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Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Pinterest Likes

Long before Google incorporated a picture search function, Pinterest had already served its community as a "visual search engine". Users collect and present everything on the platform that they consider nice, helpful, exciting, instructive or otherwise remarkable. Their findings are published on virtual walls (pinned) and can be shared to their heart's content and given likes (new: saves), commented on or reposted on other social media and distributed by email.

Sharing a pin you have found or even something on the web can be done in several ways: on your own wall, over the internal messenger or with the Send button. Sending includes options for sending by email or sharing on other social media.

Since the platform has a visual focus, Pinterest marketing is primarily all about uploading high-quality photos, graphics, illustrations or prepared short texts with an excellent graphical edge. These can then have short comments added that provide background information. This is how a catalogue of links is created that makes Pinterest so unique.

Despite the wealth of information and posts shared on Pinterest every day, the focus is still on the individual user, however. If someone has created a post and a viewer clicks on the Save button above it, Pinterest notes this as a strong expression of interest and shows the user related topics or pins the next time they visit.

If the user's privacy settings allow for it, his name also appears under the post, indicating that he has noticed something on the associated company page. It is therefore important for you as an entrepreneur to familiarise yourself with this function. This is because your success on Pinterest depends on you getting as many Pinterest likes (saves) as possible, or getting users to share your posts.

In the case of new users, Pinterest initially displays posts on their start page that are thought to be of interest to the person. The start page is adjusted accordingly as soon as the user clicks on pages or specified interests. Suggestions are not just made visually though. Even when the user uses the search bar, where search queries are entered in text form, they receive suggestions concerning what they might be looking for. Take this into account in your Pinterest marketing by adding important keywords to your pins and making sure they appear in the right categories.

But does repinning on Pinterest actually deliver anything useful? Is the platform not relatively quiet in comparison to others?

It may seem like that on the outside, which is probably because Pinterest is not as wildly discussed as other social media. Nevertheless, the network has around 250 million members and is therefore of interest to companies, because members use it in a focussed manner to become inspired and even shop there directly these days. Integration of the feature, "Shop the Look" gives companies the opportunity to offer products for direct sale to their customers and other prospective customers.

However, to acquire customers and prospective customers through Pinterest, your account first needs to be visible. And that's not as easy as some people imagine. This is because a large number of industries for whom it is advisable to design their contents visually, such as companies in the tourism industry and online mail order companies for furniture, clothing, shoes, books or even flowers, are represented in large numbers on Pinterest. Also restaurateurs and chefs, photographers and artists and many other businesses and freelancers present their offerings on Pinterest.

It is all the more important for this reason that you familiarise yourself with and use the Pinterest algorithm to benefit your Pinterest marketing. Which means you should:

  • Add a short, concise description to each post so that they can be matched with keywords and topics users are looking for.
  • Upload high-quality content regularly.
  • Acquire lots of followers, likes and other interactions to increase your ranking, so that you can also increase your reach and ideally appear on the start page.

Until 2017, it was possible to buy likes for Pinterest to give the algorithm a leg up. Because, until then, there was both a Save and a Like button for every post.

The decisive cut was made in 2017. Pinterest banished the Like button and bundled awarding likes and saving on their own pin board under the "Save" function. This means that you cannot buy Pinterest likes anymore and have to migrate your strategy to saves.

But likes and saves are not the same thing. A like means no more and no less than users seeing a post that they like. So getting likes was always relatively straightforward, especially on Pinterest, with its enthusiastic community. Likes are often given to friends or sometimes out of compassion. Accordingly, Pinterest likes only contributed to your success if they were received in large numbers. Until 2017, therefore, it was an excellent strategy to buy Pinterest likes to increase your total number of likes.

Saves, on the other hand, are much harder to obtain, since awarding them automatically makes the user remember the post by saving it to his personal wall. Awarding them is less spontaneous, as a result, because no one wants to have a chaotic wall on Pinterest where lots of random finds are saved.

And Pinterest itself, of course, has no interest in it, because the network is financed by advertising and affiliate marketing. But this only works if you know your users and their interests in detail. Too many likes are more of a hindrance, sparingly awarded saves are beneficial however. This is because Pinterest knows with every save that the topic or pin really interests the user. Banishing the Like button does not lack a certain logic.

But what does that mean for you and your business? How can you offset the loss of likes? The only thing that helps is a certain amount of rethinking. By using saves, inspiring and attracting followers and animating visitors to repin posts. We support you in all these efforts by giving the opportunity to buy from our pool of

  • Pinterest likes (saves).
  • Pinterest followers.
  • Pinterest repins.

The benefits of these measures are considerable. With the increase in saves, followers and repins, you increase your ranking without having to post to a small interest group for months on end. This increases the chance you have for your posts to appear relevant to users. The effect of also having visitors to your wall see how many likes or saves you have already received results in them overcoming their hesitation or saving your page or post to a wall.

Even if you regret the loss of Pinterest likes, ultimately your business profits from Pinterest taking this path, since it also provides you with new opportunities to better find your target group and be found by it.

Speed up the process not by buying more Pinterest likes, but by buying saves, followers or repins. We will be more than happy to assist you with our pool of real Pinterest accounts. Simply select the appropriate package size and let us help you optimise your Pinterest marketing efforts efficiently and reliably.