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Soundcloud downloads: Music as a constant companion

Essentially, the range of music offered on Soundcloud’s platform is focused on online use. However, users have the opportunity to access the content in other ways than connecting to the World Wide Web. A download option is also available for many tracks, allowing the music to be saved permanently on smartphones, tablets or computers.

However, it isn’t only the listeners who enjoy the option of accessing songs more conveniently from now on: it’s also an important support for ambitious artists, as downloads are one of the key parameters for measuring the success of the songs. An artist who places value on targeted Soundcloud marketing can use downloads to reach more people with their work.

Direct remuneration

Anyone who chooses to download a track is expressing their personal appreciation for the music. This represents an important source of income for every performer. However, in the end everyone must decide for themselves whether their songs should be made available for download. Traditionally, this is only possible on Soundcloud via individual downloads. It isn’t possible to download entire albums onto external devices.

If a song has not attracted a great deal of attention to date, many interested users fall prey to an initial scepticism. In this situation, the “social proof” is not strong enough to attribute high quality to the production. Anyone who chooses to buy Soundcloud downloads is getting the opportunity to rapidly lower that inhibition threshold. This significantly shortens the period until real users follow that example and decide to download the track themselves.

Receiving more recognition

The number of downloads immediately affects how the songs are presented on the platform. The Soundcloud algorithm does use this parameter to rank the popularity of a song. If a high number of plays indicates that the track is popular, that increases the chance of being listed under the recommendations category on the Soundcloud start page. From now on, it will be even easier to reach new users and to attain the longed-desired recognition for the production.

But what does the number of downloads suggest to the users of the platform? It’s not absolutely necessary for any user to start the download and take up storage space just to be able to hear the song. The fact that it’s nevertheless being downloaded, as shown by the figures, indicates that the artist has given a particularly strong performance. Based on that argument, many listeners therefore attribute greater importance to the downloads.

The really big break may happen when a song is included in the trends of the Soundcloud community or the popular playlists. This gives it a very prominent position, which can be expanded to personal financial advantage. At this stage, it’s possible to strengthen your position further through a growing community with plenty of lively activity.

New listeners who are now starting to notice the songs and albums can become an important component in the success of the performer ‒ and not only through downloading a song. Constructive Soundcloud marketing directly includes growing numbers of likes, plays and followers. The more the uploaded music is able to inspire users, the easier it will be to align these parameters to your own advantage. The positive cycle which can be started in this way then becomes a significant factor in personal successes.

Inspiration for ongoing work

This kind of user commitment offers artists the opportunity to gain important inspirations by analysing the target audience. Their responses can be gauged even more easily by including the download figures. This makes it possible to incorporate that parameter in the next planned projects. Instead of just following a vague gut feeling, which may perhaps coincide with the interests of some users, the wishes of the target audience can be incorporated into the work.

This enables performers to support their commercial success in a targeted way, without compromising their art or accepting restrictions on their creative freedom. In addition to the statistics provided by the community, further clues can be gained from the comments. In the end, this gives a differentiated picture, which has a positive influence on future releases.

Downloads and streams from other providers

Soundcloud offers successful performers the option of transferring the tracks to other platforms as well. From then on, they’re also available on iTunes, Apple Music or Spotify, where they can tap into new target audiences. This offers artists the possibility of no longer only benefiting from the advertising revenues generated on Soundcloud itself: instead, they can use services like Amazon Music, Google Play or Tidal to reach still more listeners.

These downloads and streams are even easier to boost with the help of the Soundcloud community. Through direct links to other social networks, the audio portal becomes the basis for a broadly diversified base. Once the initial work has been done, which can involve enormous effort, further successes can be chalked up there in a very short time. In this respect, anyone who chooses to buy Soundcloud downloads can get into a particularly favourable situation, in order to significantly speed up the growth process.

The road to a record deal?

One supporter who is willing to start a stream or download and, if possible, pay money for doing so, can be the starting point for a great career. Buying Soundcloud downloads speeds up a process that can lead to a personal record deal. For it's the first real supporters who can subsequently be gained that indicate the financial potential of your music.

From the fee-based download of an individual song on a platform cooperating with Soundcloud, it’s only a short step to selling a self-produced album. If this potential is publicly visible through the downloads shown under a track, producers will see their chance. The energy of the community then makes it possible for an artist to make it into the tough music business. From now on, the work on the audio platform will be only one of the mainstays that once helped to get their musical career going.