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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Telegram Member

While social media marketing is already being used extensively in Germany, we are still lagging behind internationally in marketing via messenger services. Strategies such as Telegram marketing can offer companies on a tight budget the opportunity to reach a broad audience.

Social media are ultimately public marketplaces where people from across all generations come together. Depending on the platform, there are differences in the age, interests and expectations of the users.

But what all the platforms have in common is that it is extremely difficult for newcomers to get noticed. And even companies that have been on popular social media channels for some time have to maintain their visibility every day.

The operators of social media are aware of the constantly growing role they play in corporate marketing strategies. They are responding by offering more and more services that have to be paid for, either with followers or in cash.

This means that either you need a large number of followers or members for your account, or you need to invest a lot of money in advertising, online banners and access to additional functions.

Many companies are now looking for and finding a way out by switching to messenger services such as Telegram. Telegram is an app that can be installed on mobile devices and computers. The service is similar to WhatsApp, the better known messenger service in Germany, but it differs from WhatsApp in many respects.

One difference is that on Telegram you can enter any telephone number to log in and your account can be synchronised with different devices after verification. For companies, this makes account handling and marketing much easier.

The fact that Telegram can keep up with other social media is shown by the fact that the service gained 200 million members within just a few years.

A good Telegram marketing strategy allows you to reach an international audience through private and public channels and through groups. Telegram marketing is therefore recommended by marketing specialists, nearly all of whom predict further expansion for the service.

Telegram's user interface is easy to use, so no special knowledge is required for marketing purposes. But here too the question arises of how to gain lots of new members quickly. The solution is very simple. It involves boosting your Telegram marketing by

  • Buying Telegram members or
  • Buying Telegram channel members or
  • Buying Telegram group members.

In expert forums such as Quora this approach has long been recommended, with the proviso that in order to ensure that with buy targeted Telegram members you gain real telegram members with registered accounts and not bots, you should use the services of a professional marketing agency.

As an experienced social media marketing agency, this is exactly the kind of service we offer.

As far as bots are concerned, on Telegram you have to differentiate between usable programmes that carry out automated services and fake accounts, which are now everywhere. For your Telegram marketing, you can use a wide range of bots that are provided by other users and that can perform or simplify important marketing tasks for you. Ultimately it is precisely these functions that make Telegram marketing so interesting.

For example, bots can:

  • Set up online orders and payment transactions on Telegram.
  • Install real-time services and the product support and feedback features.
  • Distribute advertising for products or special offers (for which no additional payments are required).

You can make your Telegram marketing even more versatile if you also use voice messages, video messages or voice calls to communicate directly with your members.

As regards the members themselves, you must be aware of the fact that you are dealing with humans and not automated procedures. The members you buy as channel members or group members are only useful if they are not discovered to be bots and removed.

What is already common practice in the US, however, is only slowly establishing itself in Germany. A typical objection raised here against the purchase of Telegram members is that it is of no use to you if you have hundreds of thousands of purchased members if they don't go on to become customers. It would therefore be better to focus on quantity and use Telegram marketing to patiently recruit members who are actually enthusiastic about your content.

But this point of view, while admirable, is naive. It is true that no reputable provider will try to convince you that the members you buy will also become customers. But it is also true that you first have to reach a certain quantity of members in order to become visible to followers and members in the first place.

What we mentioned at the beginning applies here. Either you gain lots of followers, or you invest in expensive advertising. Everything else is irrelevant. And on Telegram this is a moot point anyway, because it doesn't accept ads.

One more thing should also be clear to anyone who is involved in online marketing. Without lots of members, likes and hits, nobody will find you. It is quite the contrary: if you concentrate exclusively on organic growth while your competitors secretly but successfully use the new marketing strategies, you will fall behind.

This means you should buy real Telegram members in order to improve your account stats. Because only through members can you gain reach, and only through reach and lots of members can you attract the attention of other members.

Then you can use the power of numbers to promote your offers and thus also ensure the quality of your members.

As a provider of services such as the purchase of Telegram members, we know that this route is already being used by numerous companies, celebrities and influencers. And not just at the outset, because this is usually also used as a method for smoothing out small or large fluctuations in the number of members attained.

A successful social media profile also means understanding that linear growth is rare. You have to be continuously present, providing plenty of incentive to follow your channel or join your group. This is done by widening your reach and enhancing interest in your channel. And that's exactly what you do when you buy telegram group members.

So when you start your new company channel on Telegram, you should have some interesting material ready in advance. Define your target group and think about who you want to reach and what actions and information you should use.

If you are not familiar with the use of automated services on Telegram, it may be helpful to consult an expert or attend an online training session. You obviously have no obligation to integrate these automated services, but they do make marketing easier.

If you base your Telegram marketing strategy on the twin pillars of statistics and operationally ready content right from the start, you will soon see how you can achieve organic growth in your membership numbers.