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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Tumblr Likes

In the world of online marketing, the fact that companies run their own blogs is a matter of course these days. Even freelancers and service providers use flexible content management systems, like WordPress, to delivery news to their customers and interested parties. Depending on the company, product or service, the content can either be very visually oriented or text-laden.

The only problem with the whole thing is that hardly anyone goes actively searching for such blogs. If someone does come by, it's mostly because they:

  • Get sent there when they make a search in a search engine.
  • Wanted to find out more about the company and came across the blog by chance.
  • Found out about a link to the blog or a separate post on social media.

So, is it worthwhile having your own blog?
If you want to answer this question sincerely, it's best to look at the statistics for your blog. They speak a pretty clear language, so we don’t have to give you any advice at this point.

Have you come to the conclusion that your blog is not worth it, or that the relationship between the amount of effort you are putting in and the benefits you are reaping is skewed? Then, perhaps the blogger app Tumblr is a good alternative for you, because it greatly simplifies blogging and at the same time functions as a social network which you can share your content through. Alternatively, you can use both media as well, by running your own blog and setting up an account on Tumblr.

After all, the enormous advantage with Tumblr if that your blog doesn't have to be found somewhere in the enormous expanse of the World Wide Web (and that with purpose). Instead, you're already part of a huge community that may be interested in your content, where special features include sharing, liking and posting. This is exactly the reason why your blog can also be used for more intensive Tumblr marketing.

The beauty of Tumblr is that, as a blogging platform, it makes it easy for its users to use a colourful pot-pourri of media – in addition to texts, you can also use images, videos, audio, chat logs and links to breathe life into your blog. As of 02/2019, over 450 million existing Tumblr blogs prove that this concept has convinced people worldwide and inspires them to creativity.

Nevertheless, building up a large community on Tumblr is not easy. In addition to the content, the level of commitment you have to your blog has a significant impact on your success. In concrete terms, this means that you should do everything in your power to get as many likes and reblogs as possible.

That is because it is the only way you have the chance to reach a large number of Tumblr followers and succeed. And that's the ultimate goal of your Tumblr marketing efforts: To inspire real people, which results in leads being generated and ultimately customers.

Tumblr itself constantly gives its users tips on how to get a lot of likes. So, make sure you customise your Tumblr marketing by taking these into account. For instance, they tell you that images and GIFs on Tumbler are particularly popular. At least two thirds of the content on Tumblr is made up of visual representations. Of course, the content itself should match what Tumblr members like and place your business in an attractive light. Also make sure you tag your posts appropriately (tag them with hashtags).

It would be naïve, however, to believe that these tips will suffice alone to get a never-ending number of likes on Tumblr. What the company does not explain to you is that Tumblr has its own algorithm that ensures that trend-setting blogs get flushed to the top. And this means that if you already have likes, you can quickly get new ones. So, if you don't have the likes, you need to choose other methods – one of the most important is buying Tumblr likes.

Perhaps this is first time you have heard that you can buy Tumblr likes? We're not surprised. In the USA, where Tumblr is based, over 30% of leading companies already use the platform for their marketing strategy – and some have even moved over to Tumblr completely. That's where the strategy to buy Tumblr likes comes from, because managers and marketing experts know that on such a huge platform, you have to position yourself before your marketing can take hold.

In Germany, however, many companies are still a little helpless when it comes Tumblr. This is mainly because the audience in Germany is very young and marketing is targeted at a generation that mainly goes online with a smartphone. In addition, the demographic figures for both countries differ. This means that German marketing strategies are frequently too fixated on targeting PCs and MACs. At best, they only take into account the fact that images also have to be responsive. This therefore fails to capture the crucial differences between the generations.

One of these differences is that the younger generation is sceptical about marketing in the conventional sense. The younger generation does not watch television, but Netflix or YouTube. Entertainment takes place in chats or on WhatsApp. They do not read newspapers, but read blogs and posts. And blogging mainly takes place about personal things, or anything that inspires you – fashion, food, music, K-pop, anime – which make up some of the most important themes.

Nevertheless, the younger generation also knows that companies have to advertise to generate customers. Therefore, they tolerate the fact this take place on forms that do not otherwise „bother" them. And most young people appreciate it when companies address them in an open and authentic way on the channels they use. Much like it takes place on Tumblr. What is more, they find nothing wrong with companies buying Tumblr links because they've grown up with the power of algorithms.

So, make sure you take this knowledge into account in your Tumblr marketing and align your strategy towards it. Try to get as many Tumblr likes as possible as soon as after setting up your blog to get the most out of the attention it will give you. You should also remember that you are not only expected to receive likes, but to give them as well. This also applies to reblogging and following. However, if you start to notice that the procedure is too difficult and it fails to achieve enough compared to the effort you are putting in, select the option to buy Tumblr likes instead.

As proven and experienced online marketing and social media agency, we have decided to make this strategy available to German companies, bloggers, influencers and freelancers. Because what works in the USA is sure to prevail sooner or later in Germany. Be one of the first to conquer Tumblr by buying genuine Tumblr likes, which we then post for you directly after receiving your order online.