more attention to your posts by buying Facebook shares.


Buy targeted Facebook comments to show activity among your posts.

Auto Likes

Our auto like service will automatically deliver the desired likes on all your posts within 30 days.


Improve the ranking and credibility of your Facebook page by buying targeted Facebook reviews.

Video Views

To maximize the reach of your videos, we offer Facebook video views for purchase.


Buy Facebook subscribers to increase the reach of your private Facebook profile.


If you buy Facebook friends for your private Facebook profile, this will also increase the likes on your future posts.

Event participations

Make your party or event big by buying participants and interested people and improve your Facebook ranking.

Comments Likes

You can buy Facebook comment likes so that as many people as possible can read your comment.

Emoticon Likes

Don't forget to buy Facebook emojis for your posts, for a credible first impression.

Website Shares

Our Facebook website shares improves the ranking of your website on Google and Co.

Website Likes

Our Facebook website likes improve the ranking of your website on Google and Co.

Live Viewers

Increase the reach of your Facebook live videos by providing live viewers for them.

The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the relevant target group in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy can you win new customers so purposefully.

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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world.
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Instagram inspires its users with photos, stories and more.
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Send a message to the world with a maximum of 280 characters.
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Is the most popular and largest video platform in the world.
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Offers musicians a platform to reach people.
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Spotify is one of the largest music streaming services in the world.
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Connects companies and individuals worldwide.
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Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform.
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The app TikTok is well known and popular among teenagers.
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A music platform that connects musicians and fans.
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Music, podcasts and radio plays are provided by Deezer.
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Positive reviews create trust on the Internet!
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Social Media

A still relatively unknown strategy in online marketing is to build up relevant target groups through the targeted purchase of precisely fitting fans, followers and "Like" ratings on appropriate platforms. Our company, LikeService24, is one of the leading companies in this market segment. We already offer our customers more than one hundred social media services on more than 30+ different platforms. Facebook has connected billions of people around the world to share ideas, be inspired, be encouraged and many other topics in our world today.

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Facebook Fanpage Likes

Entrepreneurs, artists or service providers like to use fanpages on Facebook to draw the attention of their own target group to their offer. The more Facebook Fanpage Likes they win for it, the better it is for their own reach.

What seems easy and inexpensive, however, has a catch: Because of the large number of existing Facebook fan pages, it is initially difficult to attract fans. Many administrators can sing a song about how much effort was needed to get a relevant number of Facebook Fanpage Likes.

So, for your social media strategy, it's best to take advantage of an open secret that says: existing likes lead to new likes. The reasons lie in human nature. If a small group of onlookers has already arrived somewhere, other people will also remain curious. If your site is still under construction or if you have recently experienced a statistical slump in your favorites, we recommend that you buy Facebook Fanpage Likes in order to take advantage of this effect.

So that the Likes fit perfectly to an English-speaking Facebook Fanpage, we offer you the Likes of English Facebook users for the construction of your side to favorable package prices, which are immediately available to you after the order.

Facebook Post Likes

High-quality photos, entertaining videos, informative graphics - you've already tried everything, but the number of Facebook Post Likes just won't continue to rise? Maybe it's even falling because Facebook deletes inactive accounts or makes changes to the algorithm?

Then it is urgently necessary to stop the shrinkage immediately and to precisely isolate the cause. Because only the likes of existing users will increase your reach. Failure to do so points to a lack of interest - and carries the risk of losing more likes and fans.

One measure to keep or increase the Facebook Post of Likes constant even in difficult phases is to buy Facebook Likes. If you run an English Facebook page, you should make sure that they are also English Facebook users who continuously give you Likes. As an experienced social media marketing agency, we can provide you with the right packages of English Facebook Post Likes. Secure, inexpensive and immediately available on order.

Facebook Post Shares

Getting many Facebook Likes is important because Likes indicate how relevant your posts are. It is even better if your posts also find the so-called Facebook Post Shares, if they are shared a lot and with pleasure.

While sharing was in the foreground in the early days of social media, today more and more users are coming in who tend to behave passively.

Therefore, one of the basics of social media marketing is that you convince fans and followers to share your Posts. For this behavior to be memorized, it is essential that it is reminded to the users again and again. The easiest way to do this is to buy Facebook Post Shares, which has the further positive effect of significantly increasing the reach of your page.

If you run an English-speaking company and an English-speaking Facebook page, we recommend that you buy shares from English users. On our website you will find the matching package offers. Secure, inexpensive and immediately available after ordering.

Facebook Comments

Many Facebook pages have a high number of users, but the interaction is often so low that they still receive little attention. Interaction happens whenever a Facebook user gives you a Like, shares your page, or adds comments to Facebook. It's the comments that bring an account or fan page to life and encourage new users to subscribe to your site.

