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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Vimeo Video Aufrufe

When something is offered free on the net, it usually like a tasting, like the ones you get offered for snacks in the supermarket. You try the tit-bit, like the taste and want more – and the next time you go shopping you buy and pay for it.

A nibble strategy like this, but of a more sophisticated kind, is also operated by the Video host Vimeo. Created in 2004 as a network for video producers and fans, Vimeo continues to offer sophisticated video content which is meant to be clearly different from the format that YouTube offers.

Amateur producers are hard to find on Vimeo, especially those from the creative industry, and those who want to reach them use Vimeo marketing to increase their visibility. Videos on Vimeo are mainly viewed by users who want to watch high-quality, ad-free videos.

Vimeo offers both groups the opportunity to set up a free Basic account. This is advantageous if you want to test the portal first and then decide whether it is worthwhile to build a Vimeo marketing presence.

If the decision made is a positive one, advancing will hardly be possible without upgrading to a paid version. This is because the Basic account limits you more in re ways than just heavily restricting uploads. Free uploads may also be delayed significantly if there is not enough capacity available, because too many paid uploads are waiting to be converted. Free account holders also have to accept Vimeo banner advertising on their page.

Besides the Basic account, Vimeo marketing also offers Plus, Pro, Business and Premium payment options, all at a monthly subscription rate that increases in proportion to the functions and features provided. Anyone who just sticks to the Basic version will ultimately have a depressing experience therefore: It is hardly possible to get the same number of hits or views if you do not choose one of the payment options.

The Basic version simply lacks everything that benefits your competitors: native advertising, interaction cards, unlimited live streaming, and above all, the ability to position yourself so that there are lots of views, likes and attention from followers. But, without social interaction, any presence on social media and hence Vimeo marketing is also useless.

This simple, but all the more important insight, does not just apply to basic accounts, of course. Even a paid for account only pays off if you achieve lots of interaction with Vimeo followers. After all, you will only sell on Vimeo if you succeed in getting a lot of likes and present and position yourself in an attractive way by doing so. But where there's a problem there's also a solution. In this case the solution is to buy Vimeo views to accelerate your entire marketing and sales process.

Buying Vimeo views does not mean that you are making a new subscription. Exactly the opposite is true, in fact. You decide for yourself whether to want to buy Vimeo views once or if you want to use the strategy repeatedly. This is because you do not buy the views from the video host itself, but from us, as your cooperation partner for Vimeo marketing.

As an experienced marketing agency, we know how important it is to use video for corporate marketing today. Both for representative purposes as well as for communicating with customers, clients and sponsors. And for search engine optimisation as well, of course, to increase the length of time visitors stay on your blog, website or Vimeo account.

So, whether you decide to opt for a Basic or Premium account on Vimeo – the important thing is the interactions you achieve there. This is because every user who clicks through the mass of videos on Vimeo pays attention to the number of likes and views. Anyone who manages to score highly here with lots of likes and views will arouse the interest of those who are still looking for exciting content. So, buying Vimeo views improves your chances of getting your videos viewed spontaneously.

The next step in your Vimeo marketing then consists of not just generating spontaneous views, but attracting Vimeo users as subscribers or buyers. Vimeo offers two models for this: Vimeo OTT and Vimeo on Demand.

The abbreviation OTT stands for the over-the-top technology, which makes it possible to stream or download videos over the Internet. By using OTT, you can generate subscribers on Vimeo for your own video channel.

Vimeo also supports paid accounts with a branding app or the provision of video material over TV platforms.

"Video on demand" is spoken of when the video is only delivered on request. No subscription is required for this. The user decides whether he wants to borrow or own the video and pays the respective fee just once.

Regardless of which technology or process you use, Vimeo marketing will only pay off for you if you achieve sales and generate paid user accounts. But those familiar with the agony of choice when staring at a home computer or smart phone screen and having to filter a mass of products on offer will also know that nobody ever scrolls or clicks through thousands of trailers and stills.

They choose the first that catches their eye and appeals to them. And those, of course, that have already received lots of positive votes in the form of likes and views. This is why we recommend not relying on the whim of fate. Use your knowledge and take advantage of the opportunity to buy Vimeo views by simply ordering them online.

Why this strategy is so important, especially on Vimeo, results from how the community itself is made up. Most of the Vimeo community is well-versed in the film and video industry or is even a part of it. The great advantage of this is that the reviews you receive are sound and every like, view and follower lends much greater weight to your professional expertise than is the case on platforms like YouTube.

But the risk also exists that you will stumble into a filter bubble. This is because, if too many members want the same thing, namely to generate views and sell content, then who will be left over as a subscriber or simply be satisfied with fulfilling the role of the viewer?

It is the many competitors, contacts, followers, feedback and helpful tutorials on Vimeo that help make the platform a discerning portal for aspiring and experienced video producers. Beginners can benefit greatly from this, in particular.

However, those who also want to position themselves in sales or want to show they already have a good name on Vimeo from the very beginning, need additional strategies for their Vimeo marketing. One of these consists of buying Vimeo views. We will be happy to help you do exactly that from the off in our role as a discreet marketing agency.