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Vigo Video Followers

Flipagram is the app our parents would have always warned us about. If they had only known it existed. Or should I say, "used to exist", because Flipagram is now called Vigo Video. But, because lots of people still miss Flipagram and are looking for a replacement, we will stay with its name at this point.

You'll probably be aware that you can create short video episodes with the Flipagram app. In the old Flipagram, these were mainly photo compilations which you could load from your own Instagram account.

You can still do this on Vigo Video, but the number of photos you can use in each video is now limited to 20. Users can also upload videos they have already produced. However, the real highlight of Vigo Video are the live recordings. Short takes that give an insight into the life of the user and his experiences.

These live recordings range from humorous to smart and original. If you want to attract a lot of followers, you mainly need to awake emotions first. This is because Vigo is not a forum for artists, but for people "like you and me," who love to pass the time making short videos like this.

This is why you'll find videos here that focus on "failures, bad luck and mishaps", in addition to cute animal babies and romantic or humorous scenes. Karaoke singers, hobby musicians or make-up artists also feature on Vigo Video. The community follows the rule of thumb that any video that entertains us for a few moments is a good video.

For professionals, our brief glimpse into the world of Flipagram and Vigo Video might create the impression that it's easy to gain followers on the platform. But Flipagram marketing is not that easy. This is mainly due to the live recordings mentioned above. If you want to achieve popularity on Vigo Video, you need to place yourself in really entertaining situations at least once a day, or more often if possible, which you can then live-stream immediately. Of course, that also means that you always need to have your smart phone at hand with the app open.

But as much as broadcasting live videos is welcomed and promoted on the network, there are also other ways of becoming popular on Vigo Video and attracting thousands of followers. One of the simplest ways is to start by buying Flipagram/Vigo Video followers.

Those of you whose lives are a little less action-packed or prefer to upload pre-produced videos should therefore place their focus Vigo Video marketing. This consists of buying Flipagram/Vigo Video followers to position yourself and become visible to lots of people on Vigo.

In the second step, it is important to achieve as many interactions as possible in the form of likes and comments. Lots of reflips, which is what saving and sharing your posts is called, also convinces the algorithm that it should give more reach to your videos. In effect, this means that you have more chances to gain Vigo Video followers, even if you are live streaming or not.

What at first glance appears to be a pure pastime turns out to be not so easy, at least not if you really want to market yourself on Vigo Video and do not spend your time there for your own entertainment alone. With Vigo Video you can do more than just acquire followers, you can also make money from them in three different ways:

  1. From the live videos already mentioned above. If they are frequently clicked on and viewed by users, you receive "Flame". Flame is a fantasy currency that you can exchange for real money. Conversion takes place over a PayPal account. However, some Vigo Video users choose to take a different route. Instead of having their Flame paid out, they accumulate it. The amount already acquired is displayed in your profile - and there's nothing more impressive than seeing a five or six-figure sum displayed here (even when it is worth a lot less in Euros).
  2. Influencers can use Flipagram/Vigo to record funny advertising messages. They are used to express a preference for a certain brand of crisps or a variety of cola. Just not in agency language and 4K quality, but in an individual and authentic way. Many of the influencers on Vigo Video/Flipagram have followers in the five to six-digit range. If numbers suddenly drop off, they simply can push them back up again in the way mentioned – by buying Flipagram/Vigo Video followers, making new videos and communicating heavily with the community to get them to interact!
  3. The third way is to use Flipagram/Vigo Video for your own advertising messages. Either indirectly through the videos you post, which could consist of insights into your company or production. Or by focusing on individual products. You should take popular trends into account here, such as boomeranging or filters, in the same way as they are used on Instagram.

In any event, it is important that you understand that Vigo Video is not Vimeo and not even Instagram. The platform was not created for high-quality content, but is home to 200 million users who do not want to distance themselves from the crowd on the platform, but want to connect with the community.

Likewise, you should orient your Vigo Video marketing towards the masses rather than exclusivity. What you need for this are followers, followers and more followers. As a professional marketing agency, we will be happy to assist you in buying your first packages of Flipagram/Vigo Video followers. Simply order them online and let us know which Vigo Video account we should assign them to.

If you then want to put your Vigo marketing on an even broader basis, you can upload your videos from the app directly to other social networks, incorporate them into your blog or website, or send them to your friends and acquaintances. And to make that sure a watermark does not deface your recordings, you can also make an in-app purchase, which makes the watermark disappear permanently.

If you really want to become big on Vigo Video, you also have the chance to take part in challenges or even start one yourself. Challenges are tasks that Internet users pose which then trigger a chain of video recordings.

Amongst the most famous challenges on the Internet is the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge, which involved pouring a bucket of ice-cold water over your head while being filmed.

The challenges on Vigo Video are usually much more innocuous, like being able to look into the camera for as long as possible without blinking. But they are still very popular and whoever manages to win in a challenge with bravado (or even humour) can win a lot of new followers.