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Vigo Video Likes

Flipagram was a popular app that made it easy to create short videos and share them on the platform and a variety of other social media. But it doesn't matter many downloads are still officially on offer there these days, they either lead to nothing or to Flipagram's successor, the Vigo Video app.

The two apps differ in two ways:

  • A maximum of 20 images can be edited together on Vigo Video to make a video.
  • On Vigo Video, instead of compilations of already published photographs, live videos are welcome, which are recorded using the in-app camera.

The second point is especially important for your Vigo Video marketing, because it helps you to gain more popularity by posting lots of live recordings. Posting emotive video clips on Vigo Video is so popular because the community pursues the principle of giving each other with insights into each other’s personal lives. The more authentic a video is, the better, and the higher the potential it has for receiving lots of likes.

Participating in Vigo Video Challenges or starting one yourself and incorporating it into your Vigo Video marketing can be worthwhile for the very same reason. Ideally these are also recorded live and published in real time.

As for the principles of Vigo Video marketing, not much has changed otherwise. Your aim must be to get as many followers as possible as quickly as possible and getting them to interact with your videos. To make your videos more attractive, you can use filters and access the music files provided.

The playback can also be speeded or slowed down and additional effects can also be added. You should also remember to add a descriptive title to each video so that it can be found by those interested in finding related content.

Once the video is up, it will appear in the Vigo news feed – and in your followers feeds as well, if you already have subscribers. If you have chosen your titles and hashtags wisely, all those users who are not yet connected to your account and who enter the exact titles in the search bar will be able to find them and call them up.

However, to stop your video simply rushing through the news feed and disappearing, you should familiarise yourself with other strategies available for Vigo Video marketing. One is to plan the moment you present your videos. If you already have active followers, a lot depends on knowing when they ate online or watching videos on Vigo Video.

However, what works well on other social networks is not so easy to fathom on Vigo Video. This is partly because the Vigo Video community acts very spontaneously. And since the videos are kept rather short, they can be consumed over the course of the day, during small breaks, at the bus stop, in the bus itself or in a waiting room. Depending on where your followers are and how they structure their day, you cannot reliably predict exactly when most followers will be online on Vigo Video.

If this situation negatively impacts on your Vigo Video marketing, because you are missing out on important interactions, balance it out by introducing another key marketing strategy. This consists of buying Vigo Video likes. And in exactly the number that could reached if all of your followers and fans, as well as those who are interested who have not yet subscribed to your channel, would actually interact with your video and leave you a Vigo like.

The effect of buying Vigo Video likes is enormous. You gain visibility on Vigo itself, which increases your ranking and reach. It is also of benefit to you to have lots of previously received likes on other social media where you share your videos.

Although they are not shown directly on YouTube or Facebook, they help the algorithm to better assess the relevance of your video.

Ideally, your Vigo Video marketing should therefore consist of a marketing mix. You simply create your videos on Vigo Video (Flipagram) and then share them everywhere where you are active. In order to further optimise this marketing strategy, you need to ensure a high recognition effect. A logo, a font and the use of certain filters and colours help to make your videos more clearly identifiable as belonging to you and your company.

Then add lots more likes by buying Vigo Video likes and have them distributed across your post by us as a seasoned media agency, and you'll soon notice that your videos are no longer rushing through the news feed, but are being viewed by interested users and commented, liked and shared.

This raises the next important question. Namely, which language you want to interact with your followers in. The Flipagram community is distributed around the world. In addition to German and English, you will find videos in many other languages. Flipagram (aka Vigo Video) is also especially popular in Asia. So, with clever Vigo Video marketing, you can open the door to new world markets.

Which language you use for titles and hashtags therefore depends largely on which market and user group you want to address. If you want to limit yourself to the German-speaking market, you should formulate your message in German. Otherwise, it is better to choose English as the language setting, because it is spoken all over the world these days.

You can also use hashtags in two or more languages, of course. This strategy is highly recommended if you have few followers so far and thus receive correspondingly few Vigo Video likes. This will also make the posts understandable for users who do not speak German – and since the imagery is international anyway, it increases your chances of generating more likes.

If you do limit yourself to the German market, then just be aware that these international likes do little to contribute to your ultimate goal, which is presumably raising your profile through Flipagram and acquiring more customers or selling more products. International likes act as amplifiers in the German market, but like-givers rarely convert into customers.

By buying Vigo Video likes, you also succeed in approaching your overall goals, but in an indirect way, and with significantly less effort and expense. The likes you have bought do not have magic powers to boost your sales or earnings. What they do have is a positive effect on the Vigo Video algorithm though.

Take advantage of this effect by tying emotionally engaging videos into the increased attention you get in the Flipagram community until Vigo Video likes come by themselves as more users follow you and your account and interact with your posts.

You can buy exactly the amount of Vigo Video likes from us at competitive package prices to currently match your followers and prospective customers.