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Getting into the trends through Soundcloud comments

Since its founding in 2008, the Soundcloud audio platform has stood for the social sharing of new tracks and for direct contact between artists and their community. No other service has been able to establish such a close connection. This gives not just newcomers, but all artists far greater possibilities of achieving a productive exchange with their audience.

The most important function for enabling this contact is the option of posting comments. On Soundcloud, comments can be posted under every song. This allows followers to give their favourite artist direct feedback on new releases. Targeted Soundcloud marketing likewise relies on the comment function, which enables artists to boost their own presence on the website.

Promoting comments in a targeted way

The Soundcloud comment is one of the most important forms of user engagement. However, unfortunately, young bands and artists in particular have great difficulty getting any feedback here. In general, the comments on a song only make up a fraction of the likes and plays that it could attract. Anyone who chooses to buy English Soundcloud comments is securing the opportunity to stimulate the discussion in an organic way.

The first comments bought are visible to every user directly under the song. They testify to the fact that the release has already aroused the interest of other users. On one hand, the “social proof” provided by these comments lowers the inhibition threshold for users to listen to the track themselves and forming an opinion, while on the other it makes also it more likely that the new users will use the comment function and keep the discussion going.

Added value through the algorithm

Yet why does buying Soundcloud comments represent a chance to make your own music more present and popular? Besides the likes, plays and followers, the comments are also an important parameter towards which the website algorithm orients itself. Consequently, songs with more comments are more likely to make it into the recommendations on the start page, where they’ll be available to listeners of that particular genre with just one click. However, without being included in the recommendations, an intentional search would be necessary for a song to be noticed.

The first comments bought are able to boost the community’s overall commitment and allow it to grow. It’s very likely that loyal listeners will choose to give a Like to express their interest. Others will join the community and become followers themselves, thanks to which they can easily be made aware of new releases. The reposting of the song by users is also very valuable. This moves it to the header of the profile, from where it can be fed into other followers’ streams. This makes it possible to further increase the distribution of the content, to make it accessible to still more users.

Ultimately, buying Soundcloud comments is an inexpensive and extremely simple way of getting the growth of the community going again. Answers from real users will quickly follow, which do their own bit to help bring success. In the end, it’s essential for each Soundcloud song to generate these preferably positive opinions, which can amplify themselves in time.

Important feedback for artists

On other platforms, it’s the statistics alone that provide an insight into the interests of listeners. Conclusions about the popularity of a track have to be based on the plays and likes. However, it’s not yet possible to use these figures alone to obtain any feedback that could be taken into account for implementing new projects. This is where musicians benefit enormously from the comment function, as it’s always possible to get constructive criticism in this way. Since the musicians themselves can of course also intervene in the discussion, it’s possible to obtain an honest review from many music lovers.

Not every comment has to be suitable to be taken into account for the release of the next album. However, the additional motivation that can be achieved thanks to the regular encouragement from the fans already represents a valuable support for young artists in the starting phase. So, the contact itself already has added value.

The geographic factor

Anyone who chooses to buy English Soundcloud comments will immediately benefit from the geographic reference. Since the comments were written in English, the algorithm will increasingly draw the attention of listeners from the English-speaking area to the production. This can create a close-knit network of followers on the home market, and it is not just artists who release English-language songs who benefit from that. Even with an international orientation, the linguistic limitation offers advantages.

This is because a large community can be built up in many regions, which can be considered for live performances in the future. Whereas it would not have been possible to sell more than a handful of tickets before Soundcloud marketing, new advertising channels can now be opened up on the portal. From now on, advertising events in the social networks represents a cost-effective way of selling concert tickets. The geographic reference is important in order to be able to address fans living in the immediate vicinity, who might not be willing to travel a long way.

Design your individual Soundcloud marketing

Buying comments is only one of several possible paths to successfully advertising new releases. Nowadays, artists have the possibility of securing individual support based on plays, likes, followers and reposts. This offers a way to bridge the difficult starting phase described by many artists in order to rise faster in the high ranks of well-known artists.

The possibilities for monetising your own work are constantly growing right from the start. An active Soundcloud community offers ideal conditions for ensuring that heart-and-soul musicians need no longer remain penniless artists. Building up lively streaming activity can already improve your monthly income. Live concerts will soon become a realistic addition to the musical range you offer. With a bit of luck, Soundcloud may also attract the attention of a big producer who has been looking for talented, ambitious clients for a while.