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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

VK post Likes

If you are already active on VKontakte (VK), you will be familiar with the problem: Your regularly post exciting content, but the number of VK post likes does not reasonably reflect the amount of effort you put. Many companies find this frustrating and ask themselves:

What contribution do likes actually make to our posts on social media for us as a company? Does it deliver anything if we are active on VK and receive lots of likes for the posts that we make there?

Do we really acquire new customers in the long run, or at least those who will sooner or later convert into leads? So, is it really be a sensible strategy to buy VK post likes?

This question is more than justified, given the investment in time, money and effort required to be successful on social media. After all, you can only spend each penny you invest in your VK marketing once. If your efforts turn out to be useless, you've burned a lot of cash, wasted your time or that of your employees and your high-quality content goes up in smoke without any response.

However, an experiment that experts on the Internet have followed with interest especially shows how important VK post likes are to your VK marketing strategy – even if it was tested on another network, namely Twitter. We are talking about what is referred as the Demetricator here. The Demetricator is an add-on that can be integrated into your browser. Once installed, all the numerical values that would otherwise be displayed for an account or a post can be hidden.

The effect? No one knows how many likes a post receives, how many followers a company or person has and how many times a post has been shared. In other words, everyone has to form their own picture of whether and what they like and who they want to follow.

This fascinating experiment shows one thing above all: how dependent we all are on the opinions and the role models that others present as users of social media. After all, most Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even VK followers love to follow those posts, groups or companies that have already achieved a lot of VK post likes.

That does not have to be rated negatively. People are social beings, and as loners we have no chance of survival. But when transferred to VKontakte it also shows that only those who have lots of VK followers and lots of VK post likes succeed in attracting the attention of the growing community. And only those who succeed in steadily increasing their numbers will achieve success on VK and acquire new customers for their company.

VK post likes take on a simple form, but they are not easy to obtain. If hearts appear as a number underneath your post, you can see how many people are taking positive notice of them. Only in VK groups is this feature supplemented by the ability to view the number of views.

However, not only can you see if and how often your posts receive hearts, but also your followers and subscribers. If we take into account the fact that these people react very strongly to posts which many other people have already interacted with, it becomes clear once again: you need to get as many likes for your posts as possible to achieve success with your VK marketing. Only then is it worth the effort you spend on your social media marketing.

Sounds a bit unfair, right? We say this, because while you go to great lengths to upload valuable content and fail to reach appropriate numbers, a celebrity can post a meaningless statement and gets rewarded with hundreds or thousands of likes. You do not have to like this - but you do need to know it to understand why VK post likes are so important.

As an experienced social media marketing agency, we closely monitor the networks and everything that happens there. We know the trends and tricks that influencers, celebrities and also many successful companies use to their advantage. And we have also made it our mission to make these as accessible as possible to inexperienced users or companies with a narrower marketing budget. This is why one of our services involves you being able to buy VK post likes from us and have them distributed across your posts on VK.

Buying these likes means that you decide in favour of one of our packages which you can then order online directly. We then activate the corresponding number from our pool of registered VK users. In this way we make sure that you actually get the desired number of users who like your posts.

So, let's recap: your commitment to VK and your investment in VK marketing allows you to enter a community of more than 400 million members worldwide which appear in the top ten in the rankings on Alexa. However, that only pays off if you master the tools and strategies needed to achieve success on social media.

At the forefront of this is a balance between quality and quantity. Do not solely rely on buying likes for VK pots, but instead make sure you stay on the ball and continue to publish clever, exciting, informative, entertaining or thought-provoking posts. Interact with your followers and make them part of your corporate culture. Safeguard the quality of your account and your VK marketing in this way.

To increase quantity, however, you also need to include marketing methods you have never previously thought of. These include buying VK post likes to take advantage of the most important insights from marketing research. One of them is that people follow people. And people are guided by what other people do, prefer and like.

We will be more than happy to help you implement your VK marketing strategy that you derive from this by providing you with the right packages for likes on VK. Within a few hours, you can already increase the number of likes on VK, only this time, with likes from real and verified VK accounts.