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Quora Followers

Since 2010, the digital information service, Quora, has been open and free of charge for all users who register by email or over a social media account. Quora is mostly about answering questions that cannot be clarified by simply looking them up a lexicon. In other words, mainly questions of understanding are posed and those that require more complex expertise or a knowledge of contexts.

For those posing the questions, Quora offers the chance to help other users and inform them and explain things in detail. Those answering the questions partially use Quora privately, but also to a large extent professionally, because the forum gives them the chance to use their knowledge and experience to represent their company and/or display their own expertise. Quora marketing has long since been an important tool in an astute marketing strategy.

Quora marketing initially works best by buying followers.

The reason for this lies in the rating system for Quora. This follows an algorithm like the ones you are familiar with from other forms on social media: the more followers you have and the more likes (upvotes) or dislikes (downvotes) you become, the higher your ranking factor climbs and the more often your answers are displayed to other users.

Yes, you read that correctly: even occasional downvotes can be a factor in ranking, because they indicate that your posts are read carefully. Simply being flagged as spam or being reported by other users needs to be avoided. We discuss how this works in the following.

Let's say first, that to be successful in Quora marketing you need lots of followers (subscribers) and lots of votes. Only when a certain number has been reached, is it worth the effort writing excellent posts on Quora in terms of content and form. This first objective in Quora marketing can be achieved in the short term by purchasing Quora followers.

In the long run, your objective should be to be named a top writer by Quora. This not only improves your ranking on Quora, but also increases the awareness of you as an expert. Once having been commended, your Quora marketing concept then brings more traffic to your own website and thus a higher chance of increasing your conversion rate.

If it is feasible for you and useful for your industry or purpose, be sure to use Quora's English language pages as well. Even if you decide to focus on the German-speaking world, however Quora can still generate numerous followers who are interested in your knowledge.

In order to differentiate yourself from other experts on Quora, you need:

  • Time
  • Excellent posts and
  • A concept that first and foremost consists of staying close to your own core issues and topics, rather than going off on a tangent in all different directions.

How long it takes for Quora to bind the first hundreds or thousands followers to your account depends largely on your topic and posts. A large number of respondents already exist for certain topics, making it more difficult to score points quickly. But do not let this deter you. Not everyone who answers on Quora actually has the knowledge they need. Drive your Quora marketing by buying Quora followers and writing excellent posts.

Excellent post are those that deal extensively and comprehensively with the question posed. You should also take into account the questioner's level of knowledge.

Maybe he's already active in the same field as you, but lacks experience in several points. Then answer appropriately and, if necessary, using professional vocabulary.

If a layman poses a basic question, try to answer in as simple a language as possible. Extra attention is also paid to posts you add high-quality photos or graphics to.

The concept you use for your Quora marketing should also consider the following points:

  • Remember that you are not here to volunteer your free time, but to drive traffic to your site. Therefore, search for specific topics that you can write substantiated posts about. At first, take a look at which posts have received a particularly large number of upvotes and which follower numbers top writers are achieving. What is different about their answers? How can you use what has already the proven and at the same time stand out as being different?
  • Do not write the same thing that has been written a hundred times, but try to convey your personal view of an issue. Also bring your experience into play and point to your company and your professional practice. No one will blame you on Quora if you say who you are and the company you represent as part of your Quora marketing. At the end of the day, Quora was started by successful entrepreneurs who were the first to share their knowledge on the platform with others.
  • Conversely, Quora followers do not particularly like it if you try to disguise the fact that you are also on the forum for marketing purposes. Be open about it, because it will prevent your posts from being marked as spam.

Buying Quora followers is not a means of organic growth for Quora marketing. Once acquired, however, these followers will remain loyal to you once you have built up your own active community over a long period – and that is and remains, of course, your ultimate goal. The followers you buy simply serve to build a statistically sound foundation so that you can achieve your goal more quickly.

Therefore, use the phase during which you buy Quora followers to get to know Quora thoroughly or – if you already do – even more so. What questions do members pose? What answers have already been given and how can they be improved or expanded in your view?

Then drive products through your website that are suitable for acquiring more knowledge on the related topic. Fill your blog with detailed answers or write an e-book (or have it written) and include a reference to your website in your answers.

Once you have placed your Quora marketing on a solid footing, other experts will gradually connect with you and followers will willingly subscribe to your account.

Conclusion: as a social media marketing agency, we advise you to market yourself on Quora by making reference to your expertise. Take the opportunity to buy Quora followers at the beginning or for "periods of drought". Incidentally, Quora runs a similar marketing programme itself, and maintains a partner programme which pays questioners for their questions. With us, you can find cost-efficient packages of Quora followers suitable for each account.