To get users to comment, end your posts with short, clear questions that make it easy to make a statement. But keep in mind that many Facebook users fear an empty comment column. They behave passively until someone else has posted the first Facebook comment on your post.

You take advantage of the psychological moment behind this for your social media strategy by buying Facebook comments. Once these comments are received, even cautious users will be happy to participate in the discussion. To ensure that the comments you receive are in English, we've put together some great value packages for you to order online immediately.

Facebook Auto Post Likes

Social media professionals know: Despite an excellent strategy, it can happen that high-quality Posts on Facebook are not noticed. This is not a broken leg if it happens sporadically. But it can quickly become a disaster if it leads to your Facebook fan page losing subscribers.

To ensure that the worst-case scenario never occurs, keep the number of fans and interactions at a high level as continuously as possible. We are happy to support you in this by providing you with Facebook Auto Post Likes, which you can order online directly from us.

Facebook Auto post Likes are paid for one month at a time. You indicate how many interactions per post are desired, i.e. whether you want 10, 100 or 1000 Likes per post. The advantage: You save time and effort to order Facebook Likes individually. And still automatically receive the desired number of Likes for an unlimited number of posts, which you publish in the desired period.

Buying Facebook Auto postings is an important social media marketing measure practiced by many successful site operators. Just make sure that the number of ordered Likes is in proportion to the number of your subscribers and fans.

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Facebook Reviews

On Facebook, companies and organizations could have their products or services rated according to points. These Facebook reviews take place in two steps: First, by selecting the Yes or No option, users decide whether they want to make a recommendation (yes) or suggestions for improvement (no). They then write a comment and choose who should see it.

The Facebook algorithm calculates a point value for the page from the number of reviews submitted and their type. The more positive reviews you have, the better.

But there are two problems: Positive experiences are often taken for granted, negative ones lead to a spontaneous devaluation. And: The point value of a page only appears when a minimum number of recommendations has been received. A missing score shows that the company either doesn't allow Facebook reviews or doesn't have a enough recommendations yet.

This is particularly annoying if you have already received recommendations, but not in enough numbers. You can easily fix this problem by buying Facebook reviews. This is crucial for your credibility as an English company - from English users. We would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made package for your Facebook page.

Facebook subscribers/followers

If a user of your Facebook page clicks on the "Subscribe" button, they will be shown your posts in the future, but will remain in the background as a fan. In order to increase the reach of your site, it may therefore be useful to consider how you can win subscribers to become official followers of your site.

One way is to invite subscribers who have enjoyed one of your posts to tag the site with "like". However, this feature is sometimes restricted on Facebook. In addition, you would have to constantly control who interacts with your posts and react accordingly quickly.

An easier way to generate more Facebook subscribers/followers is to buy them. Because by buying Facebook subscribers/followers, your Facebook page gains instant attention and reach. However, the more users your page is displayed to, the higher the chance of winning real prospects.

In fact, you don't buy your Facebook subscribers/followers from us to pretend high user numbers, but to be able to reach such numbers at all. We are happy to offer you the right package for this online.

Facebook friends

Are you a freelancer, artist or particularly socially/politically committed? Then perhaps you are one of those people who find it too costly to set up a fan page or a company page in addition to their own Facebook profile. If you still want to reach more people with your profile than before, there is an easy-to-use marketing strategy: simply buy a certain number of Facebook friends.

Buying Facebook friends doesn't mean you have an organic increase in friends who have always been interested in your art or the content you move. But the purchase opens new options for you. Because the more friends you have on Facebook, the greater the reach for publicly shared content.

One reason for this is that users with many friends are particularly trustworthy. On the other hand, you are more interesting for people who look at your profile if you already have 1,000 friends than if there are only 10.

Buying Facebook friends is therefore a small investment to reach more people on the social network. You can complain about this, but unfortunately it won't change the algorithm itself. Online we offer you the possibility to increase the reach of your private account by buying friends easily and legally.

Facebook Event Participation

Festival, exhibition opening, open day or specialist congress - for public events today participants are also recruited via the social media. The Facebook Event Participation feature allows you to invite people to events you create or share.

The only problem with Facebook Event Attendance is that no one is forced to publicly announce their attendance. So, it can happen that your event is almost sold out, but only a few participants are shown publicly.

If the official promises are slow to come in, this can usually be changed by buying Facebook event participations. You don't buy participants, but only their publicly visible promises. But as we all know, one iron law of the market is that only the scarcity of an offer creates incentives to buy.

The public expression of interest in your event has a further advantage: the number of expressions of interest remains visible, even if the event is long over. The purchase of Facebook event participations not only increases the chance of winning real participants, it also sheds a lasting light on your events. We are happy to offer you the right package to buy online.

Facebook Comment Likes

If comments pile up under a post, Facebook users can apply a sort rule. If you choose the "Most relevant first" setting, comments from friends and comments with the most likes will be displayed first.

