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Quora Upvotes/Downvotes

As with all social media and knowledge portals, the digital information service Quora offers the chance to rate posts positively or negatively. For those of you who do not know Quora yet, one thing in advance: Quora is a portal where users register to answer questions on issues of understanding and/or answer questions in specialist fields in which they are well versed.

Quora was founded in the USA in 2008 and the platform has been available for free since 2010; there has been a German sub-forum since 2017, meaning that Quora is also open to those who cannot communicate in English.

Since the German Quora platform is still quite new, the chance of profiling yourself here as an expert in one or more fields is particularly favourable.

Anyone who works internationally should choose to use the English-language pages. As a knowledge forum, Quora attaches great importance to high-quality questions and answers. To ensure this, a voting system is used amongst other things. Upvotes and downvotes here clearly express the effect of a positive/negative rating in each case.

If an answer gets an upvote, it moves up in the list of answers displayed. If it gets a downvote, it slips down the list. Shown, however, are only the number of Quora upvotes a post has received. The system is similar to the rating system on YouTube.

Unlike other platforms, however, the aim of Quora is not just to express favour or disapproval, but to judge a post with regard to the quality of its content. That means that if you answer questions on Quora and receive upvotes for your answers, by doing so users are expressing that they:

  • Consider you to be an expert.
  • Attach particular importance to your words regarding the topic addressed.
  • Agree with you in terms of context.
  • Do not agree with your content, but still respect your answer.
  • Consider your answer helpful or instructive.
  • Would like to thank you for your answer.

Correspondingly large is the importance of upvotes on Quora and correspondingly strong is the scramble for the top spot in the answers list. Your long-term goal too on Quora should be to be considered a top writer and to reach one of the top spots.

As you may have guessed or already known, however, this is easier said than done, which is why many users have already expanded their Quora marketing by:

  • Buying Quora upvotes to improve their positioning, or
  • Buying Quora downvotes to circumvent spammers or people who answer questions without really understanding the topic.

Buying Quora upvotes and downvotes also generally puts you in a position to get a jump start on Quora. This is because the rating system on Quora ensures that only those who answer questions who have a lot of followers and a minimum number of positive reviews are ever taken into account.

The purchase of Quora upvotes/downvotes is already recommended in the USA as a proven marketing strategy, but only a few agencies like us who intensively address social media on Facebook and Instagram know about it in Germany thus far.

This is why we also know that it is especially difficult to attract followers on the German-speaking pages of Quora and achieve respect if you do not pursue the buying strategy referred to above.

Quora users themselves, who are familiar with the English-speaking and German-speaking portals, have intensively already dealt with the reasons for this. For example, they find that German Quora users:

  • Seldom rate post positively or rate them at all.
  • New profiles and profiles with only a few followers are ignored or users are inclined to rate them more negatively than others.

Buying Quora upvotes is not just about feeding the Quora algorithm so that you have a chance of being visible at all. It also means that you interpret silence as approval and shorten the lengthy process of getting Quora followers and lots of positive ratings.

Once a minimum number has been reached, you have set the ball rolling and new followers and ratings will follow. Assuming, of course, your posts are of an accordingly high quality and help the respective questioner.

So far, so good. You have understood the reason why you need to buy Quora upvotes. But what's the point of buying Quora downvotes?

There are several reasons for buying Quora downvotes. Let's look again at the basic principle of Quora in relation.

Quora wants to be an organic network with users not only sharing, but also discussing their knowledge. Since no pure questions of knowledge are asked on Quora, it is obvious that most topics allow more than one perspective or possibility for an answer.

That Vienna is the capital of Austria is not open to discussion. But why Vienna has attracted so many artists in the past, or why it has the tastiest whipped cream, is something that opinions can diverge on. However, such opinions are not always well founded.

Having understood this principle, it becomes clearer why buying Quora downvotes can be an important part of your marketing on Quora.

  1. Buying them allows you to replicate organic growth in the ranking. Or put in other terms for the laymen amongst you: if you buy a lot of Quora upvotes, you should always buy Quora downvotes on occasion as well, especially if you give comment on highly controversial topics.
    This is because there will always be people on Quora – and especially the German-speaking Quora – who do not agree with what you write. So your ranking will be more credible and "natural" if it also contains some downvotes.
  2. There are people who are not really at home in any subject area, but still want to profile themselves on Quora. They do not buy Quora upvotes to improve their chances of making a great contribution to the community by posting excellent contributions. Instead, they want to give the impression that their answers, which are basically nothing more than spam, receive positive ratings. Useless contributions like this can only be stopped by casting Quora downvotes.
  3. On Quora, it goes without saying that entrepreneurs and freelancers are in the business of promoting their own business. As long as you do not just advertise and as long as you make helpful contributions, that's even wanted. One effect of this is that questions are often posed like:

Which company is a good alternative to XY? Or:

Who can you recommend to me besides XY?

However, this also provides the chance to deliberately downgrade a company or an offering by describing it in a depreciative way. If something like that happens to you, you have three ways of responding:

a) You can buy Quora downvotes to rate unfair posts.

b) You write a polite, pertinent response and use critical statements or problematic descriptions of your services/products as a way of offering support.

c) You report the post.

What is also worth knowing is that Quora never indicates who has rated a post negatively. Only accounts belonging to upvoters are displayed under each post.

We sincerely hope we can help you develop the right marketing strategy for Quora presence. Use your knowledge of Quora marketing to quickly create an excellent profile for yourself as an expert in your area of expertise. We will be more than happy to provide you with the right packages so that you can buy Quora upvotes or downvotes today.