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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

A strong presence with Soundcloud Reposts

An artist who makes the personal decision to release their music on Soundcloud, will first have to face seemingly overpowering competition. In every genre, there are popular musicians who have millions of plays and lively activity in their communities. As this makes it harder for new artists to get noticed, this would appear to reduce the long-term possibilities offered by Soundcloud.

Targeted Soundcloud marketing offers the opportunity to lay the first foundation for your own career on the platform. This can shorten the tedious process faced by a newcomer to the website, enabling them to quickly form a community of your own. This can in turn become the driving force for all other subsequent steps. Anyone who chooses to buy Soundcloud Reposts is therefore taking an important first step in the right direction.

Keeping an eye on the algorithm

It’s not pure coincidence which artists and songs are shown to us in the recommendations on Soundcloud. These are all tracks that were able to win the support of the algorithm. The algorithm is always on the lookout for artists whose popularity is growing, and their music is then made available to the rank-and-file users. The following criteria play a particularly important role in the ranking process:

  • The number of plays
  • The number of likes
  • The number of reposts
  • Active user engagement through comments

If an artist manages to get all these factors under control through targeted Soundcloud marketing, their reputation can quickly grow. Being listed in the recommendations means that it’s no longer only possible to draw users’ attention to the artist’s own productions and to convince them of the quality of the creative work through random searches.

The collective intelligence

The number of Soundcloud shares is directly visible to each listener in the statistics. At least subconsciously, we’re often tempted to assess a song on the basis of the statistics before listening to it. These are prominently displayed on the platform, just below the audio track. If the response of all users to a song is negligible, we automatically lower our expectations. We already develop a negative view of the song beforehand. As they will subsequently be searched for specifically, it’s particularly difficult for artists in this situation to completely win over listeners.

If you choose to buy Soundcloud Reposts, you can take advantage of this principle of collective intelligence. If a track is frequently shared by other users, we assume that it has a higher musical quality. If the commitment of the listeners continues to grow, we already believe in a track in advance. Something that can become a disadvantage for young artists who don’t buy Soundcloud Reposts supports the exponential success of other profiles that already have the necessary foundation.

Use the value of the reposts

The first reposts bought will lower other listeners’ inhibition thresholds towards deciding to take that step as well. A closer look at the function makes it clear how much added value can be derived from it. In practice, reposts are the fastest way to send songs to your own profile page and to share the latest discoveries with followers. Just one click on the “Repost” button will make the track appear in the header of the profile. From there, it’s possible to share them via the streams of followers.

The reposts will help a large number of new users notice the tracks within a short time. It’s possible to initiate a chain reaction even with an average number of followers in the double-digit range. Thanks to the direct link, this is certainly the most valuable instrument for distributing songs available on the website.

Creating positive cycles

Buying Soundcloud Reposts also offers the possibility of adjusting all other parameters entirely according to your own preferences. Because here too, it’s possible to have other parameters followed. If an artist’s production appeals to the taste of the target audience, additional likes can be collected. In turn, the number of plays will inevitably increase. If it’s an attractive and at the same time innovative production, that will offer an opportunity to encourage further comments.

All these measures ultimately help to improve the algorithm’s awareness of the songs and albums. Soon, it will no longer only be possible to reach users of the platform through reposts – instead, the songs will gradually make it into the recommendations on the start page. From there, it’s only a short step to the most important playlists of the genre and to being listed next to the true greats of the digital world from then on.

In order to make this transition to the playlists smoothly, it’s also necessary to provide a precise description of the tracks. For this reason, targeted Soundcloud marketing also includes linking, using the tags provided. Here it’s possible to, for instance, provide information about the mood and emotional world of a song. As this information is also read by the system before a song can be safely assigned to the playlists, the appropriate labelling should not be missing.

A shortcut to the first earnings

Ultimately, buying Soundcloud Reposts is a useful shortcut that can keep young artists from despair during the initial stagnant phases. Instead, digital success on the platform can be fostered in a targeted way, saving many weeks or even months of waiting and hoping. This also applies to the period until the time when an artist can earn an independent living from their music.

A first income can already be generated for users of Soundcloud Pro and Pro Unlimited by the small price margins that are paid for popular songs. However, it appears to be more rewarding to take a broader view. Many artists manage to successfully make it onto other platforms through professional Soundcloud marketing. These are available to them as additional sources of income. In addition, the positive response of the community makes it possible to promote your own live performances, which represent a further milestone in achieving a career in the music business. It’s long been known that even record deals can be linked to successful work on Soundcloud – which, in turn, provide a special incentive.