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Tumblr Reblogs

Blogging is one of the most important features of Tumblr. Right after that – and for some even before it – comes reblogging, i.e. sharing and distributing content created by another user. There is hardly a community around that has so absorbed and preserved the original spirit of blogging like Tumblr.

That may seem absurd at first glance if you look at the quality of many of the blog posts. But it is also the authenticity of blog posts, which are spontaneously written by people who regard their blog as a kind of public diary, which originally belonged to the blogger scene.

Tumblr is not only a forum for hobbyist writers, but also offers its users a variety of other features for communicating: photos, GIFs, videos, audio, chats, news – the community is geared completely towards helping us to express ourselves. In doing so, Tumblr is not only known for serving the mainstream, but also giving minorities a voice. However, these are not predominantly political minorities, but young people who seek identity outside of the usual definitions.

Emphasis is placed on personal interests and political discussions are rarely conducted. And yet the platform is also a political forum, because it captures the Zeitgeist and the questions and concerns of the younger generation and reflects them without filtering them in advance. Since its acquisition by Yahoo, however, Tumblr has consistently suppressed depictions containing aggressive or pornographic content.

A brief insight already shows that anyone who engages in Tumblr marketing embarks on a great adventure where there is much to discover and win. And although the platform seems chaotic at first glance, everything functions according to clearly formulated rules. The most important being: if you want to be successful with Tumblr marketing, you have to understand the high art of reblogging.

And you have to realise that blogging on Tumblr does not mean presenting the world with the images of your own thoughts, but rather entering into a lively exchange using thoughts and images.

If you have understood this subtle, but important difference and align your Tumblr marketing towards it, you will also get to enjoy the benefit of lots of Reblogs. And hardly anything is more important for your Tumblr marketing than likes, followers and Reblogs.

Tumblr Reblogs can be shared posts from other members or web findings that you integrate into your blog. In the case of Tumblr posts, each share increases the ranking of the blogger whose posts have been shared, and, at the same time, improve his chances of being noticed at all on Tumblr.

But you too will benefit if you post other people's posts, because your name appears under the original post. If someone clicks on it, they are forwarded directly to your Tumblr blog. It's also worth being the first to post a new post therefore.

This all used to happen relatively smoothly in times when Tumblr still had halfway manageable member numbers. Since its reorganisation, however, the company has experienced such sudden growth that more than 450 million blogs are listed there in the meantime (2019). A limit has been exceeded here that makes it necessary to develop new Tumblr marketing strategies. We have imported one of these strategies for you from the USA and it is called buying Tumbler Reblogs.

Of course, that doesn't mean you buy Tumbler Reblogs for other bloggers, but for your own blog. Whenever your account begins to stall, or if you want to position yourself better without putting too much effort into posting and sharing.

In the USA, where leading companies also use Tumblr, this strategy has already been incorporated fully into Tumblr marketing. And the reason for this should be clear to everyone: Your blog's reach increases with lots of Reblogs. And only this ensures that you remain visible to fans, followers and prospective new customers on Tumblr.

But isn't that unfair? Companies often ask us whether they are not gaining an unfair competitive advantage by doing so? We understand the question and are happy we are asked it, because it honours the questioning party. And we can assure you that, as a company with a fairly professional marketing strategy, you have a competitive advantage over the average Tumblr user anyway. Whether you buy Tumbler Reblogs or not, this strategy ultimately and simply allows you to increase the speed at which you position yourself successfully.

In addition, you do not appear in opposition to the many individual users on Tumblr, but in support of them. You do not want to take advantage of them, but reach them. This means that you do not compete against individual Tumbler blogs when you buy Tumblr Reblogs. You do what other companies would do if they already knew it existed. You rigorously align your Tumblr marketing to the laws of the algorithm.

Tumblr brings together young people from all around the world and introduces them to the world of sharing. Therein lies the strength of the platform. At the same time, however, like any other company, Tumbler somehow has to finance itself. This only works if they adhere to the rules that exist in the network. And that includes the fact that there where many likes, followers and rebloggers already exist, the door opens a little bit further. So if you did want to act fairly, you would first have to do away with the algorithms that create order in the chaos first.

The amazing thing, though, is that social media users more than anyone else are unlikely to favour this. Namely, they behave so as they do in the offline world as well: They admire what they see and like and share what many have seen and liked and shared before them. They want to follow others and want the numbers that the algorithm gives them because it provides them with orientation.

Nothing would prove more destructive to Tumblr and other social networks than when the ranking and reach is missing that comes from measuring quantities. This becomes clear if you imagine Google not using an algorithm to sort its search results. You would hardly be able to filter out the millions of entries that exist on any given topic.

So, by buying Tumblr Reblogs, you're not adding anything new to the world or the blogging platform. You just mimic what is happening there day-by-day anyway, and integrate it into your Tumblr marketing as a target group-specific strategy. As soon as a certain quality is achieved, the process becomes independent and you can relax and concentrate on blogging and reblogging.