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Soundcloud followers: Social success in the music business

Ever since the history of pop music began, financial success in the music industry has been fundamentally linked to social recognition of the work. The large audio platform Soundcloud played a key role in strengthening that connection further. Just having a strong community makes it possible to strengthen your musical presence in the long term. Targeted Soundcloud marketing can be the decisive support for young artists on their path.

Since its foundation in 2008, Soundcloud has essentially stood for music sharing, direct contact with the producing artists and the discovery of new tracks. The open platform provides the initial basis for establishing all-important connections. However, particularly in the starting phase, many musicians experience a great deal of difficulty in gaining that connection: which is why buying Soundcloud followers offers the opportunity of speeding up the process so as to be one step ahead of the direct competition.

The important role of Soundcloud followers

To understand why buying Soundcloud followers can become an important starting point for success in music, it’s necessary to first take a look at the social components of the portal. Users don't choose songs just because of an attractive cover or because it’s their favourite genre. In addition, the encouragement from other listeners also plays an important role. This can be seen by the trackers that are directly below the audio track and can be taken in at a glance. These include:

  • Plays
  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Downloads
  • Reposts

These absolute figures provide a precise indication of the popularity of a song. If a song has only managed to appeal to few users up to now, that’s directly reflected in these figures. For one thing, this is due to the fact that the individual song is viewed critically. However, even that artist would be better rated all round if they'd already won the approval of many listeners.

Here, buying Soundcloud followers offers the opportunity of attracting real users. In their case, the inhibition threshold towards listening to the songs shown is lowered because they want to form their own opinion of the recordings. If a young artist can win these users’ approval with a well-composed song, a clean recording and musical talent, nothing stands in the way of winning additional followers.

Soundcloud followers create activity

For successful Soundcloud marketing, the followers of a profile are important in multiple ways. This is the target audience that will most frequently listen to new releases. As they have decided to join the community, it can be assumed that they have a special affinity right from the start. This increases the likelihood that they won’t just be passive consumers of a song, but also choose further activities.

Each Like and each comment on a track will in turn influence the algorithm in the artist’s favour. All parameters indicate an up-and-coming track, which should be made available to still more users due to the popularity already achieved. Once you’ve gained the favour of the algorithm in this way, the possibilities of reaching new Soundcloud users quickly increase, as they now have the opportunity to discover the songs without having to rely solely on the direct search function.

From now on, an artist’s albums will be directly listed in the recommendations on the start page of users who are known to enjoy listening to the genre concerned. This increases the number of chance points of contact that help to increase the overall awareness of that artist’s work. A chain reaction can be initiated by the number of reposts in particular. Now an artist is in a phase in which the desired breakthrough on the portal can succeed.

Unlimited development

It’s by no means the case that those responsible for Soundcloud try to limit a community only to their portal. Instead, every artist has the option of linking other channels in their profile in a clearly visible way. So, once gained on Soundcloud, followers can easily be transferred to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. This allows new target audiences to be tapped into with little effort as soon as the initial work has been successfully completed.

These supporters represent important social capital in not just the digital world. Social networks now offer a unique and free way to promote your own albums and songs. This enables new releases to find an audience that would never have become aware of them without the initial followers. Also, attempts to sell more concert tickets tend to be successful thanks to this support. The thicker the network of followers in USA/targeted countries and Europe, the easier it is to sell enough tickets in different regions.

If a band or a solo artist succeeds in becoming an influencer in the music world in this way, that will enable them to tap into many new sources of revenue. From now on, the plays will already bring important regular earnings. This steadily increasing financial security offers them the prospect of being able to concentrate entirely on their passion for music production. Whereas, in past decades, making it onto the local radio stations was a decisive factor in achieving success, nowadays the Soundcloud portal can be the most important catalyst. It’s long been known that big producers and record labels look for their new clients in the digital world. Here, followers represent important capital for getting yourself noticed.

Support in stagnation

Many young artists bemoan the fact that they’re unable to speed up the growth of their community. Without focused Soundcloud marketing, the initial enthusiasm can quickly be lost in the stagnation phase. It’s often only possible to generate new interest through many further releases. However, the quality of individual tracks often suffers under the constant pressure to produce regularly. Rather than winning fans with one outstanding song, the real pearls get lost in the sheer quantity of material on offer.

The reason why a large proportion of aspiring musicians already abandon the dream of pursuing a career as a musician in the early stages certainly lies in that frustration. Buying Soundcloud followers helps artists stand out from the wide range on offer, from the users’ viewpoint. As that support enables artists to more easily use the algorithm for their own advantage, it speeds up the distribution of their songs and albums. This in turn makes it possible to recoup their initial investment and to turn their passion for music into an economically rewarding asset.