For topics that attract a lot of attention, it is therefore only the relevant posts that have the chance to receive additional Facebook Comment Likes for days. Unfortunately, this also means that even if you make a Post, however clever or humorous, as soon as it appears under "Run far", it will only be seen sporadically.

The purchase of Facebook Comment Likes can help, and you can distribute them among any comments you post. English users will then post to your comments making it to the top and being seen by everyone interested in the topic.

If you comment on a topic that interests you most, there is a good chance that users will take a closer look at your profile or page and subscribe to it if they like it. You can order the Facebook Comment Likes from English users directly through our website.

Facebook Reaction Likes

A laughing or crying smiley weighs more than a simple like, a little heart trumps them all: Which Facebook Reaction Likes you receive determines how the Facebook algorithm rates your posts.

And users also know how to interpret it when laughing, crying or angry emojis and hearts rendezvous under your post next to blue thumbs. Because the reactions visualize that the Post is particularly worth reading, because you are obviously able to appeal to the minds and to move reactions.

Facebook Reaction Likes create the conditions for your posts to have a high reach. They also indicate that people are intensively involved. A reaction that cannot be taken for granted in the fast-moving news feeds of social media.

The crux of the matter is that many people post excellent articles but have followers who don't use Facebook Reaction Likes. If your followers are one of them, don't miss out on the chance of attracting more attention. On our website, you simply buy the right package and could distribute the appropriate reactions to the contributions you post.

Facebook Website Likes

Social media have become an integral part of comprehensive online marketing. Nevertheless, it is important not to rely solely on media over which one ultimately has no control. Ideally, your own website or blog should always be the focus of marketing.

The good thing about it is that you can link the website to your Facebook account and add one or more "like me" buttons. If users then browse through your online assortment or read through your blog posts and come across products or content that inspire them, they can rate them positively with Facebook Website Likes.

Since Facebook itself has an interest in evaluating Facebook Website Likes, the small buttons on the big web pages are always viewed skeptically. In order to gain the trust of your website visitors, it is therefore an advantage if you make it clear to them that you have already won a lot of followers via the Facebook box.

So be sure to show the number of websites likes you've already received - and simply buy Facebook website likes to increase your reach and reputation. We'll be happy to put together the right packages for you online.

Facebook Website Shares

In addition to the "like me" button, you can integrate a "share" button for the Facebook network on your own website. This corresponds to the functions of likening and sharing on Facebook itself. A Like is a short moment of attention or brings you a new subscriber. A share leads to the fact that the user shares the Post with others and optionally also comments enthusiastically.

Such Facebook website shares are often used, for example, if a user has found an exclusive holiday home or another attractively illustrated offer on your website. But informative blogs with outstanding graphics also benefit from Facebook website shares.

However, experience shows that many users are more cautious with shares than with likes. Therefore, it is important to encourage website visitors to share. This already happens when they see that posts have been shared by many visitors before them. The purchase of Facebook website shares, as you can easily do online with us, supports the willingness of your visitors to share your content with others, as the number of displayed shares increases noticeably.

Facebook Video Views

Exciting, educational or entertaining videos are shared on Facebook. However, unlike video channel visitors, average Facebook users are rarely prepared to watch multiple videos one after the other. If you want to embed videos into your social media marketing, you should look at how users make decisions, what they watch and what they don't watch.

Basically, the still image you use to showcase your videos on Facebook must arouse curiosity or enthusiasm. A short, concise accompanying text provides important information about the content and raises an exciting question.

You can see how often a video has been viewed in public posts directly below the post. And this figure is also important for your success. Because the more users have already viewed a video, the more will follow.

But what if the number of Facebook video views is initially too low? A simple solution is to buy Facebook video views. This means that the number of video views displayed is increasing significantly and so is the interest of users who wonder why so many people before them watched the video. You can buy Facebook video views conveniently online from us. Take the chance to let your videos go viral with all means of marketing art.

Facebook Live viewer

Facebook Live Videos is a feature that meets the need of the young generation for virtual sociability. Young people enjoy watching videos together, even if they are in different places. As Facebook Live viewers, they have the best opportunity to do so.

If you integrate videos into the social media marketing of your fan page, all live videos to which you invite will be broadcast publicly. And that's exactly where many an administrator's concerns come from. What happens if nobody or very few users come to the live broadcast? Doesn't that make you ridiculous?

If you watch live broadcasts from major news channels, you'll soon see how you can work around this problem. You will notice that many broadcasts start with a minimum of Facebook Live viewers. But as soon as you exceed a certain point, the number of viewers increases by leaps and bounds.

The crucial point to reach can be achieved for your live videos by buying Facebook Live viewers. The more exciting your theme is and the better you interact with your viewers, the greater the chance that new viewers will constantly be added during the broadcast. We will be happy to provide you with free packages for your Facebook Live Videos.