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The road to success

Use the power of social networks to increase the awareness and reputation of your company in a targeted and strategically sustainable way, in order to achieve a high perception in the target group relevant to your company. With Social Media Marketing you have a powerful tool in your hand to position your company in the target group relevant to you in such a way that the acquisition of new customers can reach new dimensions. Because with hardly any comparable advertising and marketing strategy you can win new customers so purposefully.

Pinterest Followers

With 250 million users, Pinterest is a network that companies should integrate into their social media marketing. However, the prerequisite for this is that your offering is suitable for visual presentation. Although posts do get pinned and shared on Pinterest from the fields of language and philosophy, these are mostly made up of short statements or excerpts. Anyone who wants to read the full text is redirected to an external URL.

Anyone who has been active on Pinterest for some time will have also noticed that the platform has undergone a significant change owing to the large increase in followers. What began as a colourful hodgepodge and private fun is a tightly managed business enterprise today. The focus of Pinterest's attention is placed on the interests of its members. These are recorded in as much detail as possible so that a smarter feed can be put together for each user. What that means is that pins that are individually tailored to the user and their click behaviour are shown.

You benefit as a business, because you do not just collect followers on Pinterest who are interested in this and that, but reach out to people who have already signalled a strong interest in an offering like yours. For example, by transferring content-related posts to their own wall using the Save button or by sharing posts with friends and followers.

As far as followers and their interests are concerned, Pinterest clearly sets a quality attribute. As an agency for social media marketing, this is highly welcome from our perspective. That is because it is more important for your business to generate followers who have a serious interest in your products and offerings than hundreds who follow you by accident.

Nevertheless, the whole thing has a catch. Quality can only be achieved on Pinterest by feeding the algorithm with quantity. And that still means that you need to get as many followers on Pinterest as possible. This is because you know for sure from your own experience that you need to have make lots of sales pitches and write a lot of quotations before you achieve success. Once the stone has started rolling and satisfied customers are acting as multipliers, you can slow down on your marketing a little. Which does not mean you should let up completely, of course.

However, if Pinterest is so careful in selecting which pins are (not) displayed over the smart feed these days, how is it even possible for you acquire lots of new followers with a new account or one that is not yet very well visited? We have addressed this question intensively as a marketing agency. And we have also found a solution that is so simple it is usually viewed with some scepticism at first: you can buy Pinterest followers to drive your marketing. In any number and whenever your account needs a strong push forwards again.

Buying Pinterest followers means you receive access to our pool of registered Pinterest users. Not directly, of course, because we also have to maintain privacy and personal rights. Instead, you contract us to provide you with the required number of Pinterest followers.

Just a few hours after we receive your order, we arrange for the number of followers you have ordered to follow your account.

The requirement for this is that your account is set to Public. But that should be self-evident anyway for a business or freelancer. And as your number of followers increase as a result, it means that the ranking and reach for your account also increases on Pinterest. More and more prospective customer will become aware of your posts and notice that you already have lots of followers, which will enhance your account and leads to more followers joining.

Buying Pinterest followers is a strategy based on the laws of psychology. Namely, from the knowledge, primarily, that people prefer to gather in places and ask for admission where lots of people are already gathered. And secondly, from the realisation that success sets in especially quickly if you anticipate it mentally or in your imagination.

By acting as if you have already achieved what you are aiming for, you take a decisive step closer towards your goal. Specifically, by purchasing Pinterest followers, you anticipate the success you want. And this is right and good, because you still have enough to do to drive your Pinterest marketing.

To ensure you continue to surf the wave of success, you should not rest on the laurels of your follow numbers now, but really get started. Familiarise yourself with all the basic features of Pinterest in good time. Would it make sense for your business to incorporate a shop on Pinterest? Or does you activity take place more in the area of consulting/information/services? Then use Pinterest to showcase your expertise and build a network of key collaborators.

At the same time remember that about 70% of your organic followers are willing to buy, subscribe or receive professional support from you in any way they need it. Make the most of this potential by maintaining their interest with attractive posts.

And, above all, do not be afraid of the competition. Your followers know that there are lots of other businesses out there besides yours that offer something similar. The more confident you are in responding to competitors and the more casual you are in praising, liking or repining your competitors posts on occasion, the more likely you are to attract new followers who recognise your ability and self-confidence. Freelancers on Pinterest also like to join together in a group that shares pins on a common theme for precisely this reason.

As hard as it may seem to acquire Pinterest followers at the beginning or during those famous dry spells, it certainly is worth it in the end. Even if you fail to find followers on Pinterest who eventually turn into customers, the network will provide you with a variety of suggestions and important information about what its predominantly young users are interested in and what they find nice, funny or helpful.

Start your marketing success on Pinterest by buying Pinterest followers and get the increased attention you need by posting high-quality content on your wall. This does not even have to be your own content by the way – after all, repinning and reposting are as much a matter of course for Pinteresters as the presentation of their own creations.

We will be more than happy to assist you in your new strategy to buy Pinterest followers by providing you with the packages you need online at a competitive price. The assignment of followers to your account is already included in the price.