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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Pinterest Repins

Sharing posts on your wall is called repinning on Pinterest. Getting repins is one of the most important concerns for any Pinterest marketing. This is because every repin increases the presence of your posts by an average of 30% and hence the chance of winning more followers on Pinterest.

But not only the number of followers you acquire with repins is interesting. The value itself is important in order to successfully present yourself on Pinterest. This is because every repin indicates that users value your posts, consider them relevant in the language of the algorithm and therefore bring an improvement in your ranking.

In turn, a good ranking is important to achieve an excellent reach for your pins. The chance to buy Pinterest repins is therefore used frequently in many cases. But let's take a look at the organic growth of Pinterest repins first.

In order to improve the number of repins, your need to study the peculiarities of Pinterest first. First and foremost, this means taking into account that most users have Pinterest installed on a mobile device as an app. This means that all your pins need be designed visually so that they can be viewed optimally on smaller displays.

Pinterest also differs from other networks in that pins are still seen on Pinterest long after their initial publication. While it's especially important on Facebook or Instagram to always keep uploading fresh content, you can also generate Pinterest repins to be remembered by your followers and prospective customers.

Of course, it is best to repeat those posts that have already achieved a high level of rebound from users. The repin can be found on the wall where your post appeared for the first time, or you can use a different wall as long as the category fits.

A third peculiarity of Pinterest is that your posts do not appear simply in chronological order, but that you can assign them to walls that are named according to categories. This means that you can create collections for a range of very different topics. The advantage of this is that users who are only interested in one of your topics do not see the others. This reduces the risk that they will escape you if you make frequent post on topics that are outside the area of interest of these followers.

A fourth peculiarity that you should consider in your Pinterest marketing is that the variety of visual images can also tire users. So make sure you don't just post nice pictures. Create pins that attract attention because they tell a story.

They need to stand out from the mass of posts – with their unusual design and a high degree of professionalism. Please do not confuse unusual with tasteless, aggressive or attention at any price however. Pinteresters want images that inspire them, not repel them.

Once you've learned the basic principles, it's about using them to get more repins. You can do this on the platform itself and, alternatively, on your blog or website, by integrating a Pinterest button. This is because a repin on Pinterest can also follow through from your website – when users discover posts that they like and therefore forward them to their wall.

Successful pins on Pinterest reach five to six-digit repin figures, which means that the accounts associated move far up the search results on Pinterest. If you take the number of repins you have received for your posts into account, you may find this knowledge frustrating. This is because with simple Pinterest marketing, these figures are hardly realisable for companies that do not have a high level of awareness, irrespective of how attractive and important their posts are.

You should therefore be sure to add another strategy to your Pinterest marketing by purchasing Pinterest repins. Instead of waiting for your pins to reach a high enough repin rate, you should simply initiate the process yourself. As a professional social media agency, we can easily provide you with the number of Pinterest repins you require online.

The effect is similar to that of organic growth and can be reduced to the simple formula: more repins = higher reach = more repins. This is exactly how social media works. Always assuming, of course, that you are publishing content that visitors can enjoy.

Logically, buying Pinterest repins is a strategy that will significantly advance the growth of your account at various points. This is the case in particular in the initial phase where you struggle to get repins at all or achieve visibility on the platform. But even if you do succeed in breaking through at some point, the day will come when the number of repins stagnates along with the number of new followers. The reasons for this do not lie in your pins or users, but in the laws of organic growth itself.

Most agencies promise you unlimited growth if you just take the right path. In fact, such unlimited growth does not exist, either in the online or offline world. Instead, a saturation point occurs at some point. Marketing experts refer to this as the tipping point. It's maddening, but when you arrive at this point you just cannot progress without outside help. Purchasing Pinterest repins represents just the help you need, and help that we can offer online as an experienced marketing agency.

Other important outside help may include acquiring software that evaluates your statistics on Pinterest and, most importantly, helps you figure out if different versions of the same image or post are circulating on Pinterest. This happens every now and again if users do not repin your original pin, but share the same post from your website or blog.

Normally, Pinterest finds doubled up content like this on its own, but you should not rely on it. And for a very simple reason: if a post is duplicated (and not just as a repin), both posts continue to be distributed – which means you only receive half of the possible repins in total, which is not conducive to your ranking.

You can use various methods to prevent this, such as adding the repin ID assigned by Pinterest to the post which has received the most attention so far. Of course, this means that you will lose the repins you received for the second post. It's easy to make up for this, however, by buying Pinterest repins and then adding unique content to them again.