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Soundcloud Likes: Harnessing the power of the community

For many musicians, releasing tracks on Soundcloud is a useful way of making their own productions accessible to millions of people in the USA/targeted countries and around the world. However, while the competition that has been active on the website for years is able to chalk up hundreds of thousands of likes and plays, their own tracks don’t seem to be making any I mpact on the community of over 180 million listeners.

After uploading their first songs, many young artists excitedly check out their statistical overview at Soundcloud. However, only a few people immediately experience a meteoric rise in popularity. Instead, the number of plays increases only slowly, while the recorded track gets hardly any likes. In any case, the community doesn’t seem willing to download, much less repost it. Targeted Soundcloud marketing, which relies on the power of likes, helps to overcome this low point.

Getting the ball rolling

Personal popularity develops exponentially on Soundcloud. As easy as it is to gain a few thousand new fans at a later stage, this process is extremely slow at the beginning. So as not to succumb to frustration very early on and to bury your dream of having a career as a musician, it’s essential to take suitable measures in good time. Buying Soundcloud Likes gives you the opportunity to positively influence your development on several levels.

Once the first likes have started the ball rolling, you can already gain an important edge over the competition. Thousands of young artists are trying to achieve a breakthrough in every musical genre. The initial advantage to be gained through Soundcloud Likes gives you a clear edge over those competitors.

Likes appeal to further users

When the first likes are attached to your songs, this initially represents a valuable advantage at the social level. Each new listener who is accidentally drawn to your own productions will automatically look at the current statistics. The Soundcloud design puts these directly under the audio track of a song, making it almost impossible to ignore them. If a song hasn’t yet generated any outreach, this will make them wonder why even before actually listening to it. Instead of looking for the answer in the world of the algorithm, potential listeners already downgrade the quality of the song even before hearing it.

Buying Soundcloud Likes offers the possibility of overriding that initial criticism. When new listeners access it, the track now presents itself as an up-and-coming production that has already attracted some attention. Now new users feel confirmed by the principle of collective intelligence. After all, hundreds of likes must mean that the piece has already been able to win approval from a purely musical viewpoint. This increases the likelihood that real plays and likes will be generated from now on.

This kind of Soundcloud marketing has other positive effects too. After all, just if an artist is presenting high-quality content, listeners will do more than just listen to the track. At least some listeners will decide to post a comment, to give it a Like themselves or to further boost its distribution by reposting it. This kind of active commitment in particular is extremely important for enabling you to expand your outreach in the long run. The more powerful these activities are, the greater the likelihood that one song will achieve the big breakthrough.

Let the algorithm support you

Targeted Soundcloud marketing offers the opportunity to gain advantages not only at the social level described above. Behind the display and presentation of the songs is the savvy Soundcloud algorithm. In accordance with the pattern of well-established streaming services, the algorithm lists all music recommendations on the users' welcome page. If a listener is in the mood to explore new content, the foremost recommendations have the greatest chance of gaining them as a fan.

To provide an optimum user experience, particularly successful and popular songs are listed under the recommendations on Soundcloud. As the algorithm isn’t able to assess the musical quality based on the recording, the statistics become relevant again. Every Soundcloud Like increases the likelihood of making it onto the listeners’ welcome page. Anyone who has once been listed in this prominent position will have hardly any difficulty in further expanding their own community.

If new artists fail on Soundcloud, this is often due to the fact that they’ve failed to successfully accomplish this step. If you lack likes, you won’t be listed in the recommendations, and the active commitment of your community will stagnate. In this situation, you can’t really expect to be included on important playlists. The possibility of reaching new listeners is now greatly reduced. Only the targeted search remains: however, the prerequisite for it is that the users have already noticed the artist’s own songs in some other way, that they know the artist’s name or can at least name one of their songs.

The investment is well worth it

Yet why is it so important to shine on the platform in the first phases of a musical career, through targeted Soundcloud marketing? For one thing, some of the musicians who release their songs on Soundcloud have the possibility of receiving remuneration on a monthly basis. This is calculated based on the popularity of the songs on the platform. However, this only represents short-term remuneration. In the long term, many new opportunities can open up based on the Soundcloud Likes.

If an artist manages to build up a close-knit community over time, this will make it easier to organise big live performances. The performances themselves will bring new revenue. In addition, the music that is successful on Soundcloud can be quickly transferred to other platforms. As the user groups only overlap to a small extent, it’s possible to reach new listeners there. An artist who uses the links to various social media effectively already has a reliable fan base by then, which facilitates a more rapid rise to success.

This also makes it possible to strive for a really big success, as record labels, too, are looking for young, talented musicians on Soundcloud. An artist who’s not only able to impress with their recordings but also knows how to use the algorithm to their own advantage will ultimately find it easier to attract the attention of the producers. This can make it possible for you to take your work to a completely new level.