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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Soundcloud Plays support artists starting out in the music business

In recent years, young musicians’ start in the music business has increasingly shifted into the digital world. While an ever-growing target audience can be reached on Soundcloud and other music platforms, the first broadcast of a song on the local radio station is becoming less important. This gives aspiring musicians the ideal opportunity to influence their personal career through targeted Soundcloud marketing.

However, what at first glance appears to be an ideal basis for a successful start usually requires time and patience in practice. Particularly in the first phase, many musicians have difficulty in achieving the outreach they desire. Although Soundcloud alone could draw the attention of over 175 million users to the content, initially only a handful of plays can be realised. Anyone who chooses to buy Soundcloud Plays will from then on have a way to significantly speed up that process.

One step ahead of the competition

For many decades, getting into the music industry has been bound up with a selection process. That ever-present competition has shifted to digital platforms too. In each musical genre, there are thousands of young talents competing for the same target audience. If a musician manages to quickly lay the essential foundation for popularity through targeted Soundcloud marketing, this gives them an important edge over other artists and bands.

Buying Soundcloud Plays makes it easier for new users to be attracted and integrated into the community of the portal. We unconsciously harbour a natural scepticism regarding tracks and albums that seem barely relevant, judging by their number of plays. If, on the other hand, a song has been played over a thousand times, that at least shows that it’s been noticed by other users. As a result, we rank the same musical quality more highly. This now makes it possible to make users aware of other songs or even inspire them to repost.

Soundcloud Plays increase the chances of a breakthrough

But what methods exist for making listeners aware of hitherto unknown artists? Here, the use of the portal’s search function doesn’t represent a viable alternative. As there’s no reference to the band, their name can’t be known either. Rather, it’s the suggestions selected by the algorithm based on key criteria that are relevant here. Targeted Soundcloud marketing can increase the chances of being listed there and making it into the playlists.

In the algorithm, the number of plays a song gets equates to its popularity. Many plays make it more likely that users with similar user behaviour will also like it. According to this principle, it’s easy for established artists to integrate their tracks into Soundcloud’s random playback. For beginners, buying Soundcloud Plays can be a useful way to no longer release songs in obscurity, but to have an attractive listing instead. This is often the decisive step to achieving a breakthrough on the platform.

Positive effects to be expected

The first plays, which should always be given to the best songs, enable a positive cycle to be set in motion. Thanks to being highlighted by the algorithm, many new listeners start noticing the content. If they are won over by the music, they’ll choose to spend more time listening to an artist. An essential service has already been provided if, in the end, a user gives a Like to a song they’ve heard, or even if they post a comment.

Valuable activities that can directly follow the first plays, are the reposts by the users. With just one click, the song in question is inserted into the header of the profile. The user can now share it with all of their followers, who are now also part of the potential community. The inclusion of the song in other playlists also creates great added value. These are likewise able to gain a new target audience for themselves.

Take advantage of new financial opportunities

But how is it possible to recoup your initial investment? For unknown artists, this is hardly possible, due to the marginal profits on each play. However, an exponentially growing community such as can be generated by buying Soundcloud Plays offers other opportunities for financial development. For at least some of its customers, Soundcloud now has a remuneration system that makes it possible to have a monthly income. In addition, the successful tracks can now easily be exported to streaming services, which in turn have other listeners.

More important than these short-term earnings, however, is the prospect of decisively speeding up your career in the music business. If Soundcloud marketing makes it possible to reach a larger target audience, this will increase the interest in upcoming live performances, which represent a further source of income. Here, it’s possible to contact the Soundcloud community in order to specifically promote fixed events. In addition, big record labels have long been roaming the platform in search of further clients. A series of well-composed, attractively produced and digitally successful songs is an important basis for getting top record executives to believe in you and your work.

Having a community of your own that displays the greatest possible active commitment can be regarded as the most important digital capital. After a short time, it already becomes possible to transfer these users to other platforms. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and of course your own website can be directly linked to Soundcloud. At least part of the followers you have built up will find their way into the social networks, provided that the artist offers this. Here again, new ways of monetisation can be found.

Bridging the difficult starting phase

The first months of digital release, when many artists abandon their project due to the slow trickle of achievements, are easy to bridge. Based on their own original songs, the option of buying Soundcloud Plays offers the opportunity to conduct targeted marketing on the platform. Getting the favourable attention of the algorithm in this way will already have a positive effect on revenue after a short time. In addition, the growing community offers the opportunity to recoup the initial investment in various ways and to take the first sure steps into the music business.