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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

VK Followers

You do not have to be a Russian speaker to successfully use the VK network for marketing. That's because the platform which has become known as (literally: WeKontakte) has long since given up its former ties to the Russian-speaking territory and, like all major networks, is now at home in the entire digital universe.

Somehow homeless, but still well networked, are also the many followers on VK. Over 400 million accounts have already been registered, and the number is rising. And because the owners of these accounts are spread all over the world, VK has not just changed its domain to .com, but now offers the app, accessible over VK, in 30 languages, including German and English.

So it's high time to take a close look at a network whose users are considered to be highly active and inquisitive. There is also less aversity to advertising on VK than on other social media, which has led to smart VK marketing already achieving conversion rates of 30% to 40% for some companies.

However, conversions can only take place there where people follow your account with enthusiasm. Which means you need a lot of followers to successfully market on VK. This is because even though the algorithm on VK cannot compare on a 1:1 basis with that of Facebook, all social networks have one thing in common: they love people who are followed by lots of people. This means that anyone who has reached a minimum number of followers can look forward to being strongly promoted on VK because this is what the algorithm favours.

For that reason, buying VK followers is a great way to drive your VK marketing. What is also important, however, is that they are real followers, i.e. people who are registered on VK and correspond to the average VK follower.

Typical VK followers include people who are younger than 35. And although messages continually circulate that VK is abused for political purposes, this does not apply to the majority of users. They tend to disregard the political debate and are more interested in fashion, shoes, travel, music and videos.

VK accommodates these interests by making it much easier to find and use audio and video files compared to Facebook, which is why it is mainly so popular with young people. For businesses, VK also offers you the chance to set up your own store, circumventing the need to have to redirect followers to your own website who you want to encourage to buy your products.

Which brings us back to the followers – and the question of how you can win them over in large numbers to increase your ranking and reach on VK. Of particular importance in this context are groups on VK. This is because, as we mentioned in the beginning, many people use VK to stay in contact with their homeland, or who want to make new contacts in the places where they are now. Groups that are subdivided thematically and according to special interests form an important basis for this.

So once you have created your profile on VK and generated your first followers from a circle of friends and relatives, it is worth taking an initial look at groups whose main topics relate to your offering. VK offers an integrated search function for this. Use this to make specific searches for keywords that relate to you, instead of arbitrarily signing on to any groups, because, despite its openness to advertising, VK users do not want to be spammed, but want to see offerings that interest them.

Basically, you should be discreet in your attempts to acquire new followers. Do not be like a bull at the gate by blurting out, "Hey guys, here I am and I have a great deal for you" when you enter a virtual room. Instead, be a pleasant, friendly, helpful member of the VK community. Introduce exciting or entertaining content, like others people's posts and share comments.

Focus on the topics that are relevant to you, then you will catch the eye of the right followers and they will discover that you also have an interesting offer to bring to the table "as if on their own".

However, this is often a long and tiring route to take. In other words, which entrepreneur has enough time to spend several hours a day on social networks? What is more, not only network operators, but followers themselves are particularly interested in people or fan pages that are already being followed by a large number of people.

To make your VK marketing faster, easier and more efficient, we therefore advise buying VK followers. As a professional agency for social media marketing, we have deliberately included this in our portfolio as a service. We have done so because it has already helped many companies and influencers quickly achieve success. All the more urgent it seems to us, therefore, that we finally make this popular strategy in the USA and in Russia accessible to German enterprises as well.

Buying VK followers has several beneficial effects. It leads to:

  • You increasing your ranking and reach enormously, so that your profile or fan page will be shown to more VK users. Users discovering that you already have a large number of people who follow and trust you – which motivates them to follow suit. • People who are interested in your offer or topics expecting to find like-minded people on your page – which is one of the main concerns of VK users. • Your company becoming known to a huge community which is not just limited to German-speaking countries.

Buying VK followers is also a cost-effective and easy way to drive your VK marketing. Simply order your preferred package size of verified VK members online. You can use this service once at the start to give your business a kick-start on VK. Or buy VK followers on a regular basis.

Once bought, followers increase your reach and prominence on VK. What we cannot do and do not promise therefore is for them to interact with your account or other users. However, you do initially achieve your basic goal of getting lots of VK followers first by making a purchase.

The rest is all work, unfortunately, which is something that even buying followers cannot save you from. It is the time you spend increasing your number of followers and the content you upload to inspire others that helps you achieve success.

But, as you already know, social media marketing does not take place on its own. If your target audience is present on VK and/or you want to enter new markets, we can certain recommend VK marketing and following a strategy of buying VK followers.